Food Steamer in Singapore

Top 5 Food Steamer in Singapore

Food steamer, also known as a steam cooker is an appliance that is used to prepare food with the help of steam heat. You put in water with your food that evaporates into steam which the steamer holds to cook the food in. The cooking time of a steamer depends on the type of ingredients you put in. This method of cooking is quite popular as it’s proven to keep the nutrients mostly intact and also lock in the flavors.

Many health-conscious individuals are moving towards steamers rather than stovetops or other cookers. Food steamers are capable of providing you with all the nutritional benefits you’d expect from your daily intake of food. Considering you want to get a food steamer for yourself, we made this list of 5 steamers with different features to give you a better idea about its functions. Ready to buy food steamer? Here are the best food steamer in Singapore!



1) Cornell CFSEL20L / 25L electric food steamer

1-Cornell CFSEL20L - 25L electric food steamer

This 25L steamer from Cornell has an extra-large capacity to store your food. It has 3 stackable steam trays with 2 detachable tray bases so you can keep different food inside at the same time. The dual-heaters inside has a frame ring design that’s energy-efficient while also providing rapid heat. A 60-minute timer is installed for you to set according to your dish.

The water window lets you put in water without opening the steamer. This steamer is proficient in preparing a complete meal with the multi-layered storage units.

Price: S$120 range

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2) Tefal VC1451 Stainless Steel Food Steamer

2-Tefal VC1451 Stainless Steel Food Steamer

The stainless-steel exterior makes this steamer from Tefal quite durable while also giving it a shiny finish. It has a capacity of 6L and the water level is visible so you don’t run the risk of over pouring. The timer has an automatic switch-off system that turns the steamer off as soon as the cooking is done. The lid has a little spout so you can fill water in without opening the steamer.

It’s easy to operate, has higher durability than conventional steamers and is energy efficient. If those features fulfill all your quotas, then check this steamer out before purchasing one.

Price: S$100 range

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3) Rommelsbacher Food Steamer DGS 855

3-Rommelsbacher Food Steamer DGS 855

This multi-layered steamer has a turbo-speed steam generator that quickens your cooking time. The bottom of each layer is removable for you to have larger cooking chambers. The exterior is made of high-quality clear plastic that lets you see the inside. You can check water levels and refill as required.

A 99-minute timer is installed along with an LCD. The steamer has 6 different programs to choose from according to your dish. A keep-warm function can keep your food warm for several hours even after it’s unplugged. An acoustic signal goes off once the program is complete.

Price: S$100 range

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4) EuropAce 3-Tier Food Steamer EFS-A121

4-EuropAce 3-Tier Food Steamer EFS-A121

This 2-in-1 food steamer sterilizes your food so you can eat healthily and safely. A blue illuminating indicator light on the adjustable dial gives it a sleek look. The steamer can also be controlled with a remote from afar. A removable drip tray is present to take out any excess water that leaked.

Aside from these, you have all the general features like a water gauge, a 60-minute timer, an alert system for when the cooking is done, a water tank with a capacity of 1.1L and a multi-layered storage compartment which has removable bottoms. So, if you want a steamer with all the basic functions and a few extra features that give it a more modern touch, this is the one for you. 

Price: S$100 range

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5) Mini Rice Cooker Electric Lunch Box Pressure Food Steamer Portable

5-Mini Rice Cooker Electric Lunch Box Pressure Food Steamer Portable

With many different colors to choose from, this mini steamer cooker has two stainless-steel bowls. You can use it to heat your food and also cook it with steam. There’s a simple on-off switch on the outside. The bowls have a sealed cover to entrap the steam.

The whole cooker has a thick host body that has a handle. You can easily carry it anywhere like a bag. Its high mobility and lightweight makes it ideal for carrying it in places like office and school. You can enjoy freshly cooked food any time you want. This food steamer cum lunch box is super affordable as well as being practical.

Price: S$20 range

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Maintenance Guide for Food Steamer

If you want your food steamer to continue providing you with tasty and healthy food, keep it properly maintained to avoid any malfunctions. Let’s see how you can keep your steamer functional on your own.

After you’re done using the steamer, remove the food and empty the water chamber. Leave the steamer open to cool off completely. You can soak the steamer in a big bowl or just fill your sink with water. Use warm water and soap and then soak the steamer. Do not use any harsh cleaning products as it can damage the steamer exterior. Soak it for a few minutes. This will loosen any food particles that might be stuck on the body of the steamer. Make sure to keep the cord, base and plug out of the water in case it’s an electrical steamer.

It’s better to soak just the container and drip tray if it’s an electric steamer. If any water seeps into the electric compounds, your steamer can short-circuit. If your steamer is suitable for the dishwasher, just put it in the washer to be cleaned. After it’s cleaned, use a soft and dry cloth to wipe off the excess water. Leave the washed parts out to air dry completely before storing it or using it again.

In case of malfunctions, take your steamer for servicing and replace compartments or the steamer if necessary.

To conclude, food steamers are taking over the cooking appliance market because of their efficiency and ability to provide healthier food. Hopefully, this article provided you enough information to help decide on whether to buy a food steamer or not. Before making a purchase, surf the market well and pick out the one according to your taste and budget.


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