Meat Grinder in Singapore

Top 5 Meat Grinder in Singapore

A meat grinder can be used for mincing meat, fish and even vegetables. It saves up a lot of your time and you have to put in less effort in your cooking if you use a grinder instead of a mincing knife. It’s a small but effective appliance to have. A meat grinder can provide better results of mincing your beef, mutton, chicken, or pork and help you in preparing a delicious meal. With a grinder, you can have ground meat at any time you want to practice old or new recipes much faster.

Below is a list of 5 different meat grinders. You can look into these products and get a better insight to know how having a meat grinder can benefit you. These are all quality meat grinders with different features and price ranges. Ready to buy meat grinder? Here are the best meat grinder in Singapore!



1) Panasonic MK-MG1300 / Meat Grinder 1300W

1-Panasonic MK-MG1300 - Meat Grinder 1300W

This grinder comes with a high-powered motor and 3 blades inside that can grind the meat much faster. It’s easy to operate with the simple rotating dial on the side. It provides high grinding performance that can mince large chunks of meat in an instant so you won’t have to worry about chopping them into tiny pieces. This electrical grinder comes with an internal circuit breaker to protect it from any electrical surge that can damage the appliance. The grinder is highly efficient as well as stylish that will go with any kitchen décor.

Price: S$100 range

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2) Cub Meat Grinder

2-Cub Meat Grinder

Mince any kind of meat as well as fruits or vegetables with this multi-purpose grinder. Its strong rotating blade has four sides and is made from stainless steel which increases effectiveness and durability. The quality motor inside ensures optimum performance and low noise so you can grind as much as you want even in the middle of the night. It’s very easy to use and simple in design. Make your favorite dish or try out new recipes faster than usual with the help of this grinder.

Price: S$70 range

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3) Hilai Home Meat Grinder

3-Hilai Home Meat Grinder

Wrapped in steel all over, this grinder is highly efficient. It’s compact and comes with a portable handle that makes it easier to carry it around. The pure copper motor along with the S-shaped steel blade ensures smooth and faster mincing. The body is stainless steel so you expect maximum durability along with a sophisticated look. It comes with a cooling system that will protect the motor whenever it will sense it being overheated. The micro-action protection switch will ensure the gear doesn’t easily start to wear off.

Price: S$30 range

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4) Meat Grinder Mangler Blender

4-Meat Grinder Mangler Blender

The 300W copper motor ensures high performance. The grinder comes with a stainless-steel bowl or a glass bowl so the raw meat will come in contact with a safe surface that won’t cause any contamination and you can enjoy a healthy meal. The four-sided double blade can mince any meat or vegetable in a matter of seconds. You can choose from high and low gear speed with a single touch on top of the grinder. The blades are removable so you can easily clean them or replace them without much hassle. The motor is protected from being overheated so you won’t have to worry about accidents.

Price: S$20 range

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5) 2L Multi-functional Electric Meat Mincer Grinder

5-2L Multi-functional Electric Meat Mincer Grinder

This multifunctional grinder can be used for not only mincing meat, vegetables and fruits but also to make juice. The 4-dimensional fine steel blades along with the strong motor can mince the food items inside in seconds. It comes with a food-grade plastic cup that will hold the minced items and protect them from any contamination. The cup is both cold and heat resistant so the food won’t be affected by any temperature. It’s very easy to operate, with a single switch that will turn the machine on if you hold it and turn off as soon as you release it. The power will be disconnected if the machine senses any overheating.

Price: S$10 range

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Meat Grinder Maintenance Guide

Dealing with raw meat all the time can make your grinder filthy very easily so it’s important that you regularly clean it. Follow these simple steps to keep it in its utmost condition.

– Make sure the grinder is unplugged for at least 15 minutes considering it’s an electric one and if it’s a manual grinder, get to the cleaning immediately

– Remove the detachable parts from the grinder so you can separately clean them and keep the electrical parts away from water

– Soak the parts in a bucket filled with warm water and soap or dishwashing detergent

– Soak the parts for at least 20 minutes and then take them out for further cleaning

– Use a soft sponge or a brush to scrub over the surface of each part, use extra soap or detergent for more sticky and filthy areas. Make sure you reach all the hard nooks and corners

– Rinse all the parts with clean water and dry them off completely before putting them all back together

– For the motors and the spinning blades, use mineral or vegetable oil to properly lubricate them so they can continue to operate smoothly

– The blades can become less effective over time so make sure you sharpen them once in a while or else the grinding of meat won’t be as effective

– To avoid the metal parts from rusting, spray them with oil, keep them in a plastic bag filled with rice that will absorb any extra moisture that can trigger rusting

If you notice any malfunctioning in the grinder, get it checked as soon as possible and replace any parts necessary. Replace your grinder if it’s beyond repair.

Final Thoughts

Cooking is both a necessity and a hobby for a lot of people. No matter which category you belong to, everyone looks for a little more convenience. A meat grinder can lessen your cooking time and provide much better results. Try using one if you aren’t already.


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