Massage Chair in Singapore

Top 5 Massage Chair in Singapore

Our bodies often get overworked, which can cause pain or discomfort to arrive in certain areas. To get rid of the tensed muscles and knots, a massage chair is a perfect appliance. Many people get in touch with a masseuse or a masseur get relief from the aching muscles. Instead of consulting someone else for help, you can help yourself by having a massage chair at home.

A massage chair is designed to work as a massage therapist. It uses a combination of massage rollers and airbags to massage your body. Using a massage chair can increase your blood circulation, reduce back pain and lower your stress levels. Ready to buy massage chair? Here are the best massage chair in Singapore!



1) OSIM uDiva 2 Massage Chair

1-OSIM uDiva 2 Massage Chair

This chair comes with 8 different modes for you to enjoy different types of massages. The normal sofa mode is when the chair looks like any other chair and you can enjoy a cup of coffee while a steady massage session is going on. There’s a leg massage mode where convertible footrest comes out of the bottom part of the chair. The other modes include ottoman, back massage, upright full massage, lounger and reclined full massage.

With these different modes, the chair can focus on a certain muscle or just provide an overall massage, whichever you require. This chair is one of a kind.

Price: S$2500 range

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2) Miuvo MiuDivine V3 Massage Chair

2-Miuvo MiuDivine V3 Massage Chair

This massage chair can provide you with a personalized massage experience with its body scan technology that can detect your height and set the optimum settings. The zero-gravity recline position can put your body at maximum relaxation mode, making you feel like you’re flying. This chair increases overall blood circulation, removes fatigue from thighs and legs, eliminates tension in the lower back and relieves you from any shoulder and neck pain.

Comprehensive airbags wrap around the muscles to power-squeeze and effectively alleviate pain from the muscles. The USB charging port is provided so you can use your electronic devices in the chair and the wireless remote controller makes it easier to adjust the settings.

Price: S$2000 range

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3) Miuvo MiuDelight V2 Massage Chair

3-Miuvo MiuDelight V2 Massage Chair

Available in 3 different colors, this massage chair has 4 different massage styles to choose from (Shiatsu, Tui-na rolling, Thai swing-step and taping massage). You can enjoy these unique sensations in 3D massage mode where you will feel as if a massage therapist is relieving you of stress. The chair also comes with Bluetooth audio on the headrest so you can relax listening to your favorite tunes.

The infrared heating technology provides you with hot stones therapy that can circulate more blood through the veins. Air compression from side airbags is ideal for relieving the pressure from your hips and waist after a long day of sitting at a desk. If you want to enjoy different massage styles right in the comfort of your home, this chair might be the perfect purchase.

Price: S$1500 range

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4) OSIM uDivine Mini Massage Chair

4-OSIM uDivine Mini Massage Chair

Enjoy the perfect massage with dual massage mechanism and long massage coverage that provides you with the ultimate comfort. Different auto massage programs are available to choose from according to your preferences. Different auto massage programs are installed as well.

A combination of kneading, tapping and rolling can be customized for your desired massage technique. You can adjust the width of the roller massage based on your target massage area. The control panel is easily operable so you can separate controls for your different muscles to enjoy a perfect session.  

Price: S$1000 range

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5) Guohen Home Automatic Capsule Massage Chair

5-Guohen Home Automatic Capsule Massage Chair

This capsule-sized chair comes with a 3D detection that can scan your body shape to design the optimum massage session. The frequency conversion technology reduces energy consumption. With intelligent timing mode, you can set time for your massage sessions just like in a massage place or spa.

4D induction massage hand simulates the feeling of being massaged by a therapist. The zero-gravity mode is provided to keep your body in a comfortable position. The 4 wheels at the bottom of the chair have a fast-lock system and are easy to move around. Instead of any complex control panel or even remote control, one-press buttons are provided on the side to make adjustments easily.

Price: S$800 range

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Massage Chair Maintenance Guide

A massage chair can last a lifetime with proper maintenance. Since a massage chair is made of either fabric or leather, you need to clean it with care. Focus on the areas your skin comes directly in contact with, the headrest where your hair comes in contact and the seat which can get soaked because of your sweating. To clean the chair:

– Remove any removable parts to clean those pieces separately

– Vacuum or dust off any dirt that you can see in the nooks and crannies

– Put mild soap in water to clean the surface of the chair. Avoid using any harsh or acidic cleaning solutions as it can damage your chair

– Make sure to use a spray bottle or sprinkle the water as it will dry faster

– After you’re done sprinkling, use a clean, damp cloth to rub the fabric dry. Don’t let the soapy solution dry on the surface

– Then wipe the chair again with a damp cloth to get rid of any residual soapy solution

– Leave the chair to dry off and refrain from putting back the removed pieces until they are completely dry

If your chair is made of leather instead of fabric, use leather oil or normal coconut oil after you’re done cleaning. This will keep the leather from cracking and will give your chair a soft and shiny look.

For any malfunction, take your chair to the service center and get it checked. Replace any parts if necessary.

In conclusion, a massage chair can be considered as a means for luxury and comfort. But you need it just as much as you need other household appliances. A well-adjusted massage session at your chair can eliminate all the stress of the day and make give you the boost of energy you need to face the next day. Best of luck with your purchase.


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