Electric Shaver in Singapore

Top 5 Electric Shaver in Singapore

If you’re used to shaving in the traditional way, it might be time for a much-needed upgrade. When it comes to shaving, a razor blade might do the trick but an electric shaver will ensure a smoother experience without any risk of damaging or cutting your skin. These shavers are safer to use and cost-cutting as well since you won’t need any shaving foam or cream to shave. They are powered mostly by electricity or rechargeable battery so a single shaver can last you for years.

We handpicked 5 different electric shavers with different features and prices so you can take a look and acquire more information about how they work. The list below might drive you into purchasing and using one if you aren’t doing so already.



1) Philips SP9860/13 Electric Shaver S9000

1-Philips SP9860-13 Electric Shaver S9000

Enjoy premium-level shaving with the NanoTech precision blades from Philips. The blades are extra strong with sharp edges to clear out the smallest strand of hair on your skin. The rings are coated with metallic pigments that provide extra-smooth gliding and a more effective shave every time. The BeardAdapt Sensor in this shaver detects the hair density 15 times per second and automatically adapts the shaving option. Choose between 3 different shaving settings according to your style. With the Qi wireless charging pad, charge your shaver in 3 hours that will last you for days.

Price: S$600 range

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2) Braun Series 5 5140s Rechargeable Electric Shaver

2-Braun Series 5 5140s Rechargeable Electric Shaver

The AutoSensing motor in this shaver senses the density of hair to provide an efficient and smooth shave. The shaving head is very flexible with its adaptable head that can move in 8 different directions to reach the toughest spots to ensure a proper shave. The ActiLift specialized trimmer can capture flat-lying and astray hair strands. The Li-ion battery takes up to 1 hour to get fully charged and will allow you to shave for a total of 50 minutes. The battery display will tell you how much running time you have left after each shave.

Price: S$250 range

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3) PHILIPS S5050/06 AquaTouch Wet and Dry Electric Shaver

3-PHILIPS S5050-06 AquaTouch Wet and Dry Electric Shaver

This electric shaver provides x10 better protection than any regular blade. Its ComfortCut blades have well-rounded edges that glide over the skin smoothly and protect you from small cuts. It also comes with a click-on precision trimmer so you can fashion any style in your beard. The 5-direction Flex Head can keep the blades close to reach tough spots. Enjoy hassle-free shaves with this cordless shaver that will give you over 30 minutes of shaving time on an 8-hour charge. That should last you for at least 9 shaves.

Price: S$100 range

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4) BRAUN Rechargeable Electric Shaver Series 3 310s

4-BRAUN Rechargeable Electric Shaver Series 3 310s

Enjoy an ultimate cordless shaving experience with this rechargeable shaver from Braun. The triple-action cutting system along with the twin foils and middle trimmer work effectively on any beard no matter how thick it is. You can shave on dry skin or use your preferred shaving gel or foam for a smoother experience. It’s 100% waterproof so you can shave while showering or in the bathtub. With the LED display, you will see the live battery status to know when to plug it in for charging. It takes an hour for the shaver to be fully charged with which you will get 20 minutes of shaving time.

Price: S$50 range

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5) Xiaomi Enchen BlackStone 3D Electric Shaver

5-Xiaomi Enchen BlackStone 3D Electric Shaver

Experience smart-shaving technology with the 3D floating ceramic cutter head of this shaver. The ultra-thin double-ring cutter comes with a loop design that increases the area of contact and provides a highly efficient shave each time. Control the frequency power and speed to switch between different modes depending on the hair type. It takes no more than an hour for the shaver to be fully charged which can last for 90 minutes.

Price: S$20 range

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Electric Shaver Maintenance Guide

We already mentioned that an electric shaver can last for a long time but only with proper care and maintenance. Follow these simple tips to keep your shaver well-functioning at all times.

– Clean it after every use. With warm water, if possible

– Even though your shaver might be a wet and dry one, the better option is to keep it dry after use. Wipe it with a dry towel or cloth and make sure no extra water is clinging to its body. Even though your manufacturer says your shaver is waterproof, it’s better to keep it away from water until absolute necessity as water can easily damage any electrical appliance

– Use a flat, thin sable brush to clear out any thick hairs that might be stuck on the blades. Those types of brushes can easily sweep over the surface without causing any damage to the shaver

– Lubricate your blades before every shave for a gentler glide. Most shavers come with a lubricant but you can buy your own bottle from the market if you please

– It’s possible you might feel your shaver is providing fewer effective shaves after a while. The reason might be the blades being worn-out from usage. Dull blades can result in less effective shaves so it would be better to get new blades as soon as possible. Most manufacturers recommend replacing the blades once or twice a year

– The best way to prolong the battery of any rechargeable product is to drain it completely and then plugging in the charger. Make sure it’s fully charged but refrain from overcharging 

If you experience any odd behavior from your shaver, it would be better to get it checked first before deciding to purchase a new one. A good electric shaver can cost you quite some money and if the problem is fixable, then why bother with buying a new one!


Electric shavers are better in every shape and form than the traditional razors. Try one of the shavers from our list and see the difference from manual razors. You can also surf the list if you’re looking to replace your existing shaver.


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