Drone in Singapore

Top 5 Drone in Singapore

Whether you consider it a plaything or a serious security measure to explore with, a drone is becoming more and more popular. It can be used to monitor areas from a distance. You can capture beautiful aerial shots. They can be used for making landscape videos or for shooting from a high angle. A drone can also help monitor risky areas and collect information. Instead of seeking a drone from other people or renting one for a day, it’s better to buy one, so you can use it whenever you need it. It’s a very cool and practical piece of technology to have.

If you need help choosing one, we can help with that. You can find a list of 5 of the best drones in the market below. Feel free to look at them all and choose one that can match your preferences.



1) DJI Mavic MiniFly More Combo Gimbal Drone

1-DJI Mavic MiniFly More Combo Gimbal Drone

Portable and compact, this drone weighs just a little below 250 grams. It comes with a flight time of 30 minutes. The camera can record videos at 2.7k. You can edit the videos to your heart’s content with the DJI Fly app. Such high resolution means sharp and detailed videos with a good dynamic range. With the 4 kilometers transmission range, you can send your drone off on an adventure. The design is pretty unique, but simple. The drone comes with an easy-to-use controller that anyone can adapt to. You can record quality footage from a good distance and edit them by installing the DJI Fly app on your smartphone or tablet.

Price: S$500 range

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2) SYMA 6Axis RC Quadcopter X5UW-D Drone

2-SYMA 6Axis RC Quadcopter X5UW-D Drone

This drone is not just effective in its operation, but it looks cool while doing so as well, with its colorful LED lights blinking all over. The drone is very easy to manage with its one-key operation. It has a 720p HD camera equipped for recording crystal clear footage along with Wi-Fi connection that can help transmit those images in real-time. It provides an amazing aerial experience no matter where you plan the flight sessions. The drone has a 2.4G 4CH transmitter along with a 6-Axis gyro that ensures stable control.

Price: S$100 range

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3) Jorabella Elfie RXM GW018 Drone

3-Jorabella Elfie RXM GW018 Drone

Capture beautiful and desired aerial shots with this drone from Jorabella. The camera angle can be adjusted as needed so you can get just the shot you want. It comes with Wi-Fi connection support. You can connect it with your smartphone for monitoring the footages in real-time on your smartphone screen. The built quality is pretty solid, but that doesn’t mean you should crash it. The drone can be folded, which makes it more portable. It’s lightweight, and after folding, it feels even lighter. The drone has amazing control in the air. You can hold it at a higher altitude to get stable footage in high definition.

Price: S$80 range

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4) Hondarly Mini XS809 Foldable Drone

4-Hondarly Mini XS809 Foldable Drone

A very compact and portable, this drone can be folded as well. It has a 120-degree field of view along with a 720p camera for clear video recording. The built quality is pretty solid, the foldable parts are equipped with some durable mechanism inside. It has a 900 mAh battery which can provide up to 15 minutes of continuous flight time. The drone can be controlled easily; you can call it back from wherever it is with the press of a single button.

Price: S$60 range

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5) Finer Mini Pocket Drone JY018

5-Finer Mini Pocket Drone JY018

Extremely compact, this drone can be folded into the shape of a toy car. You can carry it around in your pocket. It has a 2MP camera that can be connected with your smartphone over Wi-Fi and record videos at 720p. It’s easy to operate with the one-key take-off and fly back option. The drone has a great altitude control so you can capture steady footage no matter how much you need it to hover.

Price: S$40 range

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Drone Maintenance Guide

A drone can be a long-lasting investment if you maintain it properly. There are some weatherproof and premium quality drones available, but that doesn’t mean you need to be harsh in handling them.

Before you start operating one, check the user’s manual thoroughly. Go over all the instructions and follow them point by point. The battery is the heart of your drone. Check the recommended capacity of the battery and the charging time. Before each flight, make sure the battery is fully charged. It’s better not to overcharge the battery and also avoid draining it completely on a flight.

When you’re not using the drone, please remove the battery, and keep it in a dry place. The drone should come with a carrying case where you can store the battery as well. If not, get a separate pouch or case for placing the battery.

Instead of carrying the drone by hand, use a bag no matter how little you travel with the drone. Try not to lose the carrying case or bag that is usually provided with the drone. If you do lose it, use a bag or backpack that can hold the drone without causing any pressure that can damage any part.

Don’t forget to check the weather forecast before scheduling flight time with your drone. You might have a weatherproof drone, but that doesn’t mean you need to test it out at any chance you get. Nature is unpredictable. One slight mishap, and you can lose your drone for good.

After each flight, make sure you clean your drone before storing it away. It’s bound to catch some dirt and have some grass stuck on it, depending on the area you fly it in. Clean them all with a microfiber cloth before putting the drone into the bag.


We hope the list provided everything you needed to know about these drones. You can simply check the links for more details. Maybe one of them can make it to your house and help you capture your desired aerial shots whenever you need it.


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