Foot Massager in Singapore

Top 5 Foot Massager in Singapore

Our feet undergo a lot of pressure and stress during the day so it’s only fair that they receive some care. The best way to loosen up your stiffened muscles is through a massage. That’s why the massage and spa business is flourishing day by day. But you might not have enough time for a spa or massage session every time your muscles feel stiff. So the best option would be to own a massager. Since a massage chair can cost a huge chunk of money, you can opt for a foot massager as your feet is the most overworked part of your body.

Take a look at the list of 5 foot and leg massagers we put together. All of them are capable of driving the stress away from your feet. Just pick one and enjoy massage sessions right at home anytime you want.



1) Wonderlegs Leg and Foot Massager

1-Wonderlegs Leg and Foot Massager

With its 2-in-1 facilities, enjoy 2 different massage modes with a single product. Reduce soreness from your feet as well as your calves with its air-pressure massage system. The foot and plantar heel rollers inside circulate the blood through every vein in your feet to provide a deep, sensational massage session. You can transfer it from leg massager to foot massager in an instant and the compact folding makes storing the massager more convenient. Managing the massager is a piece of cake with the simple control panel on top.

Price: S$350 range

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2) Xiaomi Momoda 3-In-1 Electric Foot Massager

2-Xiaomi Momoda 3-In-1 Electric Foot Massager

This modern and convenient massager has 3 different massage modes and stages to offer. Choose your preferred option with a single push of a button. Among the different modes, hot compress massage therapy is also available but that doesn’t mean you’ll have to wait for it. The massager takes only 20 seconds to heat up. With its 360-degree rotation mode, embrace every part of your leg and foot to experience optimum comfort. The simple ingenious design of the massager doesn’t require you to store it away. It can be used as a piece of extra furniture in your living room or bedroom.

Price: S$250 range

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3) Aleyong Leg Foot Massager

3-Aleyong Leg Foot Massager

This massager comes in two beautiful colors, red and white. Enjoy a 3D massage on your feet and calf. The cloth inside can be removed and washed separately. You can adjust the height of the massager according to your comfort. The machine is made of eco-friendly products and the cloth is wear-resistant so you can expect it to be quite durable. Enjoy 3 different massage stages with a single product including infrared heating that increases blood circulation. It’s easy to use with single switch functionality and a safety switch is included as well, which will shut the massager off after being plugged in for 15 minutes.

Price: S$200 range

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4) Miuvo Foot Delight Foot Massager

4-Miuvo Foot Delight Foot Massager

Coming with 3 auto-massage programs, this machine can provide you with a massage session as effective if not more as a massage therapist. You can select from 3 auto-massage programs according to your needs and also control the intensity level. The unique Heel Massage Airbag can soothe your aching heels in an instant that can help you sleep better. It also massages your toes to provide a soothing feeling all over your feet. The specially designed foot-roller massage relieves any lingering pain one can experience from standing and walking too long. Enjoy a comforting massage session after a tiring day and be instantly recharged to face the next one.

Price: S$150 range

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5) UNIX MX-3500 Foot/Leg Massager

5-UNIX MX-3500 Foot-Leg Massager

Although it’s different from other foot massagers, it’s just as effective and comes at a lower price. You can manually run it over your aching heels and calves to get rid of the stiffened muscles. The handle is comfortable and has an easy-grip, the power button is right over the handle for convenience along with the control switch that can adjust the intensity level of the massage. The massage bars are detachable and different bars are provided so you can enjoy different types of massages. Since it’s a manual massager, you can use it to massage not just your feet but any muscle in your body.

Price: S$100 range

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Foot Massager Maintenance Guide

To continue receiving amazing massage sessions from your foot massager, take proper care, and clean it regularly. When cleaning, focus on the area inside more as that part comes in contact with your feet all the time and it is quite likely the dirtiest among the entire massager.

If there are any detachable parts, remove them beforehand and clean them separately. Use a vacuum cleaner to any dust that might be coating the massager. Make sure you cover the tightest spots. Take a soft sponge and dip it in warm soapy water before scrubbing over the massager. You can use separate sponges for the outside and inside portions. Don’t use any harsh cleaning products as it may damage the surface. Avoid getting water directly into the massager as it may damage the electric circuits. Use another clean sponge or cloth to wipe over the damp places as soon as you are done scrubbing with the soapy sponges. Wipe the massager one last time with a mildly damp cloth to get rid of any residual soapy water. Let the massager and the removed parts air dry properly before putting them all back together and store it away until your next use.

If you notice any slight malfunction in your massager, take it to the service center and figure out the source of the issue. Replace any parts if necessary and replace the massager if it’s beyond repair.


Say goodbye to the weekly massage sessions that will continue to take up your time and money. Get a massager today and enjoy spa-like sessions right at home. We hope our list provided you with enough information to help decide on a purchase.


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