Dressing Table in Singapore

Top 5 Dressing Table in Singapore

People like grooming themselves now and then to make them look more presentable. Not just grooming, instead of rushing to the parlor or beauty salon for applying makeup or taking care of one’s skin, people (especially women) can now learn everything from online tutorials. They do their own makeup, and many apply homemade face masks to keep their skin glowing. A dressing table is a storage for all those grooming kits. The fact that it often comes with a mirror is a bonus. Instead of using the bathroom mirror to brush your hair, get a dressing table, and do it in the comfort of your room.

There are numerous options when it comes to choosing a dressing table. We thought we might save you some time and did a little scan on the market to pick out 5 of the best dressing tables you can find. They’re all different in designs and belong in different price ranges so you can have a diverse choice. Go ahead and take a look.



1) Agoramart Mirror Dressing Table

1-Agoramart Mirror Dressing Table

The dressing table is mainly constructed from particleboard. But, it has solid wooden legs with anti-skid protection. This makes the dressing table extra durable. There are small drawers on the bottom where you can keep your grooming kits, makeup, and cosmetics. The dressing table has a simple white and yellow color combination, which makes it quite classy. As for the drawers, you can choose different sizes and designs. You can choose a bigger one that has extra compartments other than the drawers. There is a square-shaped mirror on the upper area. You can either choose the normal one or the one with the folding-down mirror. The dressing comes with a small cushioned stool where you can sit as you groom yourself.

Price: S$170 range

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2) Furniture Warehouse Dressing Table

2-Furniture Warehouse Dressing Table

Available in 2 different colors (walnut and lime wash), this dressing table I constructed of solid wood. It’s pretty compact and simple in design. There is a small drawer at the bottom with key-lock protection. Probably the most attractive feature of this dressing table is the mirror. Its mirror can be slid off to one side, which reveals a hidden compartment behind. There are several shelves behind the mirror where you can store your makeup and grooming stuff. The dressing table comes with a stool that perfectly matches the table itself, in both design and color.

Price: S$150 range

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3) Green Trading Sg Dressing Table

3-Green Trading Sg Dressing Table

Made from particleboard, this dressing table gives you a few options regarding the colors and the design. You can get the simple one with drawers at the bottom that has a normal mirror. There is another one that looks quite similar, but it has a sliding mirror that has a hidden compartment with shelves. As for the color, you can either pick a dark one like walnut, or you can go for a lighter whitewash one. Each of the dressing tables comes with a matching stool where you can sit as you brush your hair or apply makeup.

Price: S$120 range

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4) FURNITUREMART.SG Modern Dressing Table

4-FURNITUREMART.SG Modern Dressing Table

This dressing table is made with a combination of MDF wood and plywood. The built is quite durable, and it has a smooth finish. You can pick different height options for the dressing table. The taller it is, the more shelves or drawers it has. The mirror can slide on both left and right to reveal a hidden compartment behind. There is a drawer at the bottom (drawer numbers may vary as you choose the design). The drawer(s) has a steel handle, which helps you smoothly slide them out.

Price: S$100 range

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5) Novelty SG Dressing / Makeup Table

5-Novelty SG Dressing - Makeup Table

Available in 6 different colors, this dressing table comes in 4 various size options. The smallest one has no drawer whereas the largest one has double drawers. The table is constructed from particleboard. The drawers are quite compact. The mirror is a little different since it can be folded down. There is a compartment in line with the mirror. As you fold the mirror down, that compartment gets covered. It’s a good way to keep your products away from any dust. The dressing table comes with a matching cushioned stool.

Price: S$80 range

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Dressing Table Maintenance

With a dressing table, a mirror is a must. You basically have to take care of two products even if you buy only one. The mirror is more fragile, so be careful as you clean your beloved dressing table.

Since we already established the importance of the mirror, let’s talk about its maintenance first. You can simply use some glass cleaner to make the mirror shine as it should. You can also use some lemon juice mixed with soap and water to sprinkle on the mirror. Wipe it off with a lint-free cloth, and it should be spotless.

As for the rest of your dressing table, you need to empty it first. Then you can take a duster or a small vacuum to remove any layer of dust that might be on the dressing table, no matter how thin. Then, take a bowl and fill it with water. Mix a little soap with the water and take a soft sponge. Avoid using a steel sponge or any harsh chemicals. If you notice any stains on the dressing table, you can take a little nail polish remover and use it to scrub over the area.

After you’re done scrubbing the dressing table clean, use a dry cloth to absorb the excess water. You can use a mild polish to give a final coating when the dressing table has dried off. That should make it look extra clean.

Try cleaning the dressing table in this method at least once a month. For regular cleaning, a simple duster or vacuum should be enough.


We tried to keep the listed products distinct from each other so you can have a better idea about what your options are. Hopefully, one of these dressing tables can help you get your desired look done to perfection. 


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