Digital Weighing Scale in Singapore

Top 5 Digital Weighing Scale in Singapore

Whether you’re health-conscious or you need to weigh materialistic stuff, a digital scale can always come in handy. With a digital weighing scale, you can monitor your body whenever you need and work on seeing the numbers you wish. Taking a regular reading will push you into doing those squats and running the extra laps. Also, a digital scale can be used to weigh items as well. You might need it for business purposes or to simply weigh stuff in the kitchen. We have the answer to everything you can possibly need. Below you’ll find a list of 5 digital weighing scales. They are all different in their outlooks and price ranges. You can either choose the highest priced one or the lowest- whichever matches your preferences.



1) Omron Digital Weighing Scale

1-Omron Digital Weighing Scale

Experience some advanced features with this smart weighing scale. The scale can be used to not just weigh the body weight, but it can also detect the amount of body fat, skeletal muscle state, calculate BMI, etc. You get detailed information on your body so you know can identify if you’re at your desired health status or not. You can connect it directly with your smartphone via Bluetooth and keep records of your health data. Just download the Omron app and you can directly share your data with your dietician or trainer if you want. You can keep records of 4 persons with this app.

Price: S$150 range

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2) Yunmai Digital Weighing Scale

2-Yunmai Digital Weighing Scale

This scale can show you everything you need to know about your body, including bone mass, protein level, body fat, BMI, etc. It’s very light and compact. It’s made from environment-friendly polymer and has a hybrid steel frame. The health information detected by this is guaranteed to be accurate. It doesn’t require any power outlet to work, just 4 AAA batteries. You can use this scale for months with a fresh set of batteries since it’s extremely power-saving. A set of batteries can provide standby power for almost 200 days.  You have various color options to choose from.

Price: S$60 range

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3) Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale

3-Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale

With this scale, you can select both person mode as well as object mode. The scale detects not just the weight of a person but also 12 other factors including body mass, ideal weight, protein level, muscle mass, etc. For an optimum experience, download the Mi Fit app on your smartphone and connect the scale via Bluetooth. The scale is made from strong ABS material and is corrosion-resistant. You can also weigh different items like fruits, groceries, vegetables, etc. by switching it to normal static mode. The LED light display is normally hidden but it automatically gets triggered once you step on it or place something for 3 seconds. Then the display comes to life and shows the measurements.

Price: S$40 range

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4) NOMAD Premium Digital Weighing Scale

4-NOMAD Premium Digital Weighing Scale

The scale can detect up to 9 factors instantly. You can connect the sale with your smartphone and it will record your data. You can also design a weight loss plan depending on the results you get from the scale. The scale is made from quality ABS and has tempered glass on the top. It can withstand up to 180 kilograms of weight. The scale runs on 2 standard AAA sized batteries. You have 3 different color options to choose from. There are elasticity pads on the bottom which provides better stability and prevents the scale from slipping on the floor.

Price: S$20 range

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5) PL Premium Kitchen Digital Weighing Scale

5-PL Premium Kitchen Digital Weighing Scale

This is a simple but effective scale that has a minimalistic design. It’s pretty lightweight and has a smooth surface. The scale is made from ABS materials. The bottom is anti-slip and there is an easy to open battery compartment there as well. You’ll find the rounded buttons around the LCD. There is an on/off button and a switching button as well. You can change the units into 6 different conversion modes.

Price: S$10 range

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Digital Weighing Scale Maintenance Guide

A weighing scale is pretty simple in its construction so cleaning it is not rocket science either. Keep it well-maintained and enjoy long-term service.

Since it’s a digital scale, avoid using water. Never submerge it into water or directly apply any liquid cleaning products. If you use the scale almost every day, you can wipe it with a soft cloth after you’re done using it. But for a thorough cleaning, you need to apply a little more effort.

While cleaning the scale, don’t be too harsh. Don’t turn it upside down roughly and put too much pressure on the control panel or display. First, use a clean damp cloth to wipe over the surface. You can use disinfecting wipes to clean the scale. If you notice any stubborn stains or if you don’t have wipes at hand, take a little white vinegar and dip a soft cloth into it. Make sure you wring the cloth properly so it’s damp and not dripping. Wipe the scale with the cloth and scrub slowly but firmly on the stains. You might have to repeat the process for too stubborn areas but it should do the trick. Then use a dry cloth to wipe the scale again. Let it dry off completely before using it again or storing it away.

Always be gentle while using the scale. Check the battery before you use it since a low battery can result in inaccurate results. Never weigh things beyond the scale’s maximum capacity.

For most accurate results, make sure you use the scale in the right way. Always place it on a stable and a perfectly flat surface. Always store it at a clean and dry place when not in use. If you think there is a problem with your scale, avoid messing around with it and get it checked by a professional.

Bottom Line

We hope the list succeeded in highlighting the features of these weighing scales. Now you can pick out the one you think can be a perfect addition in your household or workplace.


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