Door Bell in Singapore

Top 5 Door Bell in Singapore

A doorbell is like a messenger that alerts you when someone has come to meet you. Having a doorbell on the front door is a necessity. Even before all these technological advancements, people used to have bells by their doors that people could ring by hands when they visited to alert the people inside of their presence. Nowadays doorbells have exciting new features that also work as a security system. We have picked out 5 of the best doorbells in the market to put them together in the list below. Take a look and see if you can find your preferred one.



1) Selffix DIY YALE Digital Door Viewer and Doorbell

1-Selffix DIY YALE Digital Door Viewer and Doorbell

With a smooth silver finish, it looks more like a compact camera than a doorbell. It doesn’t just tell you when someone is at the door, it can also show you who it is. As soon as the bell rings, the camera is activated and you can see who is at the door. The viewer can capture great images even in low lighting conditions since it has an infrared camera with night mode. The image of the person is saved into an SD card in the camera with time and date stamp so you can keep records if needed. The doorbell doesn’t require any wiring or electrical outlet to work, it runs on battery. When the battery starts to run out, the camera will give you an indicator so you can immediately replace it.    

Price: S$250 range

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2) GXM Gadgets 360 D819 Smart Doorbell

2-GXM Gadgets 360 D819 Smart Doorbell

Probably one of the “smartest” doorbells out there, this one comes with an AI face-recognition system that can scan the person’s face after they rang the bell. You can set a name for that person if they appear on the AI multiple times and it will inform you when that person’s name when they visit the next time. You can easily distinguish your family members and friends. For extra security, you can connect the doorbell system with your smartphone. There is a PIR sensor in the bell that can detect someone lingering within 3 meters of your door for over 15 seconds and then send their video to your phone.

Price: S$200 range

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3) Merly Digital Peephole/Doorbell

3-Merly Digital Peephole-Doorbell

This doorbell has a view angle of 170-degrees. No one can escape its sight while standing in front of your door. Whether its day or night, the camera can perfectly capture the image of whoever stands at the door. It has built-in infrared night vision which allows clear picture recording in dark. The PIR motion can detect when someone is standing in front of the door and immediately capture their video. It’s easy to set up and has a 3500mAh battery. Even if you’re away from home, the camera will capture images of anyone who tries to get into your house or stands in front of your door and store them in the 32GB SD card. 

Price: S$100 range

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4) Xiaomi Mijia Smart Wifi Video Doorbell

4-Xiaomi Mijia Smart Wifi Video Doorbell

This doorbell has not one but two-way communication systems. You can talk to anyone who is in front of your door without even opening it. The intercom can also change your voice if you want. It has an infrared night vision for capturing images in the dark. The motion detector is activated if anyone is within 2.5 meters of the door and sends you their footage. You can also use the AI face detection to customize people you know and get notifications as you wish. Just set up the doorbell system with your smartphone and you can easily control everything.

Price: S$70 range

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5) Vue Doorbell Wireless Doorbell

5-Vue Doorbell Wireless Doorbell

If you want to go all traditional and avoid all the modern complications, then get this simple wireless doorbell. It has a built-in night light that will get activated in the dark and a soft glow will surround the switch. Simple design adds to the beauty of any front porch. The doorbell is made from 100% environmentally friendly components and can withstand any weather conditions. You can select different melodies and volume levels with a few tweaks.

Price: S$20 range

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Door Bell Maintenance Guide

Normal doorbells don’t require much care. If they’re connected to your main electrical system, the chances of them becoming faulty are pretty slim. If it requires an additional battery or solely runs on battery, then you need to make sure you replace them regularly.

Wherever you install the doorbell, once in a while, take a duster and clean the surface as much as possible. Dirt might collect over time and if it starts to seep inside, your doorbell will become less effective. Also clean the switch whenever you get the chance. A lot of people touch it every day. Your own family members, your friends, the pizza delivery guy- so many people touching the same surface is bound to leave some germs. Take a mild disinfecting product and a soft cloth. Wipe over the switch after every two days.

Doorbells are easy to set up, manage and fix as well. If your doorbell stops working all of a sudden, there may be a wiring problem. Take off the outer shell by following the instruction manual and after a little tweaking, you should be able to rewire it.

As for the digital doorbell system with features like motion-sensors and video imaging, they require extra care. You need to keep fresh batteries at bay. Check the power status to know when you need to insert new batteries. For the cleaning part, all you can do is use a soft cloth with a mild disinfectant and give a wipe over every week. Keep the camera lens as clean as possible.

If you encounter any problem with these, it’s better to call up a professional instead of tempering around yourself. These have more complicated functions and you might end up ruining the system.

Final Thoughts

We hope the list above provided you with all the information you needed about these products. Now you can easily come to a decision. Happy shopping!


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