Dining Chair in Singapore

Top 5 Dining Chair in Singapore

Everyone needs to eat and dine to keep their body functioning. Having extra chairs in the house can never be a bad thing. In case you have a party, a family dinner, or a barbeque in the backyard, extra chairs can always come in handy. You need seats for the people you invite over. Your house may already have enough space for the guests to rest- couch, sofa, armchairs, etc. But chairs are more portable than any of them. If you host a backyard party, you can simply drag the chairs out for the guests to sit.

A dining table might not have enough chairs for your whole family to enjoy a Thanksgiving lunch or a Christmas dinner. You can just add some chairs to the table and let everyone enjoy each other’s company. To make things easier for you, we have a list of 5 different kinds of chairs below. Take a look and see if they’re intriguing enough.



1) 2Portion Household Stackable Dining Matte Chair

1-2Portion Household Stackable Dining Matte Chair

Made from premium quality materials, the chairs come in different bright colors. They can easily make any room pop with their quirky colors. The backrest is curved, so your spine is in an ergonomic position. The chair is quite durable and can withstand up to 200 kilograms of weight. The seat is soft and quite comfortable. The chair is quite compact. On top of that, it’s stackable. So, if you get a bundle of chairs, you can just keep them stacked in the storeroom when you don’t need them. The matte finish makes the chair quite smooth to the touch.

Price: S$80 range

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2) AiDeal Simple Nordic Style Dining Chair

2-AiDeal Simple Nordic Style Dining Chair

This simplistic chair comes with a wooden base on the bottom that houses four wooden legs. The legs have anti-skid protection, so the chair won’t slide away, and the floor won’t get scratched up. The backrest is reclined enough so you can be as comfortable as possible sitting on the chair and your back won’t be in any strain. The chair is available in multiple colors; all of them are bright and quite eye-catching. You can use the chair not just for dining, but in the office or as your personal computer chair as well.

Price: S$60 range

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3) Novelty SG Horn Wrought Dining Chair

3-Novelty SG Horn Wrought Dining Chair

Shaped more like a bar tool than a dining chair, this chair has a wooden finish. The legs are made from solid wood and help the chair stay pretty well-balanced. There is anti-skid protection on the bottom, which also your floors from being scratched. The seat is we-cushioned, so you can be comfortable even after spending a long time on the chair. The backrest is pretty narrow but ergonomic enough to keep you from feeling any discomfort on your back. The chair is available in both light colors as well as a dark one. You can make a dining set with multiple chairs or use them to eat at the kitchen counter.

Price: S$50 range

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4) QUINN Dining Chairs

4-QUINN Dining Chairs

The basic frame of the chair is carbon steel, which makes it pretty durable. The PU leather cushioning and the cover of the chair ensure maximum comfort. The backrest is perfectly reclined so your spine can be safe from any discomfort. The feet of the chair come with anti-skid protection. You can drag the chair around without worrying about making noise or the floor being damaged. The chair is available in different colors. The design is simple enough to make it suitable for any décor. The chair is quite lightweight for its steel built. You can move it around the house with ease.

Price: S$30 range

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5) LOUIS Stacking Dining Chair

5-LOUIS Stacking Dining Chair

This is a more compact chair, shaped more like a stool. The backrest is quite narrow, almost missing. There is a small cutout on the narrow backrest so you can grab the chair with ease. It’s made from polypropylene. The chair is smooth to the touch, perfectly stackable on one another. You have several color options to choose from.

Price: S$20 range

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Dining Chair Maintenance Guide

A chair is a pretty simple piece of furniture to take care of. It’s not a long-term investment, and the amount you invest is not that huge as well. Still, you need to keep your chairs in good condition to get as much out of them as you can.

Chairs are mostly made of wood or metal. Since chairs are so portable, you should take yours to a convenient place like the garage or the backyard to clean to avoid making a mess in the house. There are also some chairs available that are made from durable plastic. For the plastic ones, you can easily wash them with water to get rid of the dirt and bacteria. You can use a hose to spray water in every corner and scrub the chair(s) clean. Leave them out to dry off completely.

For a wooden chair, avoid using water as much as possible. Use a dry cloth to clean the layer of dust that might collect. There are cleaning products in the market which are suitable for cleaning wooden furniture. You can just get one of them and use it on your chair. If you want to avoid buying some extra products, just use a soapy solution to clean the chair. But make sure to wipe it off with a dry cloth immediately after you’re done scrubbing it clean.

As for a metal one, you use a damp sponge to make shine like a new chair. Avoid using any harsh cleaning materials. You can add a little soap if you want. If your chair has any cushioning or foam, keep it away from water. Dust that part as frequently as you can.

Make sure to let your chair(s) completely dry off before you use them again or store away.

Final Thoughts

We tried to highlight the features of these chairs as much as we could. Do check out the listed ones when you go for chair shopping.


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