Coffee Grinder in Singapore

Top 5 Coffee Grinder in Singapore

To get started with a hectic day ahead, maybe a freshly brewed cup of coffee is all you need. Your preferred cup of coffee with its fresh aroma can instantly refresh your mind and push away the morning grogginess. People have individual preferences when it comes to coffee. To make a perfect cup of coffee, one needs the perfect machine to assist with that.

A coffee grinder is used to dispense roasted coffee beans which can be later brewed to prepare a cup of coffee of your taste. Having access to a grinder can never be a bad thing as you can enjoy your favorite cup of coffee anytime you like. From the list below, you can get an idea about the different types of grinders that are available in the market and choose the one you like.



1) Manual Coffee Bean Grinder

1-Manual Coffee Bean Grinder

Dive into the traditional way of coffee-making with this manual coffee bean grinder. It is surely a value for money product that brings out the flavor of your coffee. Yes, it might require a little more effort as you will have to manually grind the beans instead of depending on the grinder. But that just means that can you can grind your coffee beans at the precise level you like.

This kind of grinder is quite durable. It’s a classic product so you can be sure that it will never go out of style. Using a manual grinder will keep your beans away from any heat. This enriches the flavor of your coffee as the beans shouldn’t be heated up unless they’re being brewed, it traps the aroma in its entirety.

Price: S$200 range

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2) Delonghi – Coffee Bean Grinder

2-Delonghi - Coffee Bean Grinder

With its Burr grinding system, coffee beans perfectly grind against each other without being overheated. This preserves the coffee aroma and gives your coffee an authentic taste. A finesse selector on the side lets you choose the setting at which you want your beans to grind, from medium to coarse. The grinder is equipped with a dual safety system that automatically shuts the wheels if the container or ground coffee is removed. You can also select from 2-12 cups of coffee to ground with the cup selector option. The grinder will automatically shut off after your desired amounts of beans are ground.

Price: S$100 range

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3) Rommelsbacher EKM 150 Coffee Grinder

3-Rommelsbacher EKM 150 Coffee Grinder

For an aromatic coffee treat at any time, take a look at this grinder from Rommelsbacher. With its 2-winged stainless steel blade and stainless steel casing, the sturdiness is extra high. The bean container is also stainless steel with a capacity of 40 grams. The transparent cover on top is detachable and lets you see the real-time state of the beans. You can set your beans to grind at 7 different levels depending on the bean type and your preference. The grinding time can also be controlled and the machine will switch-off after the time has elapsed. This machine is wrapped inside out with stainless steel which makes it more elegant while also increasing its durability.

Price: S$50 range

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4) Sencor Electric Coffee Grinder

4-Sencor Electric Coffee Grinder

Enjoy a grinder with which you can grind not just coffee beans but other herbs and spices as well. With a capacity of 50 grams, 10 cups worth of coffee beans can be ground. The special 3-tier stainless steel blade lets you adjust the finesse of the beans according to the grinding time. Even the outer casing is of stainless steel to prevent rusting.

The safety latch won’t start the grinder unless the lid is closed. Its anti-slip feet allow more stable grinding. With a simple on-off switch, operating a grinder has never been easier. 

Price: S$30 range

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5) Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder

5-Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder

This is another grinder with a stainless steel body. But it’s much cheaper and a manual grinder. You can grind the beans at a different speed and different sizes to enjoy your perfect cup of coffee. The grinding core inside is spiral and made of ceramic which releases the lowest heat, so the original aroma of your coffee is successfully entrapped.

You can adjust the grind size depending on how you brew the beans. With its professional handle, your hand won’t get tired from a manual grinding. Rather you will get the optimum result when you sip on your favorite cup of coffee. All the parts are easily removable so you can clean them as you wish.

Price: S$10 range

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Coffee Grinder Maintenance Guide

To keep enjoying a perfectly brewed cup of coffee, keep your grinder in optimum shape. Proper cleaning and maintenance are highly advisable. To clean your coffee grinder, follow these steps:

– If it’s an electric grinder, make sure that you unplug it and keep it unplugged for a while to let it completely cool down

– Take out the removable parts and clear any coffee dust that might be inside

– Use a damp cloth to wipe down all the parts, especially the grinding chamber

– If you notice any oil residue, make a solution of warm water and mild soap and quickly rinse the parts. Avoid getting water into the electronic components

– After rinsing them, dry the parts as soon as possible

– Any place inside the grinder you can reach should be cleaned. Leave the more difficult to remove parts

– You can use small brushes, vacuum, and lint-free cloth to clean the grinder in its entirety

– Reassemble the grinder carefully, seek help from the manual if necessary

You should grind a few beans to see if the motors have been assembled properly. Then you can store the grinder away until your next use.

In conclusion, a coffee grinder can be seen as a form of luxury to many but there is nothing wrong with wanting to cherish a perfect cup of coffee right at the comfort of your own house. Don’t forget to seek out the products from our list when you go shopping for a grinder.


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