Pancake Machine in Singapore

Top 5 Pancake Machine in Singapore

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. One of the most popular breakfasts among people of all groups is pancakes. It is easy to make, healthy and tastes delicious. It is not just the protein and the easy process of cooking that makes pancakes preferable, it is the flexibility. You can enjoy your pancakes plain or you can combine it with your favorite syrup, fruits or jam.

If you love pancakes, you should definitely have a pancake machine. A pancake machine ensures that you have perfect pancakes any time you want. Just prepare a batter with your preferred ingredients or use a pancake mix and put a small portion in the machine. It is much easier and faster to prepare than in a stove. Ready to buy pancake machine? Here are the best pancake machine in Singapore!



1) Household Pancake Machine

1-Household Pancake Machine

Enjoy delicious pancakes at any time with this simple pancake machine. The 40cm round plate allows you to make pancakes in a preferable shape and size. The nonstick plate ensures your pancakes hold their smooth texture and the heat is generated evenly on all sides. The long cord on the side allows you to move around the machine for easy access. There is a dial on the front that controls the heat from 100-300 degrees. Just plug in the machine, take your batter and spread it around the plate. Adjust the heat and wait until the pancake reaches your preferred shade of brown.

Price: S$150 range

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2) Home Intelligent Pancake Machine

2-Home Intelligent Pancake Machine

This high-end German quality pancake machine comes with a 32cm nonstick plate. Your pancakes will remain smooth and the heat will be provided evenly. There is a temperature control dial at the bottom so you can easily adjust the temperature while you cook. Two assistant working handles on the sides allow you to move around the machine easily. A protection base on the bottom keeps your countertop or table away from the heat of the machine.

It is slim, light and easy to handle. The sleek and modern design makes it suitable for any household.

Price: S$100 range

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3) Midea US JHN30F Home Pancake Machine

3-Midea US JHN30F Home Pancake Machine

Midea is offering you a pancake machine with double-sided heating suspension. You can move the top part at a 180-degree angle. At 1200W power and heat generated from both sides, expect your pancakes to be cooked much faster. You can also use it for baking other dishes and even frying meat, fish, prawns, etc. Two flipping switches on the side indicate the baking mode and frying mode. Just a single flip and the machine will automatically cook your food until they are done. The lights on the side will go off once the pancakes are done. You can enjoy different kinds of dishes with this single machine, so it can be considered a smart buy.

Price: S$80 range

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4) Electric Crepe Maker Pancake Machine

4-Electric Crepe Maker Pancake Machine

Making pancakes has never been easier. With a single push to a button, your pancakes will be done in no time. For an optimum cooking experience, preheat the machine for three minutes and then put in the batter. With its double-sided pressure and aluminum spray Teflon, the pancakes will reach the desired texture in a short time. The nonstick coating ensures fast heat dissipation. The soft and thick handle on the lid has a button on the top so you can easily pull it open.

The machine comes with a 40cm stainless steel plate which is easy to clean and provides a smooth surface to your pancakes. The E-shaped heating tube ensures maximum heat and pressure. So if you want your pancakes to be done faster with an easy-to-use machine at a low price, be sure to check out this product.

Price: S$30 range

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5) Electric Crepe Maker Pancake Machine

5-Baking Electric Crepe Maker Pancake Machine

This light and the handy little machine can be used to make a pancake, crepe, eggs, pizza and so on. It looks like a small frying pan and has a handle for easy handling. The on-off switch is right along with the handle so you can easily press it with your thumb while you cook. The nonstick surface makes your pancakes come off easily and is easier to clean. Enjoy this small and multifunctional product at a much cheaper price. If you are planning on buying a pancake machine for the first time, you can start with this one.

Price: S$20 range

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Pancake Machine Maintenance Guide

For proper maintenance of your pancake machine, the proper cleaning procedure is in order. Inspect all the parts of your machine to ensure that they remain in working order. Even the slightest malfunction can cause a deadly accident. Make sure that the power cord is not damaged in any way. Do not put the machine under running water to clean it and be careful to not let any water drip into any of the electrical components.

Unplug the machine before trying to clean and make sure that it has cooled enough for you to touch. Take a soft clean cloth and damp it in soap water. Clean the plate and the sides with the cloth. Do this after every use to avoid any residue from building up on the surface. Occasionally, use a nylon scrubbing pad to remove any carbon deposits from the plate. With regular cleaning and care, you can hope to enjoy a long-lasting service from your pancake machine. If malfunctions arise in any of the electrical components, be sure to get the machine checked to see if any of the parts need replacing. If the machine is beyond servicing, purchase a new one.

In the end, a pancake machine is a necessity if you are a pancake lover. Let us assume that you have been making pancakes on the stove all this time. Get a pancake machine for a change and then notice the difference. Why don’t you start with one of the machines from the list above? We are sure you would not regret it. 


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