Home Security Camera in Singapore

Top 5 Home Security Camera in Singapore

Security is not a notion to be taken lightly. No matter which area you live in- urban or country, you need to be cautious when it comes to the safety of your household. You may not be able to hire a security team to watch over your family, but you can have a capable alternative. Security cameras come with a lot of cool features nowadays. They can work tirelessly to monitor your house to make sure you won’t get any surprise visits from any intruders.

A lot of security cameras are available in the market with different features and in different price ranges. Choosing one among them might be a bit tricky, but that’s where we can help. You can see a list of 5 security cameras below, all of which are capable of watching over your household 24/7. Feel free to take a look.



1) 360 D819 Smart Home Security CCTV Camera

1-360 D819 Smart Home Security CCTV Camera

With a 162-degree wide field of view, the camera can easily cover a room. It can serve as a doorbell as well as a camera. You can place it on your front door since there is a “ring” button at the bottom. It has a built-in microphone so you can communicate with the person on the other side of the camera. The camera has an infrared vision for better image quality at night. There is an AI face recognition software in the camera that can detect people who often visit your house and save their facial features. You can save them by name so the camera can detect when they visit you and send an alert.

Price: S$180 range

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2) Aztech Blink Home Security One System Camera

2-Aztech Blink Home Security One System Camera

The camera provides live feed at 720p that you can access from any smart device with the help of the Blink app. The camera has a microphone built into it so you can communicate with whoever is on the other side of the camera. The camera sends an alert on the connected smart device when it detects anyone moving in front of the camera. You can see the live recording, and the video starts getting recorded for future references. The camera works great even in low light situations with its LED illuminator that controls the noise levels to produce as clear images as possible.

Price: S$130 range

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3) YI Outdoor Security Camera

3-YI Outdoor Security Camera

This camera can produce 1080p images day and night. It’s weatherproof so you can put it indoors as well as outdoors. The camera comes with a 3-meter long cable so you can easily mount it around the house. The enhanced vision of the camera helps maintain the image quality at night. With its 110-degree field of view, the camera can cover quite a large area. It has a speaker built-in that can send instant alerts as soon as it detects anything moving in front of it. But the motion-detecting sensor is intelligent enough to reduce the rate of false alarms by detecting movements which are more likely to be dangerous.

Price: S$100 range

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4) Mi Home Security Camera

4-Mi Home Security Camera

With a 360-degree field of view, the camera can cover the maximum area with its lenses and produce 1080p images. It has a vertical view of 96-degree. The AI motion-detecting sensors in the camera send you alerts as soon as it catches any suspicious movements. The camera has a microphone so you can communicate with whoever is on the other side. Even in low light conditions, the camera produces a clear image in full colors. Most of the cameras provide black and white footage at night but, not this one. The camera can rotate silently with its quiet motor.

Price: S$70 range

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5) Tuya Smart Home Security Camera

5-Tuya Smart Home Security Camera

Compact and lightweight, this camera has a field of view of 360-degree. It can produce 1080p images and has a night vision for working in the dark. It also has a motion detector that can track activities and send alerts. You can connect any of your smart devices with the camera to receive those alerts and to manage the camera better. The camera comes with a 128GB memory card that can record videos for ten days. It can also be connected to the cloud storage for extended space.

Price: S$30 range

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Home Security Camera Maintenance Guide

Keep a soft cloth at hand to casually wipe over the camera every now and then. It doesn’t matter whether the camera is placed on the inside of the house or the house; it’s bound to collect a layer of dust.

You can use a compressed air can blow on the lenses of the camera to keep the smudges to a minimum. Otherwise, the images may get blurry. Make sure to use a lint-free cloth for cleaning the camera.

If your camera is waterproof, then you can place it outside and can use damp clothes for cleaning. But if it’s not waterproof, you need to check whether there’s any water on the housing since it can cause damage.

If the camera runs on battery, check the percentage and make sure they’re charged. Change the batteries after the recommended usage. If the camera needs cables to be connected with any power outlet, make sure the cable is functioning, and the power supplies are all topnotch.

Check the storage and video recordings every week. These cameras can often be connected to cloud storage, which makes it easier for you to manage the footage it records. But if it has an SD card, you need to make sure it has enough space left for the next recording.

Keep your camera clean and well-maintained for the best experiences. Try to clean it every day to keep the dust collecting to a minimum. You can also un-mount it once a month for a thorough cleaning. Then you can use cleaning products to scrub over the surface but, don’t use anything too harsh.

Final Thoughts

The list is meant to provide information on the products, so you get a clear idea about how they work. We hope it succeeded and you know which security camera you want for your house.


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