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Cooking with a pressure cooker is considered to be more efficient than a stove or other cookers. A pressure cooker removes the air through the vent and entraps the steam that is generated from the high boiling liquid inside. Because of this steam, the temperature inside is elevated which helps cook faster.

This cooking technique has also proven to trap the flavors inside, making the food healthier and tastier. A pressure cooker is an important appliance for one to have. If you want your cooking to be done quickly along with better tasting food, you should consider purchasing a pressure cooker. We are presenting you with the features of 5 different pressure cookers. You can decide whether one of these attains to your choice or not.



1) Philips All-In-One / Pressure Cooker- HD2139 / HD2137

1-Philips All-In-One - Pressure Cooker- HD2139 - HD2137

This all-in-one cooker from Philips doesn’t just let you pressure cook, but slow cook and multi cook as well. The direct menu buttons let you manage it while pressure cooking. The pressure inside is released automatically to provide you with a safer cooking environment. The inner pot is pretty durable with its aluminum alloy and an added Whitford coating ensures a non-scratch surface.

The inner lid is detachable so you can easily clean it. It’s easy to operate with a touchpad control panel and a timer that indicates the cooking status. So if you want a multipurpose pressure cooker that is both convenient and safe to cook in, you might want to include this on your list.

Price: S$200 range

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2) Sona SPC2509 Pressure Cooker

2-Sona SPC2509 Pressure Cooker

With its advanced microprocessor technology, the Sona pressure cooker is a quite attractive product, especially safety-wise. The food-grade pot is stainless-steel and has a non-stick coating. The auto pressure release can detect the temperature to control the pressure inside. It gives you pressure protection and it also has leaky lid protection to prevent any food molecules from leaking. It emits almost no steam and produces zero noise. The cooker also has fuse protection so you don’t have to worry about short-circuits or accidents like that. You can pre-set your cooking timer for up to 24 hours. Its fast cooking system saves both time and energy.

If you want a cooker that can give you and your family the utmost safety while pressure cooking, then this is the product for you.

Price: S$150 range

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3) Midea MY-QC50A5 Electric Pressure Cooker

3-Midea MY-QC50A5 Electric Pressure Cooker

This beautiful cooker from Midea is fashionable in its design and has a multi-function system for different cooking styles. The various pressure settings are present for you to adjust according to your menu. A simple steam and pressure releasing system makes it easier for you to release the pressure manually. The stainless-steel pot and inner multi-layered protection can reserve your food for 24 hours. Check out this pressure cooker if you’re looking for something simple and stylish. 

Price: S$120 range

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4) Mayer MMPC1650 Mini Pressure Cooker

4-Mayer MMPC1650 Mini Pressure Cooker

This mini pressure cooker from Mayer is 70% faster than most conventional cookers. So if you want a fast and efficient way to cook, this might be your perfect match. Because of its fast-cooking system, it reduces energy consumption in a large chunk. It provides you with a pleasant cooking experience while ensuring your safety with an automatically adjustable pressure system.

It contains 8 different cooking programs for you to choose from with just a single button. The aluminum inner pot lets your food stay warm for up to 24 hours with the auto keep-warm system. You can easily cook food for 3 people with the 1.6L capacity, so it’s suitable for a small family.

Price: S$100 range

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5) Mini Pressure Cooker/Lunch Bag/Electric Lunch Box(SG Safety Mark plug)

5-Mini Pressure Cooker-Lunch Bag-Electric Lunch Box (SG Safety Mark plug)

This little cooker is most enticing because of its practicality. You can carry it anywhere easily. Stainless steel bowl inside the cooker keeps your food fresh for a long time and makes it more durable. Just put in your ingredients, close the lid, and turn on the power and voila! The dry burning-resistant protection keeps your food from burning. 200W power-saving mode reduces the consumption of energy.

It’s an ideal product for you considering you need a portable cooking machine. It comes at a price affordable for almost anyone. So be sure to check it out if you’re looking for something cheap and easy to carry.

Price: S$50 range

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Maintenance Guide for Pressure Cooker

Even though some of these pressure cookers have tons of protective features to help keep you safe, you should regularly maintain your pressure cooker to ensure the utmost performance and to continue being safe. To clean a pressure cooker, you can:

  • Clean the gasket regularly as it’s one of the most important parts of your pressure cooker. The gasket is the rubber ring that you can see around the rim of the lid, it helps entrap the steam and heat while you cook. It can get loosened over time, which will result in your pressure cooker to cook less efficiently. So make sure that it stays in good condition
  • Many pressure cookers have parts that you can simply clean in the dishwasher. Avoid using harsh cleaning products as it can damage the inner pot. You can use vinegar and warm water
  • While cleaning, don’t scrub the parts too hard, especially the pot
  • Be careful of getting water into the electronic parts of the cooker as it can malfunction
  • The vent pipe releases the buildup steam from the cooker and it can get clogged over time. Don’t use water to clean the vent. Use a brush and blow on it to keep it unclogged. You can also use some vegetable oil to keep it clean
  • If you want to store your pressure cooker after cleaning it, you can sprinkle some baking powder inside before putting it away. It will prevent any moisture or mold from being buildup

With proper maintenance and care, a pressure cooker should last you for years.

In conclusion, a pressure cooker can be your trusted partner to help you cook faster. You need to keep it checked at all times to ensure it remains safe and provides you with the utmost service. Don’t forget to browse our list before deciding on a purchase.


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