Digital Lock in Singapore

Top 5 Digital Lock in Singapore

Locks are the security guards in a household that can keep you safe and sound. People are evolving with the help of technology in every way, so you should update the security measures in your house as well. Traditional locks, deadbolts and spring bolts are common in all households, doing their duty of keeping you safe. But digital locks can do the same job better as they come with added features. If you’re still stuck on that traditional way, it’s high time you embrace the advantages modern technology is offering you.

There are a lot of digital locks out there. We surfed the market to handpick 5 digital locks from different price ranges. You can take a look at the list below and choose a lock that you feel will provide your family with the utmost security.



1) Yale YDM4109RL Digital Door Lock

1-Yale YDM4109RL Digital Door Lock

This digital lock is most effective for doors that are 40-80mm thick. You can use Easy-Scan technology to put in the data for your fingerprint so that you can just scan your finger over the lock whenever you need to open or close the door. For added security, you can use the touchpad to scan your palm after putting your password so that no one can sneak a peek at the letters and compromise your security. You can set up to 20 fingerprint records which should be more than enough for your family and trusted individuals. There’s also a voice guide available that will direct you to how to set everything up if it becomes too complicated for you.

Price: S$900 range

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2) Samsung Digital Doorlock SHP-DP930 – Grill lock

2-Samsung Digital Doorlock SHP-DP930 - DR900 - Grill lock - DP960

For this digital lock with Samsung, you can set up a password that would be used to open the lock. You can also use an RF key tag that is much faster or you can go contactless by using the remote control and opening the lock from a distance. Similar to remote control, you can connect the lock with your smartphone via Bluetooth so you can unlock the door with your phone. If you’re feeling too traditional, you can just insert the metal key associated with the lock. The lock is 100% waterproof so don’t worry about some accidental splashes.

Price: S$450 range

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3) Kaiser Digital Lock

3-Kaiser Digital Lock

This lock can be installed on all kinds of doors and gates so you can set it anywhere in the house. It can be controlled in several ways. You can open the lock by scanning your fingerprint which you need to record beforehand, you can use a password, a key card or you can just use a key. The fingerprint algorithm is very accurate and fast since it can read your print in a second. It has an alarm that will go off if anyone tries to break in. There is also a built-in sensor that can detect the temperature in the house so that the door can automatically unlock in case there is a fire.

Price: S$250 range

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The scan technology in this lock along with the swipe and capacitive sensor ensures that your fingerprint cannot be duplicated. The Interlocking Hook mechanism in this has been enhanced 5 times and it makes it impossible for anyone to short circuit this lock from outside with a wire. The slim and compact lock can be opened with a card, with a password and a palm touch. You can confirm the number of uses you get before the lock can alert of a break-in. You can also set a 3-minute lock function so the door won’t immediately get locked after you unlock it in case you need to rush out again.

Price: S$150 range

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5) Samsung EZON Digital Lock SHS-2920 GATEMAN WF-20

5-Samsung EZON Digital Lock SHS-2920 GATEMAN WF-20

This lock has a voice guide available in three different languages- English, Chinese and Korean so you can hear the instructions on how to set it up. You can set up to 20 fingerprints with which you can unlock the door. Also, you can activate a double lock for extra security where the door won’t open from the outside even with a key card or passwords. If you need to go out at night and would like the lock to remain silent, just simply press your palm first before putting in the password so it can go into manner mode and operate quietly. High electric surges can’t damage the lock so you won’t have to worry about it being compromised.

Price: S$100 range

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Digital Lock Maintenance Guide

Digital locks are very tricky to install so it would be smart for you to get a handyman to install the lock. The sellers sometimes provide free or charged installation with these locks so you can take that deal as well. If your lock is not waterproof, be extra cautious when using it or cleaning it. You need to maintain your lock to maintain your household security.

Most of these digital locks show alerts when you need to change the batteries. Be sure to change the batteries as soon as you get the alert so that your lock can remain 100% functional. Since digital locks are pretty compact and run on batteries or electricity, there is not much cleaning required. You can just clean the touchpad with a cloth once every day. You can use a disinfecting product to wipe the surface with since so many hands get in contact with it every day. You just have to make sure it remains functional. If the lock starts to act funny in any way, contact a locksmith.

Bottom Line

It’s foolish to compromise the security of your household or workplace. With modern technology, breaking and entering is easier since people have access to almost anything they want to learn. You can learn how to pick a lock with the help of the internet. But getting through a digital lock is much harder. So, ensure the safety of your household and workplace by installing a digital lock.


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