Drilling Machine in Singapore

Top 5 Drilling Machine in Singapore

Whether you need to hang a new painting or set up a TV on the wall, you need to call for a handyman now and then. To keep these house calls to a minimum, you can buy a drilling machine for yourself and get most of the work in a jiffy. Operating a drill is not a hard task at all. You just need a good grip and precision on what you’re working on. Just practice a few times and you’ll become almost as good as the handyman you pay each time for drilling a hole into your wall.

If you’re confused as to which drilling machine you should buy, take a look at the list we made below. It has 5 drill machines in different price ranges.



1) Black and Decker 14.4V Cordless Multi Evo EVO143 Multi Drill

1-Black and Decker 14.4V Cordless Multi Evo EVO143 Multi Drill

Now you can complete all your DIY needs with a single tool, this cordless multi-drill from Black and Decker. The drill comes with an interchangeable head that can be converted into a jigsaw, hammer drill, drill driver and so on. You can get the jigsaw, driver head, sander head, etc. with the drill itself, but you can also buy some other interchangeable heads to stretch your options even more. The drill is cordless so there is a lithium battery providing the power it needs. It’s pretty lightweight and compact so you can easily do hour-long works without making your hand ache.

Price: S$300 range

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2) Bosch GSB 180-Li Professional 18V Cordless Impact Drill Driver

2-Bosch GSB 180-Li Professional 18V Cordless Impact Drill Driver

You can use this drill to work on almost any surface, be it wood, metal or brick. It’s cordless and comes with a rechargeable battery so you can work with ease on any place without having to look for a power outlet. You can easily shift into different speed settings as required. The handle is extremely comfortable to create the most ergonomic working experience possible. It comes with changeable heads in different sizes so there are more options for you to choose from. If you’re looking for a high-quality drill machine at a moderate price, this is the machine for you.

Price: S$200 range

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3) BOSCH GSR 120-LI 12V Cordless Power Drill

3-BOSCH GSR 120-LI 12V Cordless Power Drill

This is another cordless power drill from Bosch but at a lower price range. It comes with a rechargeable battery, a compact carrying case where you can store the drill with the charger and other accessories. It takes about 90 minutes for the drill to be fully charged. You can select from different speed settings to work on various surfaces. You can drill on metal, wood, tile, brick, etc. The drill is very lightweight so your hand won’t get tired even if you keep holding into it all day.

Price: S$150 range

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4) Bell 18V Rechargeable Battery Drill

4-Bell 18V Rechargeable Battery Drill

If you need a compact and rechargeable drill at a low price, Bell might be just what you need. You can adjust the torque as you need just by twisting behind the drill head. It can drill into 38mm of wood, 13m of steel and 15m of aluminum in no time. There is no need for a handyman since this drill is very easy to operate. There is a lock switch in the middle which will keep the drill in a safe mode when you need to take a break. The drill is very compact and weighs only about 1.9kgs so you can have a pretty good grip while drilling into a hard surface.

Price: S$50 range

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5) Cavani Hand Drill

5-Cavani Hand Drill

This is a multi-purpose drill with interchangeable heads that you can use for drilling into different surfaces, polish, electric stirring and also as a screwdriver. There is a small LCD panel on the back that shows the power consumption and how much of the battery is drained in percentage. You can switch between different speed modes to get your work done as conveniently as possible. The copper wire motor and metal gear make the drill very durable as well as provides a strong surge of power. There is also a little LED at the front to illuminate the surface you’re working on for better precision.

Price: S$25 range

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Drilling Machine Maintenance Guide

A quality drill machine can provide years of service. You need to take proper care of your drill and maintain it as needed. There are also a few tips that you can follow to keep your drill in an optimum condition.

A drilling machine has parts that move constantly. Similar to any other moving parts, you need to keep the drill lubricated. Use a standard machine oil to lubricate the chuck properly. You need to do this step regularly to make sure your drill won’t lose its effectiveness. Also, keep your drill away from any water as it can start to rust. Make sure the place you store it in is absolutely dry.

After using the drill, you should clean it properly to make sure there are no specks of dust on the machine as it can clog the vents over time. You can use an air compressor or a small duster to clean off the dust from the drill.

Since a drilling machine is used for drilling into strong surfaces, you need to make sure it can do its job properly. These drills come with heads that can be removed and changed. Make sure the heads are sharp and effective before every use. If your drill has a dull bit, it won’t be able to penetrate the surface as needed. Instead, it might get jammed and spin abruptly which can result in an accident. You can easily lose your balance and drop the machine on your foot.

To avoid any of these from happening, make sure your drilling machine is working all the time. If there is a faulty part, get it replaced as soon as possible. Buy a new machine if it’s beyond repair.


We hope you got an idea about the drilling machines available in the market. Now all you need to do is make your selection and purchase your preferred machine.


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