Garment Steamer in Singapore

Top 5 Garment Steamer in Singapore

Forget wearing wrinkled and creased clothes when you have the ultimate solution. Instead of using conventional irons, use a garment steamer on your clothes to keep them perfectly in place and crease-free. A steamer uses water to heat up and turn it into steam to blast that steam through a nozzle into clothes. It relaxes the fibers and removes any visible wrinkles.

Steamers are lighter and easier to use. With irons, the process of smoothing a fabric is harsh, so you have to be careful about the types of clothes you put under an iron. You cannot use iron on delicate fabrics as it can damage the fibers and might fail to get rid of any stubborn odors. But with a steamer, you can easily remove wrinkles from the most delicate clothes without any worries. Here is a list with 5 garment steamers to give you more insight about this appliance.



1) Tefal IT9500 Expert Precision Garment Steamer

1-Tefal IT9500 Expert Precision Garment Steamer

Enjoy a comfortable one-handed steaming system with vertical support from Tefal garment steamer. The vertical support system is not just comfortable, but it saves up storage as well. The precision shot provides spot-on steam on selected areas of the fabric. A fast heat-up of 45 seconds makes your steaming faster. It’s suitable to use on any garment with no risk of any burning or damaging your clothes. There are large wheels at the bottom for easy mobility and a pair of robust poles provide more stability while steaming.

Enjoy premium quality steaming with this premium-level product.

Price: S$200 range

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2) Tefal IT3440 Instant Compact Garment Steamer

2-Tefal IT3440 Instant Compact Garment Steamer

This garment steamer comes with 3 different levels of steam for different kinds of fabrics. The levels are set from thickest fabrics to the most delicate ones. You can steam all of your clothes conveniently with upright support without any ironing board. The metal head steamer is extra-large for précised steaming shots. A removable water tank of 1.5L is provided for continuous steaming. It takes about 45 seconds for the water to heat up and for you to start a steaming session.

This product sterilizes your clothes as well as steaming them to perfection. The De-calc solution prevents the metal head from receiving water scales and you can enjoy long-lasting steaming facilities from this steamer.

Price: S$150 range

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3) PHILIPS GC514 | GC518 | GC524 Easy Touch Garment Steamer

3-PHILIPS GC514 - GC518 - GC524 Easy Touch Garment Steamer

Enjoy fast and comfortable steaming sessions with this easy-touch steamer from Philips. The steamer takes about a minute to heat up. You can use tap water in the 1.6L detachable water tank for continuous steaming at a shot of 32grams per minute. Three different steaming levels are available depending on the type of fabric you will be using. You can steam soft and delicate fabrics like silk as well. With the adjustable pole and hanger, steam your clothes in the most comfortable way possible. The silicone steam hose and anti-scaling of your steamer prolong its life by a stretch.

Price: S$100 range

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4) Aerogaz Garment Steamer

4-Aerogaz Garment Steamer

Remove any wrinkles from your clothes easily with this garment steamer from Aerogaz. The 2.8L water tank can provide a continuous steaming session of 80 minutes and it heats up in less than 45 seconds. The hot steam effectively removes any odor that might linger on your clothes and makes them sterilized.

Avoid excessive energy consumption with the auto shut-off system where the steamer will turn off if it is overheated or if the tank is empty. It effectively removes unwanted threads and lint from your clothes to make them seem as good as new. Enjoy convenient vertical steaming at a moderate price.

Price: S$50 range

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5) Harumi Garment Steamer

5-Harumi Garment Steamer

This multi-functional steamer comes with a 1L tank that can provide a 30-minute continuous steaming session every time. The double-layered steam pipe provides better heat insulation and the high heat is effective in killing any germs or bacteria lingering on your clothes. You can clean not just your clothes, but curtains, carpets, sofas, soft toys, etc. as well. The power cuts off when the tank is empty or if there is a risk of overheating to ensure less energy consumption and provide better safety measures.

Effectively steam your clothes at three different steam settings and enjoy the privileges that come with this multifunctional and effective garment steamer.

Price: S$30 range

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Garment Steamer Maintenance Guide

The main issue a garment steamer faces is the scaling of water over a long period of usage. It’s better to use distilled water as it reduces the scaling a lot. With proper maintenance and care, a garment steamer can provide years of service.

At first, unplug the steamer and empty the water tank. Use a solution of vinegar and distilled water to fill the tank. Use 1/3 of vinegar but you can increase the dosage if there is heavy scaling visible on the steamer. Then turn on the steamer and allow it to steam the vinegar solution until the tank is half empty. Leave the remaining water to cool down and when it does, dispose of it. Use a soft brush to clean the outer area of the steamer. If the steaming nozzle feels clogged or the steam seems weak, run the same process a few times. After emptying the tank, let it dry on its own and wipe the rest of the steamer with a dry cloth. When all the parts are clean and dry, put them back together and store the steamer away.

Be sure to avoid getting water in any of the electrical components while you clean. Try to get into the habit of cleaning your steamer on a regular basis.

In conclusion, using a steamer for wrinkle-free clothes is better than using conventional irons. You can steam all types of clothes and sterilize them along the process, getting rid of stains and odors. Hopefully, our list provided you with enough information to help make a decision on which steamer to purchase.


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