Fishing Rod in Singapore

Top 5 Fishing Rod in Singapore

Fishing is more of a hobby than a habit. Many people indulge in this hobby for some quality time with nature. There are also a lot of people who consider this activity as a bonding session with their children or friends. Whatever the intention or occasion, a fishing trip can never be successful without a quality fishing rod.

After scouring the market, we have found 5 fishing rods and put them in the list below. These rods have different outlooks and come from different price ranges. If you’re in need of a fishing rod for your next fishing trip, you should take a look at the list below.



1) Yuyang Progi M Reel Fishing Rod

1-Yuyang Progi M Reel Fishing Rod

This stunning rod is 5.3 meters in length and when it’s folded, the length is 114cm. It’s pretty easy to carry with the weight being only 175 grams. You can use it for fishing on any water. The rod gives a very comfortable grip on the hand since the diameter is only 19mm. The line can be adjusted as you extend the length of the rod into 5 sections. It has a metal body with a shiny finish. So if you’re looking for a premium fishing experience, you can consider this stylish fishing rod for your next fishing trip.

Price: S$300 range

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2) MTF Prairie Silo Fort Surf Stand 30-420 Reel Fishing Rod

2-MTF Prairie Silo Fort Surf Stand 30-420 Reel Fishing Rod

The length of this fishing rod is 4.2 meters and it weighs 448grams. It’s slightly heavier than usual rods but is extra durable. It can be folded into a length of 113cm and the node is divided into 4 sections. You can use this rod for fishing in saltwater or freshwater. Target fish species for this rod is considered to be carp, eel, flatfish, rockfish, the black sea bream, etc. It has a soft cover on the handle which ensures a stronger and extremely comfortable grip.

Price: S$150 range

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3) Silver Star Silver Silstar Dynamic Carbon Dawn 1-43 Reel Fishing Rod

3-Silver Star Silver Silstar Dynamic Carbon Dawn 1-43 Reel Fishing Rod

This is a sturdy and quite durable fishing rod with a length of 4.22 meters. The weight is 190 grams and is well-balanced to provide a better hold on the rod. You can use it for not just normal fishing, but also breakwater fishing. You can fish for some black sea bream, bushley or horse mackerel with this rod and enjoy a good meal. The rod comes with a quality reel that makes the fishing experience better. The overall design is pretty slick and it can be a great addition to your fishing tools.

Price: S$100 range

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4) Goldfish 5.4m Fresh Fishing Rod

4-Goldfish 5.4m Fresh Fishing Rod

If you’re looking for an efficient fishing rod at a moderate price, you might consider this one. The rod is 5.4 meters in length but very light at only 158 grams. So you can be sure to have a well-balanced rod in your hands to pull those stubborn lures in. The folded length is only 73cm. You can go fishing in freshwater and saltwater with this rod with some good bait. Because of its spread out the weight and well-built body, you will have a good grip on the handle.

Price: S$50 range

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5) Best Selling Retractable 2.1m Fishing Rod

5-Best Selling Retractable 2.1m Fishing Rod

This rod is made from glass fiber. With a durable body, it has very good elasticity. The rod is capable of taking heavy lures. It’s 2.1 meters in length when extended and can be retracted into 62cm. The length can be adjusted into 5 different sections. Its retractable body and only 200 grams of weight make it very convenient to carry around. You can use this rod to fish on reefs or from the shore. It can be a perfect companion on your holidays and lakeside trips.

Price: S$20 range

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Fishing Rod Maintenance Guide

Considering you’re fond of fishing, your fishing rod needs to be in good condition at all times for you to enjoy your scheduled fishing trips. You can follow these steps to ensure your fishing rid stays well-maintained.

You should clean your rod after every use, whether you’ve dipped it in lakewater or seawater. You can use a soft cloth or a sponge to scrub over the rod properly. Make sure you maintain the weight your rod is designed to handle, do not use it for heavier lures than as instructed by the manufacturer.

The reel is the most important part of your fishing rod and needs to most care. To keep it from rusting and in its topmost condition, you need to be extra caring. You should apply oil and grease to your reels before every use. The rotor, handle, level, roller- make sure all these parts are properly oiled and add grease to the gearings. This will make your fishing experience a lot smoother and keep the rod in a better condition for a very long time.

After each use, make sure you wash the reel with warm water and brush away all the dirt. Dry it off completely before storing the rod away. The lines should be tightly packed in the reels to prevent them from being tangled in knots. You should replace the lines in your fishing rod at least once a year if you fancy a fishing trip on most holidays. Otherwise, the line might break off while fishing.

Since we’ve established the importance of the reel, it doesn’t mean you’ll overlook the maintenance of other parts of your rod. Make sure your hooks are sharpened enough before fishing every time. Replace the hook if it’s damaged or has started rusting.

Keep your fishing rod clean and extra shiny with a metal polish. Cover every single part of the rod with the polish and repaint your lures occasionally. For an optimum fishing experience, keep a hook sharpener and pliers with you while fishing. They come in handy when you need to adjust and sharpen your hook or need tending to other fishing mishaps.

Bottom Line

Hopefully, the list above helped you in choosing a fishing rod. Maybe one of these rods can accompany you on your upcoming holiday and help you catch some big fish!


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