Shoe Rack in Singapore

Top 5 Shoe Rack in Singapore

Being organized is considered to be a personality trait for many but anyone can do it if they wish to do so. An organized household is not just a treat for the eyes but it is more practical as well. Keeping things organized in the house means you won’t have to get lost looking for something you need. A map will automatically be created in your head when you organize all the stuff and you will be able to tell exactly where each thing is placed. When it comes to the shoes, a few scattered shoes can look very messy. Whether you keep the shoes by the door or in the corner of the room, they should be placed neatly.

Using a shoe rack can make your house look more organized while also keeping your shoes clean and well. Leaving your shoes scattered can make them collect dust easily, making them dirty. They can also get infected by house bugs or similar insects which can cause you unwanted diseases. So, pick a shoe rack and take another step to an organized household.



1) AiDeal Shoe Rack

1-AiDeal Shoe Rack

This shoe rack comes with an exotic design that can make any household look modern and sophisticated. It has 4 different tiers where you can store up to 50 pairs of shoes. A couple of drawers are located on top where you can keep your shoe polishes and brush. The rack is made of solid, durable wood with a white coating that adds to the classy design. The rack is available in various sizes so you can select the one you need according to your room.

Price: S$200 range

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2) HOTSPOT FURNITURE Multi-purpose Shoe Rack

2-HOTSPOT FURNITURE Multi-purpose Shoe Rack

Because of it looking more like a cabinet rather than a shoe rack, you can place it almost anywhere in the house you wish and the rich pine color will match with any décor. The holes on the bottom allow sufficient air to pass through so that your shoes won’t get affected by mold. You can choose from different sizes and designs available. You can use the cabinet for other things besides storing shoes. The shelves inside are removable so you can adjust each tier as you need.

Price: S$150 range

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3) Lifehacks Ultra-Slim Minimalist Shoe Rack

3-Lifehacks Ultra-Slim Minimalist Shoe Rack

Depending on the one you pick, this rack is available in single shelves as well as double shelves. It’s ultra-slim and requires very little space so you can keep the rack anywhere in the room. The simple white design also blends in with any sort of décor that you might have in your house. The rack might look compact and small but it can easily store all of your shoes, even the high heels. It has shiny paint coating and is very easy to clean. The door handles are comfortable and well-designed so your fingers won’t get hurt no matter how many times you open and close the drawers.

Price: S$100 range

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4) Agoramart Wooden Shoes Rack

4-Agoramart Wooden Shoes Rack

This rack will also serve as a cushioned bench. If you’re into compact furniture that is more practical, then this rack is an excellent choice for you. You can choose from numerous different designs and colors to give your room the exact vibe you want. It’ll look like a bench with a cushion on top where you can sit comfortably. But on the bottom, you have shelves where you can store your shoes. So, you won’t need an extra to put on and take off your shoes, you can do it while sitting on your shoe rack.

Price: S$50 range

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5) easyhome Sleek Design Shoe Rack

5-easyhome Sleek Design Shoe Rack

You can place this rack on the corner of the room, the hallway, or anywhere you’d like and it would look perfect no matter the place. This rack is simple and sleek in design. You can store from 6 to 8 pairs of shoes, which might not be enough for a large family. But you can use it as a secondary shoe rack. It won’t take up much of your space and is lightweight so you can move it around easily. It’s made of steel so the structure is pretty strong. The rack is available in 6, 7, or 8 tiers and different colors.

Price: S$20 range

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Shoe Rack Maintenance Guide

To maintain the condition of your shoe rack, keep it clean at all times. A shoe rack stores your shoes which can be sweaty and dirty sometimes. So, it’s normal for your rack to collect some dirt as well. That’s why you should keep it cleaned at all times.

At first, empty your shoe rack before you start with the cleaning process. Take out all your shoes and clean them as much as you can. Take a dry cloth or a brush to clean each shelf one by one. You can use a vacuum as well. This will help you get rid of any lingering dust or dirt that might be on the rack. Once the shelves are cleaned, you can take another sponge and dip it in a simple soapy solution before scrapping over the surface of the rack. After you’re done scrubbing, take another clean dry cloth to absorb the excess water. Don’t let any water sit for long as it can cause damage to the material.

Make sure the rack is completely dried off before you store your shoes again. Also, it might not be a bad idea to repaint your rack once in a while. It will help maintain a clean look. Check the hinges and other joints for any damage so you can repair them if necessary.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this list gave you an idea about the shoe racks in the market and helped you in picking out one for your own household. Don’t forget to check out the products we mentioned, one of them might be just what you need to get that perfect organized house like you always wanted.


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