Refrigerator (Fridge) in Singapore

Top 5 Refrigerator in Singapore

It’s hard to even think how messed up life would be if we didn’t have refrigerators in our homes. If you are looking to buy one because you are shifting to a new house or want a larger one to meet your growing family’s needs, or just wish to upgrade your current refrigerator, also known as fridge, to enjoy the latest technological advancements in this magnificent piece of machinery, then this article will help you to choose the perfect one based on your functional needs, desired features and budget considerations. Here are our top options to help you easily select one most suitable to your preferences. 



1) Samsung RS58K65177P 580L Side by Side Refrigerator

1-Samsung RS58K65177P 580L Side by Side Refrigerator

This sophisticated refrigerator by Samsung has a “Twin Cooling Plus” function that cools each compartment of the fridge individually, which means the it provides maximum protection from food odors getting mixed up. Your deli meats, veggies and fruits stay in their optimal environments to provide the freshest foods for you to enjoy. The Digital Inverter Compressor is covered by a 10 years’ warranty by Samsung to relieve you from any worries about durability, while your refrigerated items stay in their best conditions from the automatic adjustments in compressor speed depending on cooling demands. This product is energy-efficient, has a solid body for minimized wear and tear, and reduced noise. 

Price: S$2000 range

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2) Midea Side by Side 2 Door Fridge 

2-Midea Side by Side 2 Door Fridge

With excellent quality and finishing, this refrigerator avails you great efficiency, convenience and smart features for your big family at a great price. The temperature of the freezer is displayed on the touch control screen, with the extra benefit of child lock facility. The interior of the fridge is well-lit, spacious and well-organized into compartments with a fast cooling process. You can store food of all shapes and sizes in the adjustable door shelves, glass shelves and storage bins in the freezer. A handy twistable ice-maker solves the annoyance of banging the ice trays to remove ice-cubes whenever you need it.

Price: S$1000 range

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3) Panasonic NR-BC360 XSSG 2- Door Refrigerator

3-Panasonic NR-BC360 XSSG 2- Door Refrigerator

This refined Panasonic refrigerator comes with a capacity of 344L and steel body. It is smart and modern with its environment-friendly feature. The freezer has a great cooling system and Ag clean filters so you don’t have to worry about your food not staying clean and fresh inside and prevents unpleasant odors from developing. It also has an automated defrosting feature along with tempered shelves inside. The meat section is Ag protected as well. The LED feature provides enough light for you to use it in the dark. It comes only in chrome steel color and one-year parts and labor warranty and 12-year compressor. 

Price: S$900 range

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4) Hitachi R-BG415P6MSX 2-Door Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

4-Hitachi R-BG415P6MSX 2-Door Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

If you are after a good quality 2-door refrigerator with smart, efficient and exceptional cooling power and don’t need it to be too big, then this refrigerator is your ideal option. The freezer location at the bottom gives you the convenience to easily access everything in the refrigeration part, which needs to be used more frequently, without having to bend low. The stainless-steel handles and shiny black exterior makes a style statement in your kitchen, with plenty of room inside and separated spaces to stock your fruits and vegetables. This frost-free model also has fantastic durability along with the robust cooling system.

Price: S$800 range

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5) Sharp S-Popeye Series 2 Door Fridge

5-Sharp S-Popeye Series 2 Door Fridge

The multiple models available under this series by SHARP are remarkable in the value for money they offer and serve all the basic amenities you need in a refrigerator for regular use. It belongs to the energy-saving class, has flexible shelves of tempered glass and has door alarms to warn you if your fridge remains open or hasn’t been properly closed for a considerable time. The ice-trays in the freezer, egg trays and door pockets along with the spacious shelves make organizing and accessing your stored or frozen items remarkably convenient.  

Price: S$400 range

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Refrigerator Maintenance Guide

Always keep your refrigerator clean to avoid stains, spills or food debris from getting stuck on the body. You can clean the interior with warm water mixed with a little bit of liquid dishwasher, while the exterior is best to be cleaned using cleaning solutions that are specifically made for the stainless steel or metal bodies of refrigerators.    

Keep your refrigerator always stocked with food and drinks. This aids to absorb the warm air that seeps in whenever you open the door. However, if you are an infrequent cook or stay away from home most of the time, thus leaving you with few items to keep in the fridge on a regular basis, then keep a few jugs of water inside your fridge. 

Don’t open your fridge if there is a power outage with an electricity cutoff. This will keep the food fresh for longer and prevent bacterial contamination from the interrupted cooling. 

Contact the local servicing number of your refrigerator’s manufacturer or your dealer if you hear any unusual sounds or feel the body of your refrigerator has an abnormal temperature. Regularly check the plug and socket, especially if there has been lightning or storms. Turn off the plug immediately and reach out to servicing centers for refrigerators if you see burn marks, buzzing or other sounds, or the fridge is too hot to touch.

Fire hazards with electronic devices often occur due to factors beyond our control. It’s wise to keep a fire alarm near all such devices, including your refrigerator. In case a fire does start, evacuate the house immediately and call emergency service for help instead of trying to put it out, as fires from electric malfunctions may be too dangerous to be handled directly.  

If there is a warranty card or registration card with your purchase, carefully fill out the form and mail it to the manufacturer. By doing so, you will be notified if there are any recalls or other information in case of a problem or any safety issues with the particular model of your refrigerator.

In conclusion, a refrigerator is a necessity for your home and these are some of the best ones reviewed for you to make buying a refrigerator an easy task.


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