Dishwasher in Singapore

Top 5 Dishwasher in Singapore

Doing the dishes is a universal chore. Many people tend to do dishes by hand but using a dishwasher saves a lot of time. You can do your dishes quickly and without much effort. In fact, after putting your dishes in the washer, you can focus on your other chores. Some dishes and appliances cannot be put into the dishwasher, especially the ones with electric components. You should get a dishwasher for the ones which can be cleaned into the washer. A dishwasher uses just the perfect amount of water to clean the dishes you put. It rinses them and then dries them off as well.

Whether you’re shopping for a dishwasher for your new house or thinking about replacing an old one, take a look below. We have handpicked 5 of the best dishwashers available in the market. All of them have different features and belong to different price ranges. See if you can find what you need.



1) Bosch SKS62E22EU Compact Dishwasher

1-Bosch SKS62E22EU Compact Dishwasher

This dishwasher comes with a BLDC motor which is powerful and makes very little noise. The inner tube is made from stainless steel which increases durability. It has an Aqua sensor along with an Aqua-Stop for safety that prevents water leakage. In this, you can clean dishes in 5 different water temperatures. There are also 6 different cleaning programs that you can run for convenience. There is an Eco program that ensures less energy consumption and water usage. The interface is pretty user-friendly. The time indication is shown on the front of the dishwasher along with a red light that indicates when the session is over.

Price: S$850 range

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2) Electrolux ESF6010BW Compact Dishwasher

2-Electrolux ESF6010BW Compact Dishwasher

This dishwasher has 6 different wash cycles and water consumption of 6.1 liters. It comes with a few safety features that can prevent water from being leaked, detect when the dishes are done, and send an alert. The dishwasher has a capacity of washing 8 dishes at the same time. With its residual heat drying, the clean dishes come out dried off in no time. It has an Eco mode for saving water and energy mode. There is also a soak mode that you can use for cleaning stubborn stains out of your dishes. The electric control panel is on the front of the dishwasher, it has an indicator that goes off as soon as the wash cycle is over.

Price: S$650 range

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3) Elba – Dishwasher – Model: EBDW 1351 A

3-Elba - Dishwasher - Model-EBDW 1351 A

You can set up to 13 dishes to be cleaned at once with this dishwasher. It has 5 different programmable wash settings, including an Eco mode. The cutlery basket inside is removable for convenience. There is an LED indicator that tells show the progress of each wash cycle. The natural drying setting dries off the dishes after they’re cleaned properly. With a simple control panel and dialer, the dishwasher is very easy to operate. It saves water and energy consumption in each wash cycle. The design is also pretty simple and can blend in with any décor.

Price: S$550 range

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4) EuropAce Portable Dishwasher EDW 3050U

4-EuropAce Portable Dishwasher EDW 3050U

This small and portable dishwasher doesn’t need any plugging in or installation. There is a detachable water tank with a 5-liter capacity. It cleans your dishes and saves a lot of water in the process. It can wash dishes at high heat for better cleaning and sterilize them as well. The dishwasher uses warm water but it prevents humidity and molding from appearing. Its compact size makes it easier to move it around. Since the dishwasher doesn’t need to be connected to a water line or installed in a fixed space, you can keep it anywhere in the house.

Price: S$500 range

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5) Cuckoo Compact Marshmallow Dishwasher

5-Cuckoo Compact Marshmallow Dishwasher

You can guess from the name, this dishwasher is shaped like one giant marshmallow. This cute and compact dishwasher can be placed anywhere you want, even on top of a counter. It uses hot water to disinfect the dishes and clean them properly. The eco-dry system instantly dries off the dishes after they’re cleaned. The dishwasher has at the top and bottom rotating at 360-degree at high pressure for effective wash cycles. The polished white color and rounded edges add an elegant touch to the dishwasher. It’s pretty easy to operate with the indicators and buttons neatly placed right by the handle.

Price: S$300 range

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Dishwasher Maintenance Guide

A dishwasher is an appliance which is used for cleaning stuff, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be cleaned itself. People think it gets cleaned while washing the dishes but that is not the case.

The residues from those dirty dishes can get build up over time which will reduce the efficiency of your dishwasher. So regular cleaning is necessary. At first, run a full wash cycle. If you don’t have any dishes to clean then run an empty cycle. After that, empty the dishwasher. Remove as many parts as possible and make sure the dishwasher is unplugged.

Take a cleaning solution that you use for your regular appliances and a soft damp cloth. Spray the solution in the dishwasher and scrub with the cloth. Make sure you reach every little corner. After then, you need to clear out the drain.

In most cases, the food residues often get clogged up in the drain. To clean the drain, you need to disassemble it. It shouldn’t be too tricky, but you can follow the user’s manual if you find it too difficult to remove the drain cover. Use a brush to scrub away any debris or food residue that might be in the drain and clean it.

Take white vinegar or lemon juice to run a short wash cycle. This will remove any scaling that might be visible from the water. If you notice molding of any kind, you can run a cycle using bleach. That will make your dishwasher sparkling clean.

Bottom Line

Finding a product that will meet all of your requirements is not quite easy. Hopefully, the list successfully pointed out the features of all these dishwashers. Now you can check them all and choose one for your home.


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