Electric Kettle in Singapore

Top 5 Electric Kettle in Singapore

It does not take long for one to become addicted to an electric kettle after being accustomed to it. It’s more efficient than normal kettles and you can easily boil water faster than you would on a stovetop. An electrical kettle uses its self-contained heating unit to heat water. The kettle can automatically shut-off at reaching the boiling point or the temperature you set, so it’s safer to use. If you decide to go shopping for electric kettles, check out this list we made. It can give you an insight into different types of kettles and their functions.



1) KitchenAid 1.5L Artisan Electric Kettle

1-KitchenAid 1.5L Artisan Electric Kettle

This kettle from KitchenAid comes with a 1.5L of capacity. The temperature gauge shows you the temperature even when it’s plugged off. The adjustable temperature settings are present for you to turn from 50 to 100 degrees for you to try out different menus. The beautiful metal construction of the kettle comes with a soft-touch handle that is both stylish and convenient.

Dual wall construction and better insulation keep the water inside hot for a longer period. The thick built also reduces noise and is cooler to touch. So grab this kettle to present your kitchen with a beautiful addition.

Price: S$200 range

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2) Kenwood ZJG112CL/ ZJG801CL Glass Kettle

2-Kenwood ZJG112CL ZJG801CL Glass Kettle

How would you like a kettle that offers both style and substance? This innovative product from Kenwood comes with a glass body that shows you water levels clearly. The design is pretty simple that will look great in kitchens of all styles. It’s cordless so you can put it in any place you want without any hassle. The mesh filter inside is removable so you can clean the kettle pretty easily.

Because of the glass body and the measurement scale engraved there, you can pour just the perfect amount of water you’d need. That will help reduce water wastage and also reduce energy consumption. The lid is flip top so you can easily refill the 1.7L of space. The on-off switch is illuminated, giving it a different sense of style. So if you want a kettle that is eco-friendly while being superbly stylish at the same time, take a look at this beautiful glass kettle when you go out to shop.

Price: S$150 range

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3) EuropAce Electric Kettle 1.5 L Electric Kettle

3-EuropAce Electric Kettle 1.5 L Electric Kettle

This kettle from EuropAce has triple-layered thermal insulation that keeps the inside warm for longer while also protecting the outer surface. The stainless-steel inner pot shows quality and class. The keep-warm function can keep your water hot for hours despite being unplugged.

The lid is large for easy pouring and the kettle has a 1.5L of capacity. The handle is covered with soft material to give you a comfortable grip with the spout opening lever at the perfect position. This kettle is ideal for any household with a simple design and functionality.

Price: S$100 range

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4) Delonghi- Icona Vintage Electric Kettle

4-Delonghi- Icona Vintage Electric Kettle

With the glossy finish and elegant design, the Delonghi Icona kettle has a vintage look that can be appreciated by people of all classes. The stainless steel body is painted in different colors for you to choose from. The kettle has a 1.7L capacity that is more than enough for a family. There is a water gauge at the back that indicates the water level.

An anti-scale filter prevents limescale from appearing on the inside and the filter is removable for easy cleaning access. The 360° swivel base is detachable so you can enjoy the cord-free facility. The auto shut-off technology comes to life when the water inside starts to boil over or the kettle is detached from the base, so you have a high level of energy efficiency. Put this kettle on your list if you want a vintage-looking modern kettle that conserves energy as well.

Price: S$75 range

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5) Philips Viva Collection Kettle

5-Philips Viva Collection Kettle

The food-grade standard stainless-steel body gives the kettle a smooth finish. It has a STRIX thermostat to control temperature efficiently. STRIX stands for ‘safety in thermostatic control’. The PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) technology contains the heat inside and prevents the water from over-boiling. The filter is also made from stainless-steel which is easily detachable for you to clean. The power cable winder enables you to adjust the length as required for convenient plugging. The one-touch lid can be opened and closed effortlessly to fill up the kettle. So if you are looking for a kettle that’s practical at a cheap price, this might accommodate your taste.

Price: S$50 range

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Maintenance Guide for Electric Kettles

Since it’s a small appliance, many people might overlook the cleaning an electric kettle requires. Cleaning an appliance is an essential part of keeping up its functionality. Your electric kettle can become slow in its process of heating water over time because of scaling. To avoid scaling, follow these steps:

  • Fill your kettle in half with water and vinegar or lemon
  • Turn the kettle on and let it boil for a while. If your kettle has hard scaling, then make sure the vinegar or lemon mixture is stronger and leave it there for longer
  • Then throw the water away and boil normal water in the kettle a few more times. This will remove any aftertaste of vinegar or lemon
  • Then rinse it again with cold water and wipe the excess water with a soft cloth
  • Leave the lid open to let the kettle air dry

Use this method once a week to keep your kettle from acquiring any scales. Always leave your kettle completely dry after using it and cleaning. If any issues arise with the cable of the kettle or any of the control malfunctions, get it checked and replaced if necessary.

In conclusion, an electric kettle is a small but handy appliance to boil water for your tea, coffee, soup, etc. It gets the job done much faster than a stove or microwave. If you decide to buy one for yourself, keep this list and tips in mind.


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