Cold Pressed Juicer in Singapore

Top 5 Cold Pressed Juicer in Singapore

Freshly squeezed juice is both a refreshing and nutritious drink. Among many beverages, juice is considered to be the healthiest as you can get it directly from natural sources. Grab your preferred piece of fruit or vegetable and squeeze out the perfect drink for yourself.

Using a juicer is more convenient than squeezing the juice by hand. A cold-pressed juicer, also known as a Masticating juicer, has a different way of extracting the juice than other normal juicers. A cold-pressed juicer crushes the fruit or vegetable before starting to extract. With this method, the ingredients do not get affected by heat, which keeps the nutrients intact. That’s why many people prefer cold-pressed juicers over the blade-whirring extracting ones. If you are one of those people and would like to own a cold-pressed juicer to enjoy a healthy drink any time, take a look at this list we made. It might help you with making a decision.



1) Hurom HZ2500 HZ Premium Series Cold Press Juicer

1-Hurom HZ2500 HZ Premium Series Cold Press Juicer

To get a premium juicing experience, take a look at this premium series juicer from Hurom. With its stainless-steel exterior and stylish design, it can attract consumers from all levels. It has an LED display to provide an easy user interface. You don’t have to worry about waking the entire house while making juice as the juicer has an AC motor that ensures low noise and vibration.

It has four spinning brushes that have a rotational speed of 43 RPM. The chamber capacity is 500ml. Two types of strainers can present you with a smoother beverage. If your budget is for a high-end juicer and you are looking for a premium way to make juice, keep this product in mind.

Price: S$900 range

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2) Hurom Slow Juicer H100 Cold Press Juicer

2-Hurom Slow Juicer H100 Cold Press Juicer

With its classy and intricate design, this juicer comes in 4 different colors for you to choose from. These juicers from Hurom use auger instead of blades that ensure your juice is as close to nature as possible. The bottom chamber of the juicer has a seven-degree tilt so that no juice is left inside. The hopper is bigger and safer so you can put in fruits or vegetables without chopping.

As there are no blades inside, you can easily clean it without having to worry about cutting yourself. It has three different kinds of strainers for drinks of different consistency. You can make not just juice, but also soya bean milk, pulps, ice-cream mix, etc.

Price: S$800 range

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3) Miugous Cold Press Slow Juicer

3-Miugous Cold Press Slow Juicer

This juicer comes with the LSTS (Low-Speed Technology System) method to provide you with tasty, natural juice. The bowl can hold 500ml of extracted juice at a time. The auger in this is twin-winged which helps extract juice that is much smoother. The AC motor makes minimum noise so you can quietly enjoy your beverage. The LED touchpad makes it easier for you to operate it. With this highly developed product, you can extract fruits and vegetables while maintaining the highest amount of nutrients possible.

Price: S$500 range

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4) Beko Slow Juicer SJA3209BX

4-Beko Slow Juicer SJA3209BX

This juicer has a forward and reverse squeezing action, so your ingredients won’t get stuck in the juicer. Thanks to the dual rotation, fruits or vegetables with harder exteriors can pass through rather easily. The inserting tube is pretty wide, so you can just chuck your fruits inside without cutting them into small cubes. The low decibel noise level will prevent you from waking anyone if you feel like having a glass of juice in the middle of the night.

It comes with a sorbet attachment so you can turn your frozen fruits into desserts of your choice. Just put in your ingredients into the tube and the juicer will do the rest. If you want a juicer that can serve you healthy drinks as well as delicious desserts, then you can check out this mid-level priced machine from Beko.

Price: S$300 range

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5) Tefal Infiny Cold Press Slow Juicer

5-Tefal Infiny Cold Press Slow Juicer

The cold pressing technology in this juicer ensures optimum nutritional benefits from your juice. It has three different feeding tubes so you can put in different ingredients at the same time. Two different filters give you the option of extracting both juice and coulis. It comes with two different jugs for juice and pulp where the juice jug has a foam separator so you can enjoy a nice, clean drink. The parts are easily removable so you can clean the juicer by taking it apart in no time.

So if you are looking for a juicer that serves the purpose of providing fresh, healthy juice at a lower price, this might be the ideal choice for you.

Price: S$200 range

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Maintenance Guide for Cold Pressed Juicer

If you wish to enjoy a continuous supply of juice for a long time, you have to ensure proper maintenance. Instead of getting your juicer checked over by a professional every once in a while, you can just follow these simple steps yourself and keep your juicer running for a long time.

  • Make sure that no juice drops on the outer area of the juicer, especially the buttons. If it happens, clean it off immediately
  • Unplug the juicer before starting with your cleaning
  • Take the press chamber apart and clean it thoroughly with soap and hot water. Use a brush to scrub off narrow parts and dry it well before putting it back on
  • Check the filters for any discoloration. If there is any, replace them
  • Follow the instruction manual provided with your juicer if you need help understanding how to disassemble the parts
  • Check for any damaged parts or malfunction regularly. If found, take the juicer to your nearest service center

Whereas centrifugal extractors use sharp blades to extract the juice while destroying many vitamin compounds, cold-pressed juicers move slowly and carefully to give you a healthier diet.

To conclude, cold-pressed juicers are a way of providing you with drinks that are more nutritious. If you want your intake of juice to be full of vitamins and nutrients, find a juicer that will accommodate your taste. We hope this article gave you enough information that can assist you in your purchase.


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