Electrical Services in Singapore


Whether you are moving into a new home or want to remodel the existing one, a proper electrical installation or repair is a must. Especially if you are a resident in Singapore, you may require this service not only for your home but also for your commercial or industrial establishments. Luckily, Singapore is home to many experts and professional electricians who are only a few calls away. Regardless of a new project or an emergency electrical service, you can always rely on them without any hesitation.


Electrical Service

Electrical services are something that needs to be done with much cautiousness. Considering the number of hazards taking place every year due to faulty wiring, it is high time that electrical services are taken more seriously than ever before.

One of the main reasons that these accidents occur in the first place is because many homeowners often ignore the small signs. If you are wondering about the most common warnings regarding a potential fire hazard, check out the 6 signs mentioned below:

  • Outlets appearing discolored or burned up.
  • Wires appearing damaged or bent.
  • Burning smell occurring from a switch or outlet.
  • Regular tripping of fuse and circuit breaker.
  • Smoke occurring from electrical appliances.
  • Lights dimming after turning on a refrigerator, microwave, etc.

If you notice any of these signs in any of your electrical outlets or appliances, switch off the device or the circuit breaker right away. In an extreme case, turn off the main source of electric power in your house and call a professional electrician as soon as possible. You can also keep a fire extinguisher nearby just to remain on the safe side.



Types of Electrical Services

electrical service

A well-qualified electrician does not necessarily mean an all-rounder electrician. When it comes to choosing the right kind of electricians for your needs, you have to understand how each electrical service differs from each other.

  • Domestic Electrical Service: Suitable for residential projects.
  • Commercial Electrical Service: Expert in custom lighting, construction, and remodeling, regular maintenance, etc. Suitable for larger establishments, business hubs, etc.
  • Industrial Electrical Service: Well-sought in factories, industries, and similar settings.



DIY or Hire Professional Electricians

Although some online tutorials or help from an unqualified handyman may get the basic job done, DIY or unprofessional electrical service does more harm than it may appear at first. The major drawback is the lack of safety and warranty. While it may cost you extra for hiring an expert electrician, you can easily count on his expertise, knowledge, and quality of service. Therefore, it is always recommended to consider safety issues first, then the pricing.


What to Consider while Choosing an Electrician?

Before you pick up your phone and start calling the nearest electrician you can find, you may want to sit back and consider a few things. Take a note pad and list down all the repairs or installations you need. Do a bit of research on the internet and find out how much these electrical services cost. Next, set a budget so that you can add or remove a few of the services from your prepared list. Lastly, contact the electrician best suitable for the job.

In Singapore, an electrician must have a working license before offering his service. Therefore, check his credibility before you consider further approaches. If this part is well covered, learn about his experience in the field of work, is there is any hidden charge and if he is offering a warranty period. After you are satisfied with all these criteria, make an appointment with a well-qualified electrician.



Average Cost of Electrical Services in Singapore

While all the professional electricians mention their price range on their website, the real pricing depends a lot on some key factors. Depending on the location, transportation cost, usage of premium quality materials, job scope, experience, etc., the electrician may charge more than the mentioned pricing details.

A mere inspection of your home electrical appliances may cost you around $30-$50. You can also decide to pay per hour or per project depending on the amount of work needed at your establishment. However, in case of emergency services, the expense may vary, a chance you have to take for ensuring safety.


For a closer look into the electrical service charge in Singapore, check out the table below:

Most Common Electrical Services

  • Lighting Installation/Repair ($50 – $140)
  • Distribution Board Installation/Repair ($100 – $900)
  • Electrical Outlets Installation/Repair ($40 – $150)
  • Wiring Installation/Repair ($1000 – $2500+)
  • Ceiling fan Installation ($60 – $170)

Even when you have a general idea about the approximate cost, consult with the electrician to learn about any hidden or additional charge. The task may seem a bit tedious, but this budget-saving method may help you in the long run.



Some of the best electrical services in Singapore

  • CWC Electrical Engineering Service

With more than 20 years of expertise in the respective field, CWC is undoubtedly one of the most popular electrical services in the region. It consists of an expert team who are always fully equipped for a new project or an emergency. The company has some high profile clients, which further proves their credibility.

  • Superstar Handyman Singapore

Specializing in custom lighting installation and modeling, Superstar Handyman Singapore is an all-rounder service provider when it comes to industrial appliances. You can find them in all the popular social media platforms and book their service in a simple click.

  • Daylight Electrician Singapore

If you are looking for a team of electricians for your home, office or industry, look no further as Daylight Electrician Singapore offers it all. Priding over their 20 years of experience, they excel in every kind of electrical service that you may require.


Finally, now that you know all the basics of electrical services in Singapore, we hope that you will be able to hire an electrician best suited for your project.