Kitchen Hob in Singapore

Top 5 Kitchen Hob in Singapore

Kitchen hobs play a modern twist on old-school gas stoves. Kitchen hobs are sleek in design and come in a myriad of finishes starting from stainless steel to glass. If you are planning to renovate your kitchen in a contemporary style, kitchen hobs need to be in your buying list. These hobs include a variety of features, such as pulse ignition or multi-flame burners, which make cooking easier. Since the kitchen is the social hub of any household and is used several times a day, the hob is an important piece of equipment to have. The type of the hob you buy will depend on the stove and the position you want to place your hob. 

Here are some of the products you need to take a look at!



1) 2x Burner Inner Flame Glass Hob- RB2GI by Rinnai

1-2 Burner Inner Flame Glass Hob- RB2GI by Rinnai

This 2 Burner Inner Flame Glass Hob design by Rinnai calls for your attention. This hob is perfect for you if you are aiming for a minimalistic approach in your kitchen. It comes with perfect flame control and you can adjust it to deep fry your chicken or sauté your vegetables. This burner also ensures less heat loss and as a result, saves energy and your cooking time. The flames are also isolated in the burner to ensure it is protected from any surrounding airflow.

Price: S$1000 range

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2) Built-In Kitchen Hob by Tecno

2-Built-In Kitchen Hob by Tecno

This multi-model offer brings to you Tok Wok burners, Inferno Wok burner, Triple Ring Wok burner as well as many others with a variable valve system control. All of these are made of aluminum and have well enforced brass burner cups. The knobs are made of Bakelite which has a battery-operated ignition along with a safety valve that allows you to operate it without worry. The stainless-steel finish elevates the design of your kitchen too!

Price: S$700 range

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3) Stainless Steel Built-In Hob by Izola

3-Stainless Steel Built-In Hob by Izola

This other product by Izola deserved a special mention too. The best part about this product by Izola is that it comes in many sizes and offers you a one-year guarantee. You only need to think about three things before buying this product- the size of your countertop, the number of burners you need and the type of burners you want. This single touch electronic ignition equipment has a flame failure device. You can pick between either aluminum or copper burners. This hob has a strong cast iron pan and a stainless-steel finishing so you know it can take the weight of your meals.

Price: S$600 range

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4) Triple Ring Built-In Hob by EF Kitchen

4-Triple Ring Built-In Hob by EF Kitchen

You can configure one to five triple ring burners in this built-in hob according to your cooking needs! A safety device is installed in this hob which automatically cuts off the gas every time a flame is accidentally extinguished. The burner base is also fully sealed so you do not have to worry about any spills. It has a battery ignition and the cast iron is supported by safety devices. These simple yet practical features in this hob make it ideal for any cooking style.

Price: S$500 range

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5) Induction Hob by Kenwood

5-Induction Hob by Kenwood

This sleek ceramic glass hob is perfect if you have a small family or need an extra burner for a large one! This hob has a touch sensor control and pre-set cooking programs that makes it easy to operate. Its compact size takes up minimal space and can be easily stored elsewhere if you need the workplace for other uses. Are you wondering if it has any unique features? Yes, it does! The induction hob has this boil dry protection that automatically switches off the burner when it senses no water remains in the pot or pan. 

Price: S$125 range

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Kitchen Hob Guide

A well-maintained hob will last you years! And when it comes to maintaining it, cleaning your hob is one of the ways to ensure its longevity. So how often should you clean it? You are recommended to wipe your hob after every use because it removes any stains before it begins to set. A thorough cleaning should be done at least once a week, especially if you make use of your kitchen daily. If you have a spillage, remember to soak it up with a material first to avoid an even larger mess. 

You have to use the right materials while cleaning your hob. Simply dipping the cloth in warm water and wiping the surface will not remove the stubborn stains and smudges. You should use sponges to work on them and use a scrubber for the more persistent ones. Once you are done with both and are satisfied with your work, wipe the surface down to remove any remaining stains and specks of dirt. 

If you have an induction hob with a touch control operation system, then the cleaning process is fairly easy for you. But a gas hob requires some work. You need to remove any adjustable hob plates, griddle or attachments and clean them separately. 

Every kitchen hob comes with a manual and sometimes requires special maintenance methods. Let the manual guide you through the process. You should never leave an appliance like this unattended while using it. You should also avoid placing any heavy objects or utensils on it. Never use a kitchen hob with the intention of keeping your rooms warm! Pay special attention to any heat indicators and keep children away from the kitchen while cooking. 

To sum it up, every kitchen undoubtedly requires a hob. You should select one which suits you and your interior design the best! 


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