Best Painting Services in Singapore


A house is where you live. A home is where you belong. This is because, as you grow, your personality evolves, so does your home. Home means so much more when you live in Singapore. It is a wonderful place to reside in. The weather is wonderful, the food is unparalleled and the transportation is cheap, easy to use and convenient. Who wouldn’t want a house here?

But, once you do get a house, how do you make the house a home for you? Every individual wants their home to be an expression of their personality. But how do you make that happen? The perfect solution is easy and inexpensive – painting.

Whether you want splashes of bold colors or a soft and serene backdrop, painting the boring white walls can transform them into something that reflects your taste or personality. If you’re looking to paint your house and don’t know where to start, this article should guide you through the entire process.



Types of Paint


Before you start planning what to paint on your walls, you need to be apprised of the different types of paints. Some of the popular types of paints used in Singapore are:

Matte: This is the most basic option since it comes with no shine and sheen, requiring multiple coats to create a solid color. It is, however, easy to apply and does not cause any visual distraction, making it perfect for ceilings.

Matte Enamel: Although Matte Enamel looks the same as Matte paint, it is often termed as a more durable version of Matte since it is much easier to clean, which makes it the perfect choice for kitchens.

Satin: If you want a soft sheen on the walls, this is perfect. It can be cleaned easily but texture or imperfections on wall surfaces seem more apparent than in a matte finish.

Eggshell: This option provides an extremely subtle shine that hides imperfections of a wall much better than satin paint. Overall, it is perfect for most people since it requires a single coat of paint.

Semi-Gloss: This paint is usually used on kitchen or bathroom walls because it is quite durable and easy to clean. It offers a much more intense sheen than the satin finish.

Gloss: Gloss paint is very popular with most people due to its high shine. It is stain-resistant and easy to clean but it reveals surface imperfections very easily.



The Painting Process

Now that you know all the types of paint, it is time to get started with the painting process.

Here is what to do:

  1. Prepare your room by covering your furniture and valuables, attach some painter’s tape on the edges of the walls and get ready to pain by placing your roller, paintbrushes and other materials on a canvas cloth.
  2. Start by painting primer on the edges using lines and then, use a roller to evenly coat the entire wall. Let the wall dry for a day or two.
  3. After the primer has dried, mix your paints in a tray. Test and mix the colors according to taste.
  4. Apply the paint on the edges the same as you did with the primer and then move on to spread the paint all over the wall with a roller. Let it dry for at least a day. Depending on how dark the color is, you may need to apply a few more coats.



DIY vs Hiring Professionals

A lot of people dread painting their walls themselves; there are just so many things that can go wrong. However, many dream to paint the walls themselves inspired by all the shades and possibilities. It’s cost-effective and you have control over the creativity. However, you are also likely to make mistakes.

Thus, having a professional team do it is actually smarter. Since you only need to worry about the outlook of your wall, you can leave all the tedious parts of the experience to people better suited for it. Not only can a seasoned painter give expert advice on the condition of the walls, but they will also know what safety precautions are necessary.



Price Guide

The cost behind painting services is dictated by the coverage area, the required amount of paint, the texture of the walls and the man-hours needed to cover the area by the paint of your choice and finish.

In Singapore, an apartment that is around 400 sq. ft. in size can be painted using professionals for $500-$1300. The cost comes down to $400-$800 if you do it yourself. The cost differs for different types of living spaces. For example, a 3-room flat may require $900-$1600 worth of painting. For HDB apartments with more rooms, the cost may surge up to $2000. For condos between 1000 sq. ft. and 1800 sq. ft., the cost will range from $1800 to $2400.



Paint Brands

Let’s take a look at some of the best paint brands in Singapore:

  • Asian Paints: One of the largest paint companies in Asia, this brand offers a wide range of products when it comes to interior wall finishes. Whether you want affordable or luxurious options, durable or textured finishes, Asian Paints has them all.
  • Dulux Paint: Dulux is known for providing one of the best quality and range of paints. With thousands of shades to choose from, you can design each room in your flat with a different color scheme.
  • Berger Paint: This Company is a household name in Singapore. Besides its popular painting products, which are all green-friendly, Berger also offers different types of coatings to ensure the longevity of your interior beauty.
  • Kansai Paint: Adamant to provide high-quality paint that both beautifies and purifies, Kansai Paint offers a number of products that can fit your requirements.
  • Nippon Paint: Having over 120 years of experience in the painting industry, Nippon Paint is one of the most popular paint brands in Singapore. They are known for providing local solutions along with stylish colors based on what you need.



Some of the best painting services in Singapore

  • Reliable Paintings: Having established a solid network of loyal clientele through 15 years of painting experience and a plethora of positive reviews, this company charges $1450 for a 1400+ sq. ft. Masonite apartment, which is within the market average. If you want to get the best value for money, these are your guys.
  • PS Painting Singapore: This brand knows what it takes to satisfy its customers. That is why, its workforce gets the job done on any deadline, be it a weekday or a weekend. And you can rest assured that they will do it right since they have the required expertise.
  • A & J Painting Service: A&J specializes in parquet varnishing, dismantling built-in furniture, floor polishing, etc. Thus, you can plan your entire interior décor through them and see it through. They do charge the most but top quality demands top dollar.


In conclusion, it is quite easy to paint your house with available services in Singapore. This article should help you understand everything there is to know about painting and aid you in taking a step towards building a happy home.