Mini Fridge in Singapore

Top 5 Mini Fridge in Singapore

Mini refrigerators or fridges serve the same purpose as the bigger one, the only difference is the size. They don’t take up a lot of space and cost way less than a regular fridge. These fridges are easier to carry around. Most people use them for secondary refrigeration space (to store drinks or makeup). You can keep a mini-fridge right in your bedroom and it would take up less space than your nightstand.

Below, we have a list of 5 mini fridges from different price ranges. You can take a look to see if anyone of these piques your interest.



1) Beko TSE1283X Mini Refrigerator

1-Beko TSE1283X Mini Refrigerator

With 114L of net capacity, this fridge is made in Europe. The smooth silver finish and compact design can bring a modern touch in your kitchen and your house. The stainless-steel finish also increases durability. A special anti-bacterial seal coating on the handles keeps the most-touched parts bacteria-free so you and your family can remain healthy. It is energy efficient that consumes 30% less energy so you won’t have to worry about added electricity bills. If you’re looking for an efficient and modern refrigerator, this mini fridge can be a perfect addition to your house.

Price: S$300 range

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2) Farfalla Mini Bar Fridge

2-Farfalla Mini Bar Fridge

This little fridge is most suitable for a house bar. It takes up very little space and the temperature can be adjusted as you want. The door is reversible so you can place it conveniently in any little corner or on top of your bar counter. It has a capacity of 47L. The fridge is almost silent when it’s plugged so don’t worry about it adding to any noise pollution in the house. It doesn’t weigh much so you won’t need much help moving it around.

Price: S$150 range

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3) Hyundai Mini Small Refrigerator

3-Hyundai Mini Small Refrigerator

Choose from the different styles and colors available of this little beauty. This dual-core refrigerator from Hyundai runs at 220V. The temperature can be adjusted from -9 to 65 degrees Celsius. If the temperature goes below -9 degrees or above 65 degrees, the refrigerator will shut off on its own. The large cooling chip inside provides a good cooling effect. It has a capacity of 20L. It runs at extremely low-decibel so you can expect almost no mechanical humming from this fridge. The partition boards inside are removable so you can adjust them according to the products you want to put in there. The tempered-glass panel provides an exquisite look as well as protecting it from scratches.

Price: S$80 range

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4) Kemin Portable Fridge Refrigerator

4-Kemin Portable Fridge Refrigerator

This small and elegant fridge comes with different capacities so you’re welcome to choose your preferred one. The temperature can be controlled from -22 degrees to 65 degrees Celsius. You can use it to store baby food as those should be kept separately to avoid any contamination from other products. Its compact design allows you to keep it anywhere in the house and its 28-decibel noise level won’t cause any disturbance to your peaceful slumber if you decide to place it on your bedroom. The quality semiconductor chipset ensures maximum efficiency when it comes to cooling things down or keeping them warm.

Price: S$50 range

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5) NEW Makeup Cosmetic fridge / Mini portable small refrigerator

5-NEW Makeup Cosmetic fridge - Mini portable small refrigerator

With its stunning glossy finishing, this mini fridge would go perfectly with any house or room. It’s energy-saving and quiet so you no pollution will be done to the environment. The temperature can be controlled from 40° to 60°F with the flip of a switch. It takes an hour for the fridge to reach its optimum temperature.

It comes with an AC/DC adapter so you can place it in the car with ease and enjoy a chilled soda on your drive. The door shelf and middle shelf is removable for your convenience so you can store products of your liking. The door handle locks in place to keep your items inside securely in place and there is another handle on top which makes it easier to carry the fridge around.

Price: S$25 range

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Mini Fridge Maintenance Guide

You might use it as a secondary refrigerator, but it still needs proper cleaning and maintenance. While storing food or other products in the refrigerator, make sure they aren’t too cramped. The cold air inside needs space to circulate properly so it can keep the things properly chilled. If you will be out for months, it’s better to empty your fridge, clean it properly, and leave it unplugged. Even if you will be gone for some weeks, make sure there are no perishable items in the fridge as you can come back to some very unwanted ad n stubborn odors.

You can clean the outside of your mini fridge every week or more frequently. Just use a soft cloth and a mild glass cleaner solution. It will keep the fridge shiny and dust-free. A thorough cleaning should be done every month or so. Unplug the fridge beforehand and check the cord for any damage while you’re at it. Make a solution of baking soda and warm water. For the solution, use ¼ cup of soda into a cup of water. Wipe the entire surface with a soft cloth. Before cleaning, empty the fridge and remove any detachable parts as well. Since you unplugged the fridge before, you can proceed to clean the vent and coils since they can collect dust over time which can decrease the efficiency of the fridge.

If there are any wanted odors in the fridge, take a bottle half full baking soda and leave it inside. It will absorb any lingering odors. After you’re done with all the wiping down, take a dry cloth for a final wipe and make sure the fridge is dried off completely before you put the items back inside and plug it in.


Having a secondary appliance never hurt anybody. You will see the benefits of having a mini-fridge after owing one. Hopefully, our list was helpful enough so you can choose the perfect one for yourself when you’re out shopping.


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