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At SGTUB, we feature the best of almost everything in Singapore. To ensure our content remain valuable and helpful to our audience whom we have built trust with, the products and services posted on our site are selective where it has to be assessed or scouted based on certain criteria before we qualify and deemed it to be among the best in Singapore. Feel free to browse our site at

If you have come to this page, chances are you were being specially invited to collaborate with us to save cost on advertising and yet receive many more benefits. As you already know, Google Ads is very effective due to its targeted advertising. However, it can also get very expensive since you are paying for per click/traffic. Here is where we provide value to you. Let us share with you how it works.



How it Works

Just like how you advertise on Google Ads today, SGTUB shall also invest and pay for Google Ads to receive targeted traffic. However, the key difference is, since our site is all about featuring the best of almost everything in Singapore, we will actually be advertising the best within your industry to everyone.

For example – if you are a lawyer, we’ll then be advertising the “Top 10 Best Lawyer in Singapore”. Of course, we shall not just indicate anyone to be the best unless it’s selected by SGTUB through our internal due diligence and careful assessment. So if you are invited to this, congratulations, you will then be included as one of the best in that list.




Here are the 5 mains benefits you’ll receive when collaborating with us.


1) Higher reputation and recognition

Unlike running your own Google Ads (self promoting), in this case a 3rd party (ie. SGTUB) is vouching and recognizing you to be among the best. In addition, on your own website, be sure to include “We are featured in SGTUB”. This will further enhance your reputation when your site visitors view this recognition.


2) More words for sales pitch + FREE unlimited clicks

While checking out the top 10, visitors would be able to read more about your service as compared to Google Ad copy. For instance, you can only insert certain number of words on the Google Ad headline, sub headline, description etc but on SGTUB, information & advertising on your service is up to 200 words including an image! We can write about your service or you can also choose to tell us what information/how to present.

If visitors are interested to find out more, they can still visit your website directly by clicking your website URL as published on the same SGTUB page. Best thing is, you do not have to pay any extra for the direct click/traffic to your website as opposed to when someone click on your Ads via Google.


3) Significant cost savings on Google Ads

Here is where the biggest benefit is, and we share with you the true power of shared advertising.

Typically, you would actually pay for every click with Google Ads. For example if the cost within your niche is $5 per click, you would have spent $50 for 10 clicks. Moreover, it does not mean all the 10 clicks/visitors to your website will translate into sales as some would just visit to obtain information and decide not to transact with you.

Through SGTUB, the advertising cost will be shared with all companies listed including yours. It shall be a fixed flat recurring monthly cost. Back to earlier example, for Lawyers niche related keywords at $5 per click, we will be advertising as the “Top 10 Best Lawyer in Singapore”, and with the pool of shared advertising cost, we’ll receive up to 7x the amount of clicks, as compared to what you would have received with solo Ads.

For illustration, same investment but more exposure;


Advertising directly on Google:

  • Price per click on Google Ads: $5
  • Your advertising budget: $50 per month
  • Number of expected clicks to receive: Approx 10 clicks ($100/5)
  • Your cost: $50


Through SGTUB shared advertising cost with other companies:

  • Price per click on Google Ads: $5
  • Your advertising budget: $50 per month
  • Total shared advertising budget: Assuming $350 per month
  • Number of expected clicks to receive through SGTUB: Approx 70 clicks
  • Your cost: $50


4) FREE Organic Traffic in long term

As the advertised page gets more clicks/traffic, not to mentioned when you are also linking to SGTUB (through “As featured on SGTUB”), it may potentially rank well on Google search organically. When this happens, your business will receive even more exposure as users could now view you through the Ads + organic traffic. At the time same, it may also boost your own website organic traffic.  


5) Competitive Advantage

As mentioned above, the “Top and Best Services” posted on our site are selective where it has to be assessed or scouted based on certain criteria before we qualify and deemed it to be among the best in Singapore. As such, not every company within your niche/industry would be listed on the Top 10. So since you are one of those, then you have the competitive advantage to be among the few to receive this special recognition.


All the benefits above for a fraction of the cost you are paying today!




We are very transparent on the cost, in fact very transparent in everything we do to ensure we maintain to be a business full of integrity where our partners will always have their full trust with us.

Our commission rate is very reasonable, only at 30% to cover our cost. This means the other 70% from the pool of advertising cost shared with other companies shall be invested to Google Ads. Therefore you are expected to receive a lot more exposure as compared to investing on solo Ads (refer to our illustration above). In fact, if you happen to be in a niche or industry where Google Ads charges even less than $5 per click, then you can expect a whole lot more exposure.

We shall target for you the most popular keywords within your service/nice. Finally as usual, once the budget runs out, Google Ads will no long appear until the following month.

The cost for you? It’s only a monthly recurring cost of SGD $50.

No confusing price plans, no contract, stop at anytime.

In fact, we are pretty sure that your existing marketing budget for Google Ads is likely to be much more than $50 a month. Thus if you wish, you can even diversify your existing marketing budget by running both solo Ads + SGTUB Ads at the same time! For those higher marketing budget, we are also more than flexible to collaborate differently as we do listen and take in feedback very well.



Get Started

Start saving on your Google Ads while you increase your reputation through SGTUB. We look forward to collaborating with you soon! Thank you.

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