Portable Wifi in Singapore

Top 5 Portable WiFi in Singapore

In this era of modern technology, people are entangled with the privileges of the internet so much so that they cannot bear to think about the possibility of spending a minute without the internet. Considering you’re one of those people, you probably crave to have a stable internet connection at all times. In this case, portable Wi-Fi can be your perfect companion. You can carry it around easily and connect your smart devices to it to enjoy uninterrupted internet service.

Since there are a lot of options when it comes to buying a portable Wi-Fi, we have put together a list of 5 portable Wi-Fi routers. You can take a look and pick out the one you prefer the most. 



1) Huawei E5885 Mobile Portable Pocket WiFi

1-Huawei E5885 Mobile Portable Pocket WiFi

Enjoy quality Wi-Fi service anywhere you go. This portable Wi-Fi is so compact and lightweight, you can carry it around in your pocket. It has a huge 6400 mAh battery which will keep the machine running for up to 25 hours. It supports 32 devices at the same time. So not just you, your entire family can enjoy their Wi-Fi connection when you’re all out on a trip. It weighs only 195 grams including the huge battery. You won’t even know that you’re carrying a portable Wi-Fi with you. You can also get this Wi-Fi to provide you with a 3G or 4G network since it has a standard 6-pin SIM card interface.

Price: S$250 range

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2) GlocalMe Pocket Wifi Router/Portable Hotspot

2-GlocalMe Pocket Wifi Router-Portable Hotspot

With its up to 13 hours battery life, you can live stream, watch online content, connect with people and get your work done no matter where you are. It has coverage in over 100 different countries. You won’t need to have any local SIM card and be connected to the local network for this router to work. It supports 4G high-speed LTE network that has up to 150mbps download speed and 50mbps upload speed. It can connect to 5 devices at a time. Choose from the various colors available and enjoy Wi-Fi connection right from your pocket.

Price: S$200 range

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3) PROLiNK 4G LTE Portable Wifi

3-PROLiNK 4G LTE Portable Wifi

With this portable Wi-Fi, you can get service in over 180 countries. It supports 4G LTE network service which can provide you with up to 150mbps speed. 11 devices can be connected to the Wi-Fi at the same and all of them can enjoy up to 300mbps hotspot speed. The rechargeable battery can keep the machine running for up to 10 hours. It’s so light and compact, you can put it in your pocket and carry it around. You can work from anywhere you are and enjoy a continuous internet connection to get your work done.

Price: S$100 range

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4) Xiaomi Youth Version Router Smallest Mi Wifi Portable Router

4-Xiaomi Youth Version Router Smallest Mi Wifi Portable Router

This extremely slim and compact router has a couple of extendable antenna on each side that can catch the signal. Mi Wi-Fi is very easy to set up with a few simple clicks on your device. You can connect not just your smartphone, but also your TV, computer and other smart devices as well and the speed will still be amazing. With the PCB antenna, the router can pick up signals with precision and keep your home network stable at all times. The chip-level signal enhancement technology in this router can detect when a connected device is getting a poor network than the rest because of some abruption, maybe a wall. The router can adjust the signal power to automatically transmit a stronger signal to that device. The design is kept to a minimum and you get various color options.

Price: S$30 range

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5) Xiaomi Portable Mini USB Wifi

5-Xiaomi Portable Mini USB Wifi

Probably the most compact of them all, this mini Wi-Fi can be plugged into a computer to share the network pretty easily. It can transmit at up to 150mbps of speed. The mini router supports Windows XP and above. It’s as small as a pack of tictac so you can imagine how light it is. You can put it in your purse or your pocket no matter where you go. All you need to do is remove the cover and connect it to the USB port of your computer.  

Price: S$10 range

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Portable WiFi Maintenance Guide

When it comes to the maintenance of your Wi-Fi router, your main focus is on its service. You need to make sure it works 24/7 and transmits maximum speed. To maintain your Wi-Fi router, you need to look over a few things.

Since technology is evolving with time, new and updated devices are being released in the market now and then. You need to keep up with this evolution and get as the latest device as possible. When a device is outdated, it gets easier to hack or override it since people now have gathered more knowledge about this technology than they did when it first came out. Newer devices mean new security updates and difficulty in hacking.

So make sure you upgrade your router from time to time. Check the network connection every week and see if there is any unauthorized connection showing. Electronic devices need to be cleaned and the best way to clean them is by a reboot. You should reboot your Wi-Fi router every month or two. This will help the router provide maximum service.

Many of these portable routers have limitations as to how many devices can be connected to it at the same time. Make sure you never exceed the number as it can cause your internet speed to be slow and unstable. Your internet service provider can have issues on their part as well so you make sure you maintain clear and regular communication with them.

Bottom Line

After looking at the products on the list, we hope you got a better idea about your options. We hope one of these will make its way by your side and provide you with a stable network.


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