Office Chair in Singapore

Top 5 Office Chair in Singapore

People who spend a lot of in their workplace need the best working environment possible. This includes their seating arrangements. It’s a very crucial subject since they have to spend a lot of time in a chair for long working hours. For a comfortable and quality seating experience, one needs a quality chair. So, if you need an office chair, you need to look no further.

Below we have put together a list of 5 office chairs that are different from one another in pricing and features. You have some pretty good options to choose from and we sincerely one of these chairs will attain to your preferences.



1) Sail Ergonomic Chair Series/Office Chair

1-Sail Ergonomic Chair Series-Office Chair

Pick any chair from these chair series and they will all be dedicated to making you feel comfortable at all times. These chairs are designed to be ergonomic to keep the user’s body in the most comfortable position possible. They have an aluminum mechanism with a polished back frame. There is an easy button for adjusting the chair into different modes. The chairs also come with a roller frame for better mobility. The armrest and headrest height can be adjusted as needed. The 3D lumber support ensures your back and waist from any pain from seating too long. Even if you’re looking for office chairs, the chairs from this series can be used anywhere you want.

Price: S$450 range

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2) Intelligent High Back Office Chair

2-Intelligent High Back Office Chair

This chair has a full mesh body that is comfortable to sit on while allowing enough air to pass through the chair to keep your body cool. The seat height can be adjusted in up to 8.5cm, so it can easily adapt to its user despite their height. The 4-speed locking self-loading chassis allows 360° rotation of the chair, it makes it easier for the user to relax when they need to. The wheels are shockproof as well as silent for discreet mobility. The seat can be extended both forward and backward. So find your most comfortable seating position to work on with this chair. 

Price: S$200 range

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3) BOSS Chair Series/Ergonomic/Office

3-BOSS Chair Series-Ergonomic-Office

Be as relaxed as possible with a 170° recline system in your chair. It comes with a high-density cushion that provides extreme comfort in your seating. It has an ergonomically designed backrest to save you from any back pain. The chair has PU handles and wheels, both of which are of high-quality to make the chair more durable. The legs are aluminum to reduce the chances of rusting.

Price: S$150 range

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4) JIJI Chairs Series/Performance/Office Chairs

4-JIJI Chairs Series-Performance-Office Chairs

With a carbon steel frame and a PU leather body, this chair series is suitable for many situations. The high-density foam adds to your comfort and the nylon legs ensure better durability. The chair comes with PU caster wheels for easy mobility. The handles can be moved and adjusted as well so you can find your most comfortable position. This chair series has a lot of color options for you to choose from so you can pick out the one that will match your office decoration the most.

Price: S$100 range

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5) Home Factor Quality Office Chair

5-Home Factor Quality Office Chair

This chair comes with a breathable mesh body so you can feel cool and dry no matter how long you need to spend there working. The backrest is adjusted at an ergonomic position to keep your back safe. The handrail can be adjusted as needed for convenience. The PU wheels allow easy and silent maneuver of the chair as you need. You can select from the various available colors to go with your office décor.

Price: S$50 range

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Office Chair Maintenance Guide

A quality office chair can provide long-lasting service with proper maintenance. So if you want your chair to stay in its utmost condition, take these steps.

First, you should check for any wear or damage. Check every single corner- the seating area, armrests and the headrest. If your chair has rolling wheels, check those as well. In case of any damage, the chair will need some mending. If your chair has a removable cover, you can just take it off and wash it separately. But if the seat is fixed and cover cannot be removed, then you’ll have to work a bit harder.

At first, you need to dust off the chair from any dirt or particles that might be lingering. You can use a vacuum or a cloth duster. Then, you need to take a sponge with a soapy solution to scrub over the handles, the legs and other parts of the chair that are not covered in fabric. You can thoroughly scrub them over and then use a clean cloth to absorb any excess water.

For the seat itself, take a soft cloth and some vinegar mixed with some water to sprinkle over the entire seat, especially the seating area. Make sure the vinegar is diluted as much as possible. Wipe over the seat with the vinegar solution, it will get rid of any foul smell that might be present and kill all bacteria. Avoid using any harsh cleaning products since it can damage the seat or cause discoloration.

Most of these chairs come with roller wheels. Considering that yours does as well, you need to take care of them as well. Clean the wheels every week even though you don’t move around the chair too much. Not cleaning the wheels might cause dirt to collect on the bearings and the chair might end up having jammed roller wheels. You can also apply some oil on the bearings now and then to keep them shiny and well-functioned.

Let the chair completely dry off before you decide to seat on it. Follow this cleaning routine every two weeks to keep your chair in its utmost condition.

Final Thoughts

After going through the products, we hope you’ve found a chair suitable for your office. Each of these chairs is of high-quality and designed to provide you with maximum comfort. So no matter which one you picked from the list, you can look forward to some pleasant working hours.


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