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Top 5 Mattress in Singapore

No matter what age group or culture you belong to, people work in their own vicinity. Everyone is busy in doing either professional jobs or chores in the house. No matter the workload, the body gets tired after a while and demands rest. The best way to give the body its much-needed rest is through sleep. Every adult is recommended to sleep for at least 6 hours a day to make sure their body is well-rested. To sweeten this resting phase, a quality mattress can come in handy.

Mattresses have different materials in them to suit the requirements of different people. Some prefer foam, some prefer spring and some even love water beds. Whichever you prefer, a good mattress can provide years of service with proper care. If you need help picking out a mattress for your new bed or replace the old one, you have come to the right place. Take a look at the list below where you’ll see 5 different mattresses that we handpicked. You might find your preferred one there.



1) Seahorse Mattress – Single Size

1-Seahorse Mattress- Single Size

With a beautiful design on the surface, this mattress is very practical. It has a firm feeling which is good for the back. An extra soft mattress might feel good but those are not ideal for the back. If you want your back to not suffer from any pain, you need to choose this kind of mattress. The mattress is single sized so it’s perfect for a single bed. It comes with a factory plastic wrap as well as an anti-dust mite protector which protects it from bedbugs, bacteria and dirt.

Price: S$250 range

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2) Foam / Spring Mattress

2-Twenty One Foam- Spring Mattress

Made from polyester fabric, this mattress is 8 inches thick and has a quality Bonnel spring. It has extra padding and provides better support for your back. You can choose from different colors and sizes available to go with your bed. The mattress has soft knitted fabric on top which provides a firm and soft feel against the back. This firm EuroTop mattress is exceptionally effective in protecting your back from any kind of pain.

Price: S$200 range

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3) Pure Latex Mattress Topper

3-Pure Latex Mattress Topper

Made from 100% natural latex, this mattress has a thin protective cover to reduce wear. The mattress has medium firmness feel and can conform to body shape without giving any sinking feeling. It’s firm and dense but easily foldable which makes it easier to move it around. The mattress is safe from any bacteria and dust mites because of its excellent quality. It’s available in different sizes for different beds and you can also choose the thickness according to your preference.

Price: S$150 range

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4) Foldable Foam Mattress

4-Foldable Foam Mattress

This high-density mattress is tri-fold, which means you can fold it into three parts for convenience. You can easily store it away when not in use. The mattress has a firm exterior and a removable cover made from a knitted fabric which can be washed. The mesh in the mattress makes it more breathable and provides a soft feel upon lying. The premium quality mattress causes no allergic reaction, prevents bacteria and keeps away dust mites. You can choose your preferred thickness option and the size from the available chart.  

Price: S$100 range

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5) Foldable Mattress

5-Foldable Mattress

Made from quality, breathable fabric, this mattress comes with a free pillow. The soft and smooth texture provides optimum comfort. The mattress can be folded which makes it easier to store it away. The exterior cover has a zipper for better cleaning access. It’s waterproof so if you have small children in the house, they can use this and spill away without worrying much. Since the mattress is foldable, you can carry it around wherever you want.

Price: S$50 range

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Mattress Maintenance Guide

A mattress is an investment that you’d want to get the most out of. The best way to do that is by taking care of your mattress to keep it in an optimum condition. You can follow these few steps to make sure your mattress is well taken care of.

– Pick the right kind of support for your mattress and keep it proper. Unbalanced support can cause a mattress to wear down in certain areas. Check the support at least once in a year

– Wash the bedsheets, comforters, pillow covers and everything you keep on the bed regularly. Dirty sheets can cause the mattress to gather dust mites and attract bacteria

– You can also use a mattress protector since most of them are waterproof and can protect your mattress from dirt or debris

– Kids often get scolded by mothers for jumping on beds. Turns out, mother knows best. The constant jumping can cause the mattress to wear down more quickly

– No matter the material or type, it has proven quite beneficial to rotate a mattress now and then. It helps even out the wear

– Experts suggest letting a mattress soak in the sunlight once in a while, even those deserve a tan! After every two months or so, strip your mattress and take it out on a dry and sunny day. It will reduce dust mites and prevent bacteria

– For the cleaning process, vacuum your bed whenever you get the chance. If there are any stains, some soapy water should do the trick. Avoid using any harsh cleaning products on your bed or mattress since it can damage the surface. When you bring your mattress out to the sunlight, dust it off as much as possible

– Keep your mattress dry at all times

Follow these steps to prolong your mattress’s life. With proper care, a mattress should be able to provide years of service.

Final Thoughts

A mattress isn’t something one buys frequently so you need to be extra careful in choosing one. Consider all your options, line them up with what you prefer and then make your purchase.


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