Microwave Oven in Singapore

Microwave Oven in Singapore

It is practically impossible to imagine our lives without an oven at this age. Both electric ovens and microwave ovens are great appliances but most households commonly purchase the microwave oven for regular use due to its technology of faster heating of food, more efficiency in electricity consumption and less heat generation inside the oven after use. It also takes less time to cook food in the oven once you get the hang of it, although not all types of food are microwave-friendly for cooking. Using a microwave also ensures more safety compared to other methods of cooking with open fire or electric options. Take a look at our top choices to make your buying decision easier. Ready to buy microwave oven? Here are the best microwave oven in Singapore!



1) Panasonic NN-CD565MYPQ Microwave Oven

1-Panasonic NN-CD565MYPQ Microwave Oven

The elegant slimline oven by Panasonic not only makes a style statement on your countertop, its intelligent design lets you operate easily and heat up or cook your meals and snacks to perfection. The fan of the oven is placed on top of the oven to free up the back of the oven providing more cooking space with a big turntable. The fan on top also helps with efficiency in evenly dispersing the heat to produce cooking results that are finger-licking good. If you want to add some extra crispness or browning, simply press on the grill option over the sleek screen with dial and touch functions. Over all this oven will give you a great performance.

Price: S$300 range

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This smart machine with its numerous amazing features would make you want to cook more using the microwave. The 15 preset menus for cooking that comes with the oven will purge away the need to spend all your mental energy in planning delicious healthy meals for your family, making it possible to even make yogurts or dough at home using the fermentation function in the oven.

Other remarkable aspects of this beauty include the option to disable the turntable to fit in larger dishes for utilizing every inch of the spacious internal cavity. The ECO mode and Deodorization settings save energy and keep your oven free of smells from strongly flavored foods heated or cooked in it. The smooth ceramic interior of this 28 liter oven is yet another outstanding feature that makes cleaning your oven easier than ever in the history of ovens. 

Price: S$200 range

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3) Sharp R-72A1(SM)V Compact Grill Microwave Oven 

3-Sharp R-72A1(SM)V Compact Grill Microwave Oven

The durability and reliability of this compact 25-liter capacity oven earns its high recommendations from its users. The oven brings you all the conveniences for regular use including touch controls, auto menus, speedy cooking, grilling function, and clock and kitchen timers. The handle on the door eases use and keeps the body of your oven free from any stains and scratches with reduced need for hand contact. The powerful 900W output oven has a 31.5 cm glass turntable that helps heat your food to serve you smoking hot dishes in just a few minutes.

Price: S$130 range

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4) EuropAce 20L Microwave Oven 

4-EuropAce 20L Microwave Oven

This budget-friendly 20-liter capacity oven offers you great value for money with its robust functionalities for everyday use in heating your food. It has an easy-to-use dial control with 5 power levels and one 35 minutes timer so that you can heat everything from a whole chicken to a sandwich and more. It also has defrosted settings to help you take your food from the freezer to your table without any ado. The door handle is an added advantage letting you pull open without straining your eyes to locate the eject button.

Price: S$100 range

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5) Cornell Microwave Ovens

5-Cornell Microwave Ovens

Multiple models of the Cornell Microwave Ovens with their 1-year warranty and incredible functionalities will offer you the best value for every cent that you spend. They have user-friendly settings and technology, manual control to let you dictate how long and how hot you want your food to be. Cooking end signals give you the flexibility to roam freely as your food gets ready inside the 23L capacity interior. It is one of the most demanded ovens due to the excellent value offered at an astonishing price for such a high-performing appliance.

Price: S$70 range

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Microwave Oven Maintenance Guide

It is extremely risky to use plastic or metal containers to heat or cook in a microwave. Use microwave-safe containers to avoid electrocution, melting plastic or bacterial contamination which can result in serious health issues even like cancer. Avoid using even plastic wrappers to cover your food while heating, and remember to remove the package of your meat and other frozen foods before defrosting them. 

A typical mistake by microwave oven users is heating or cooking food by covering the container entirely with a lid. While it is good to reheat or cook by covering to avoid splatter and distribute the heat more evenly, keeping the lid vented and loose over the container helps to remove harmful bacteria living on your food.

Never heat hard-boiled eggs inside their shell with a microwave oven. Also, avoid heating liquid for more than 30 seconds at one go which might lead to boiling and splashing of hot liquid outside the oven cavity once you open the door.       

Clean your oven routinely to destroy the bacteria from food remnants or stains and keep it smelling great, much unlike the pungent stench of stale food. Wipe both the interior and exterior after daylong use with warm water mixed with vinegar or lemon juice or even a small spoon of liquid soap to drive away any bad smell. Make sure to never touch the metal body of an oven or its electrical wiring with wet hands.

To sum it up, the microwave oven is a wonderful machine that made the world save uncountable hours in unproductive use of time or resources in heating or cooking, but it must be chosen wisely and operated with caution to keep enjoying the advantages without any hazards or risks.


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