Coffee Table in Singapore

Top 5 Coffee Table in Singapore

Aside from the big pieces of furniture, there are tons of small companion furniture that are needed to complete the look. In your living room, you may be content with a couch and a TV but, won’t a coffee table make it so much better? Coffee tables are small but practical. You won’t realize its benefits unless you start using one. Just because it’s a coffee table, doesn’t mean that all you use it for is serving coffee. If you already have a coffee table in your room, it might be time for an upgrade.

There are numerous coffee tables in the market. They are made from different materials, have different styles. We handpicked five coffee tables and put them in the list below. They are all different in designs and belong in several price ranges. You can take a look and see if any table can live up to your standards.



1) AiDeal Coffee Table

1-AiDeal Coffee Table

With quite a unique design, this table comes with a hinge mechanism that helps list the top of the table. There is already some space on the bottom portion of the table where you can keep books and other decorative stuff. The lifting mechanism reveals another compact hidden compartment where you can place small and slim objects. Also, you can use that compartment as an extra space along with the top part to serve snacks. The table is made from a 2-inch thick PVC board that has a wood-like finishing. The hinges are made from metal and are quite sturdy. The table is available in several colors so you can choose one that can complement your decor.

Price: S$150 range

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2) Agoramart Scandinavian Wooden Coffee Table

2-Agoramart Scandinavian Wooden Coffee Table

Made from thick particle board material, the table is quite simple in design. The legs are made from solid wood, the bottoms are smoothened enough that your floors won’t sport scratches if you drag the table around. The bottom portion has two different compartments, one is open, and the other has a partition covering it. The edges are rounded, so no one would accidentally injure themselves while handling the coffee table. The off-white finish brings a classy touch to the table. If you want, you can decorate your entire living room with a set of furniture of the same design to create a complete Scandinavian look.

Price: S$120 range

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3) FurnitureSG Modern Coffee Table

3-FurnitureSG Modern Coffee Table

The table is made from durable MDF wood. The top part is quite simple and plain. It’s oval-shaped and has a wooden finish. As for the legs of the table, you can choose between wooden legs and metal legs. The table is available in several colors so you can choose according to your living room décor. The table is quite sturdy and lightweight. You can easily move it around from place to place. You can use it as a side table in your bedroom or anywhere else in the house. The design is as simplistic as it can get.

Price: S$80 range

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4) Agoramart Wooden Coffee Table

4-Agoramart Wooden Coffee Table

Strong particle board, also known as compressed wood- is used to construct this table. The best thing is probably that you have a lot of choices in picking out a table from here. There’s a rectangle-shaped one that is made from all wood. It’s simple, has some space on the bottom where you can keep stuff. It’s available in different colors as well. There’s a round-shaped table that comes with metal legs supporting the wooden top. You can also pick the double-tiered table. It comes in both a rectangle shape and a round shape. Instead of becoming confused about which one to pick, just try to vision which table would look the best in your house.

Price: S$40 range

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5) Ology Group Coffee Table

5-Ology Group Coffee Table

Here you have a simple round coffee table that can go with any décor imaginable. You have different size options when it comes to choosing the round-shaped. The table is made from durable particleboard. Four wooden legs are attached to the bottom to provide balance to the table. The legs have transparent anti-skid protection for better stability and to keep your floor from getting scratched up even if you drag the table around. The table comes in different colors and finishes. If you want to keep it simple and get a cost-friendly coffee table, this might be the ideal choice.

Price: S$20 range

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Coffee Table Maintenance Guide

A coffee table may not be that expensive, but you should still try to get your deserving service. A little caring should be more than enough to keep it in topnotch condition.

Whether the table is made from metal, glass, or wood, wipe it with a dry cloth every two days so no dust can collect. Lesser dust is always welcome. For proper cleaning, empty the coffee table. Take a damp cloth and give it a proper wipe. You can use a little soap with water to scrub over the table.

You might end up spilling something on your table during snack time. The best step would be to clean it up as soon as possible to avoid any stains from forming. But if you still notice any stain, use a little lemon juice and baking soda to scrub over the stains. Then use a clean damp cloth to wipe it clean.

You can use some polish or burnish on your table if it’s made of wood. That would give it an extra shine. As for a glass tabletop, a wipe with a normal glass cleaner should be enough.

Try to conduct a thorough cleaning session with your coffee table once a week. While you do, always check for damages to avoid unwanted injuries.

Bottom Line

The list is intended to give you a proper idea about these tables by highlighting the features. Make sure to check all the tables to see which one can complement your living room the best.


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