Mattress Topper in Singapore

Top 5 Mattress Topper in Singapore

A mattress topper can enhance the comfort of a mattress to the maximum level. A mattress topper can make your old mattress feel brand new. Toppers are made from different materials and have different textures. So choosing one might be a bit tricky. You can choose memory foam topper, a gel mattress topper, or a spring topper- whichever you prefer. A mattress topper is cheaper than a mattress. So if you feel your mattress is less effective in helping you get good sleep, you get a topper that can help you get the ergonomic position you need to fall into a deep slumber.

Since there are so many choices when it comes to shopping for a mattress topper, we made things easier for you by creating a list of 5 of the best mattress toppers in the market.



1) sgsmartbuys Latex Mattress Topper

1-sgsmartbuys Latex Mattress Topper

A latex mattress topper is preferred over a foam one by many people since it’s slightly denser. This topper has a medium level of firmness and conforms to the body shape without making you feel like you’re sinking. Despite the topper being quite dense, it’s foldable. The topper prevents dust mites and bacteria from keeping the users safe. You have different size options available to choose from according to your bed. As for the thickness, the topper has two thickness levels- one is 2.5 centimeters, and the other is 5 centimeters. The topper is good for the spine.

Price: S$150 range

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2) Epitex Exceed Down Mattress Topper

2-Epitex Exceed Down Mattress Topper

Available in 4 different sizes, this mattress topper preserves heat quite well to make you feel warm and comfortable in your sleep. Its high-elasticity provides a feather-like feeling to the topper. The topper protects you from dust mites, bacteria, and fungus. The cushioning feeling from the topper effectively reduces the pressure points. Your back and neck are in a firm but soft surface. The topper is 2 inches thick. The air-retaining of the topper keeps you warm but dry throughout the night. The topper doesn’t give off a sinking feeling, rather a comfortable firm one.

Price: S$120 range

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3) Elefen Luxury Memory Foam Mattress Topper

3-Elefen Luxury Memory Foam Mattress Topper

With memory foam inside, the topper can conform to the user’s body shape in a matter of seconds and regain the previous state as soon as the pressure is gone. This makes the topper more durable and effective in reducing back pain. The topper has a cover made from 100% polyester material. It’s smooth but not slippery that can make the bed sheet slide down. The topper comes with a 5 centimeters thickness and is available in different sizes. It has a skirting finish that keeps the topper firmly in place and helps the bedsheet sport fewer creases.

Price: S$100 range

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4) JIJI.SG Mattress Topper

4-JIJI.SG Mattress Topper

Along with the size chart and two different thickness options (5 centimeters and 10 centimeters), this mattress topper has different color options as well. The high-quality polyester fabric on the outside keeps your body cool. The surface feels smooth, and the feather-like softness is perfect for removing any back pain you might be suffering from. The elastic band on the corners keeps the topper fixed in place. Your bedsheet won’t show many creases so you can start the day without fussing about making the bed. The topper is firm and comfortable. You won’t get a sinking feeling lying over this one.

Price: S$50 range

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5) Tatami Mattress Topper

5-Tatami Mattress Topper

Made from cotton, this topper is extremely soft to the touch. It’s safe for the skin and made from environment-friendly materials. It protects you from dust mites, bacteria, and other allergens. A cotton topper is softer than the ones which are made from other materials (i. e. memory foam, gel foam, etc.). But the durability is slightly lower in a cotton mattress topper compared to the ones made from other materials. The topper is available in different sizes for different sized beds. The surface has a quilted grid design looks soothing to the eyes and also makes the bed appear puffier. The elastic bands at the sides keep the topper fixed on the mattress.

Price: S$20 range

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Mattress Topper Maintenance Guide

A mattress topper is kind of a shield between the mattress and the user’s body. It can help get comfortable on uneven and old mattresses. It might not be as big of an investment as a mattress, but you still need to keep it maintained enough to enjoy a long-term service.

Just like the mattress, you can flip and rotate the mattress topper every now and then. This will keep the topper from being deflated in the middle.

Keep your bed sheets clean as well since they come directly in contact with the topper. Mattress toppers aren’t waterproof most of the time. So if you spill any liquid on the bed, you should take the topper immediately and let it dry off into the sun. If you can’t get enough sunlight, keep the topper in a dry and cool place until that spilled area dries off completely. You can also use a hairdryer to speed up the process.

To clean your mattress topper, you can take a spray bottle and mix some detergent with water to put in there. Take your mattress topper off your bed and lay it on a clean and even surface. Take a soft sponge. Spray the soapy substance over the topper and scrub as you go. Keep spraying and scrubbing until you cover the entire topper. Repeat this process on both sides of the topper as well as the sides.

After you’re done scrubbing, you can take a dry cloth to wipe over the topper to absorb any extra water that might linger there. 

Let the topper air dry completely before you put it on the bed again. If the topper shows signs of tear and wear, you can get it puffed up by a professional. If it seems beyond repair, just replace the topper.

Final Thoughts

We hope the list succeeded in providing all the information you need about these mattress toppers. Maybe one of these can turn out to be the perfect companion for your mattress.


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