Kitchen Hood in Singapore

Top 5 Kitchen Hood in Singapore

What’s in a kitchen hood? When do you need it? A kitchen hood is not a minor investment. When you move into a new house, you look forward to designing it to your heart’s content. You shop for appliances that serve as a necessity and accessory for your home. A kitchen hood is an item that ensures proper ventilation to keep you healthy and it also brings a certain class into your kitchen.

Before going shopping for a kitchen hood, make sure you study the market to get a proper idea. To help you with the process, look at these 5 kitchen hoods that we picked out and see if your “the one” is among them.



1) EF Kitchen 90cm Designer Cooker Hood CK-Vetro Plus

1-EF Kitchen 90cm Designer Cooker Hood CK-Vetro Plus

At first, let’s talk about a potential candidate for your kitchen who is both classy and proficient. CK-Vetro Plus from EF Kitchen helps reduce the moisture and oil that originates while you cook with its speed of 4 different fans. Sometimes the stovetop might create a lot of pollution but, you won’t have to worry about that if you have the CK-Vetro Plus as it can recirculate the air in your kitchen to maintain safety.

If you are keen to cook at the dead of night, the CK-Vetro Plus is the right product for you. With two halogen lights, this kitchen hood makes cooking a fun adventure for you.

Price: S$600 range

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2) Tecno Kitchen Hood/ TH930-3M

2-Tecno Kitchen Hood TH930-3M

Tecno’s kitchen hood generates a strong and even suction with its triple motors. There is no shortage of features for this kitchen hood because it has different speed intuitive controls. The TH930-3M can remove grease with the assistance of aluminum filters and help the kitchen hood stand out. The airflow rate is strong enough to compete with the most effective kitchen hoods.

It contains charcoal filters that remove all the bad smells from the kitchen. So, it is only a matter of time before the TH930-3M ranks best among the most effective kitchen hoods.

Price: S$500 range

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3) EF Kitchen 90cm Conventional Cooker Hood Power Slim 90SS

3-EF Kitchen 90cm Conventional Cooker Hood Power Slim 90SS

EF Kitchen’s Power Slim 90SS has several features, placing it high in the market. Firstly, the Power Slim 90SS has distinct fan speeds to make the kitchen hood flexible. Secondly, it comes with charcoal filters that remove the odor after you cook. There are other aluminum filters as well that maintains the kitchen’s ambiance.

This kitchen hood makes sure you are never disturbed while cooking with its noise level lower than 59 decibels. Finally, it contains two LED lights to make cooking a fun activity at night.

Price: S$400 range

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4) EF Kitchen Cooker Hood EFCH 9202

4-EF Kitchen Cooker Hood EFCH 9202

EF Kitchen’s cooker hood comes with twin motors. This kitchen hood’s suction power is considered to be a complete game-changer. It is chrome steel in color, giving your kitchen a professional look. There are a few other features that are usually unavailable in other kitchen hoods within an equivalent price range.

For instance, the recirculation mode of EFCH 9202 draws the steam in while removing the grease. The charcoal and grease filter is beneficial to the cause and helps to redirect clean air into the kitchen. So, not only do you get your money’s worth but guests are going to praise you.

Price: S$300 range

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5) Tecno 90cm Kitchen Hood / TH 913T

5-Tecno 90cm Kitchen Hood TH 913T

Tecno has a diverse range of kitchen hoods for you to settle on from. The TH 913T is out there in two colors: stainless steel and black. It has an instant activation switch alongside other features. It comes with 3-ply filters made from aluminum.

With the help of these filters, it becomes easy to get rid of grease once you finish cooking. Additionally, the TH 913T contains charcoal filters that eliminate odors. This kitchen hood is slim and adds to the kitchen’s overall beauty. Finally, its suction capacity is quite high, leading to smart investment on the buyer’s part.

Price: S$200 range

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Kitchen Hood Maintenance Guide

A kitchen hood protects you from steam, smoke, heat by engulfing it all. It ensures your sound health so, it’s only fair that you do the same. Since the kitchen hood takes in all the pollution for itself, the fan inside attracts a lot of grease. Food molecules can get stuck inside the duct, causing it to stink if not cleaned for too long.

Cleaning a kitchen hood can be a strenuous job, so it’s okay for you to clean it once a month. A clean and fully functional kitchen hood is optimum for the safety of your family as a malfunctioning one can cause a fire to occur. That’s why it’s important to clean and maintain it. Another most vital reason for a house fire to start is cooking. At times, kitchen hoods are responsible for this life-threatening incident. To prevent this from happening, follow these instructions:

  • When you notice the hood being unable to clear out the smoke even with the best settings on, it indicates that your filter may have been clogged with grease and needs immediate cleaning
  • If the motor makes unusual sound, it’s important to check it for problems. If the motor is overworked or broken, it can cause your kitchen hood to malfunction
  • It is sensible to clean the outer portion of the hood every day with a clean cloth so that it will be less oil-coated
  • Make sure that the product you use for cleaning the kitchen hood is a non-greasing one and won’t attract any dust

Proper and regular maintenance of your kitchen hood are highly advisable for the safety and sound health of you and your family. A clean and efficient kitchen hood makes your entire kitchen shine brighter.

To conclude, hopefully, this article provided you with some insight that can be beneficial for your kitchen hood shopping. Consider your budget, product quality, features, and a trusted seller before making a purchase. Pick the one you feel will represent your household in the best way possible.


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