Projector Screen in Singapore

Top 5 Projector Screen in Singapore

Whether you’re enjoying a movie night with your family or presenting an important project to your team, a projector screen can always come in handy. A projector is a surface where you can view contents on a larger screen, like the flat-screen TVs nowadays. But a flat-screen TV is very expensive whereas a projector screen is fairly cheap. Also, most of these screens are portable so you can carry them around easily to enjoy content on a larger screen.

We made a list of 5 products to give you an insight into these projector screens so you can ultimately decide which one might be the best suited for you.



1) BIGSHINE Portable Projector Screen

1-BIGSHINE Portable Projector Screen

Enjoy a movie night or give presentations easily with the help of this projector screen. No installation is required for this projector, just place it in your preferred spot and pull up the screen. The pole on the back lets you adjust the height of the screen and keeps it up.

With its lightweight aluminum casing and compact design, the screen is easier to carry it around. The non-reflecting masking, HD matte white fabric, and the black border provide a better viewing experience. The sturdy X-frame design increases durability and the premium hydraulic mechanism ensures smooth installation noiselessly. The screen is available in different sizes for you to choose from.

Price: S$250 range

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2) EXZEN Projector Screen (Wall-mount projector screen)

2-EXZEN Projector Screen (Wall-mount projector screen)

This compact and ultra-slim screen comes with a high-quality matte white fabric that provides the ultimate viewing experience. The screen is capable of producing a vivid and sharp image. You can easily install this screen on any wall and use the premium buffer system to smoothly retract the screen to keep it protected. The notch air buffer system used in this screen allows you to roll the screen up and down smoothly.

Choose your preferred size from the available screen size-chart. The aluminum casing if the casing just adds to the elegance of the screen. Use the retraction system to keep the screen at eye level for the best ergonomic setting.

Price: S$200 range

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3) EXZEN X-Tension Projector Screen

3-EXZEN X-Tension Projector Screen

Enjoy an optimum viewing experience almost anywhere with this screen that ensures mobility while being sturdy. This X-tension screen has FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) on the poles that is of the premium quality and lasts much longer. With a magnet and a scratch-proof cover that ensures metal surface protection, this screen can be placed on the side of a car or bus easily without causing any damage.

It’s extremely light and compact design makes it suitable to carry around anywhere and you can set it up easily with the X-tripod. Its portable design allows you to fit it into the back of the car so you can enjoy a movie night outdoors or use the screen for an exhibition.

Price: S$150 range

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4) BIGSHINE EZ Tripod Projector Screen

4-BIGSHINE EZ Tripod Projector Screen

This simple and sturdy screen is ideal for any home or business presenting sessions. With its premium fiberglass fabric and non-reflective additional black film, your viewing experience is amplified. The non-reflexive masking on all 4 sides provides a better projection. Using the hook that comes with the screen, you can easily set up the screen on any walls and for setting up on other surfaces, use the tripod that can be carried anywhere. The tripod stand can be adjusted to set the screen at your desired height. Choose from the different sizes available.

The installation is as easy as they come. For hooking up on a tripod, open the tripod and spread the legs. Then adjust at the ideal height and hold it in place using the locking nut. After that, hook the screen and unroll it by releasing the Velcro at both sides.

Price: S$100 range

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5) Aracne Premium Projector Screen

5-Aracne Premium Projector Screen

A premium level projector screen at a relatively low price, an amazing deal indeed! Specially coated black fabric makes your content pop on the screen without any blurriness or spreading images. The fabric is made from high-quality Koran material that provides a smooth viewing experience. Also, the fabric stays wrinkle-free for a very long time, increasing its lifespan. It doesn’t’ matter how big your room is or from which angle you’re looking at the screen, the 160° wide field of view makes it impossible for you to miss out on anything. Easily install any of the screens of your preferred size with the nonflammable aluminum casing.

Price: S$30 range

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Projector Screen Maintenance Guide

To keep getting optimum viewing experience from your projector screen, proper maintenance is a must. Different types of screens might require different cleaning techniques but some basic tips work on almost anything. Here are some steps on how you can keep your projector screen clean.

– At first, if your screen is hooked into a wall or a tripod, unhook it first

– You can clean the tripod or the wall-mounting hardware as well. Just use a cloth and some mild cleaning products to wipe over the surface of those things

– Take a lint-free microfiber cloth and damp it in warm soapy water and wipe it over the screen, don’t be too firm while using the cloth

– As soon as you are done wiping the entire cloth with the damp cloth, take another similar dry microfiber cloth and use it to wipe over the screen. It will absorb all the moisture and the dirt with it

– For more stubborn stains, mild cleaning products that can withstand fabric and gently rub off to get rid of the satin

– Make sure the screen is completely dry before putting it away or using it again

If your screen is damaged or torn in any part, it would be better to replace it. You can try patching it up like sewing a wound, but it will never be perfect.

In conclusion, having a screen projector gives you the option to carry around a substitute flat-screen TV that is much easier and lighter to handle where you can view your preferred contents. If you’re thinking about buying one, don’t forget to look for the products on our list.


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