Popcorn Machine in Singapore

Top 5 Popcorn Machine in Singapore

Popcorn has been a popular snack since ancient times. Even now its popularity is soaring. It’s the most common snack to be seen in movie theaters. People enjoy chewing on this small and light snack while enjoying a movie. Not just in theaters, many people make popcorn at home to have with their family and friends, or when they’re just simply having a day in. It’s one of the lightest and easiest snacks to make.

A popcorn maker or popcorn machine is a machine that is used to simply pop the corn kernels at high heat. These machines are pretty small and come in different sizes and colors. We have made this list of five popcorn machines with different features and in various price ranges. If you decide to buy one for the convenience of having popcorn any time at home, don’t forget to check out this list.



1) PARTYBABY American Commercial Popcorn Machine

1-PARTYBABY American Commercial Popcorn Machine

This machine has a professional design with its stainless steel kettle and the built-in stirring system. A pull-out tray on the side with a golden handle finishes off the look quite elegantly. You also get a measuring spoon and cup with the machine to prepare a perfectly measured batch every time. Despite the commercial design cut, the machine is very easy to operate. You just put in the corn kernels, make sure the machine is plugged in and turn on the switch on top. There is an on/off switch and a warming switch.

With the warming switch, the warming light inside the machine will keep the popcorn warm at 35° after they’re finished cooking. So be sure to check out this popcorn machine if you prefer a professional-looking and convenient appliance to enjoy a bowl of popcorn at home.

Price: S$100 range

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2) Cuisinart Hot Air Popcorn Maker

2-Cuisinart Hot Air Popcorn Maker

Enjoy a big movie night with this popcorn machine that can make 10 cups of popcorn in just 3 minutes. No extra oil is required, just put in the corns and flip the on the switch. The easy-touch on/off switch makes it hassle-free to make popcorn in minutes. Measuring cup and butter warming tray are provided inside which are removable. All the removable parts are dishwater friendly so you can easily clean the machine after making every batch of popcorn. All the materials are BPA-free which makes them safe to make food in.

Price: S$80 range

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3) Severin PC 3751 Popcorn Maker

3-Severin PC 3751 Popcorn Maker

Make popcorn in less than 3 minutes with this German-made machine from Severin. The transparent lid on top lets you see the state of your popcorn easily. The integrated filling scoop can measure the exact amount of corn kernels you’ll need for a batch. Just take a scoop, pour it in and flip on the switch on the side. With its non-slip feet, you won’t have to worry about your machine toppling over from all the popping.

Enjoy a batch of popcorn in no time with this small, efficient and affordable machine.

Price: S$50 range

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4) AICOK Popcorn maker

4-AICOK Popcorn maker

Have a fresh batch of popcorn ready in just 2 minutes without any oil. With the measuring spoon provided inside, you can put in the exact amount of corn kernels needed for a batch. After two minutes, pour out the contents with every grain being popped and then add flavors of your choice.

With the intelligent design of this machine, the kernels are evenly heated with the turbine uniformly heating from all sides which makes the process faster. The popcorn gets forced through the wide caliber mouth into your bowl so you can enjoy a hot batch of popcorn while enjoying a movie.

Price: S$40 range

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5) Electric Popcorn Maker Machine

5-Electric Popcorn Maker Machine

This machine comes with safety features like auto-shutoff where the kettle automatically shuts down if the temperature goes over 180°. There is also an in-built fan that disperses the heat at the bottom of the machine. The pores in the kettle disperse the heat evenly and prevent your popcorn from burning. No oil or gas is needed to enjoy a fresh batch of popcorn. Just plug it into the socket and turn on the switch. Your corn kernels will all be popped in no time. With this extra safe and efficient machine, enjoy a bowl of popcorn with your friends and family at any time.

Price: S$30 range

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Popcorn Machine Maintenance Guide

After purchasing an appliance, the biggest challenge is to properly maintain it and keep it functioning for as long as possible. Here are some tips on how to take care of your popcorn machine:

– Make sure your machine is unplugged and has completely cooled down before you touch it, Leave it unplugged for 30 minutes at least

–  Do not put the kettle itself into water. Some machines have removable parts that are dishwasher friendly, you can clean them in the dishwasher. Read the manual beforehand to find out which are suitable for dishwasher and which aren’t

– Use a damp cloth or soft sponge to wipe down the kettle properly

– Use a non-toxic glass cleaner to clean the interior surface of the machine

– Any portion of the machine that comes in contact with the kernels need to be cleaned with non-toxic cleaners

– Use a fresh, damp towel to wipe the entire machine afterward

It is possible for the inside of the kettle to be greasy throughout usage. In that case, fill the kettle with a solution of water and vinegar or other non-toxic cleaning products. Turn on the machine and wait for the solution to boil. Once it does, unplug the machine and dispose of the solution. Make sure the kettle has cooled down enough for you to touch it and then rinse the kettle thoroughly. After the machine is properly cleaned and dried off, store it in a sealed box or container until your next use.

To conclude, a popcorn machine is a very small appliance to have but it is very handy. With some kernels ready, you won’t run out of popcorns while having a movie marathon or binge-watching a show. So surf the market properly and pick out a machine you like.


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