Clothes Dryer in Singapore

Top 5 Clothes Dryers in Singapore

Singapore has quite a hot & humid weather since it has a tropical climate, often having an average temperature of 27 °C to 28 °C. Hence, due to sweating, your shirts may end up with sweat marks & need proper washing. In such circumstances, only using a washer is not enough as you may need to wear particular shirts or pants the next day while going to work or school. This is where a clothes dryer comes in handy. It can get that job done perfectly by not only washing the cloth but also drying it, making it perfect for use on the next day.

There is a number of famous clothes dryers’ brands that are available in the market. We have weighed their pros and cons to present the top five clothes dryers that you should probably check out if you are planning to buy one.



1) SAMSUNG DV90N8289AW-SP Heatpump Dryer

SAMSUNG DV90N8289AW-SP Heatpump Dryer

Although it drags a hefty price tag, this Samsung clothes dryer is designed to save energy, costing you only 0.45 Singaporean Dollars per load. This is because it uses a refrigerant instead of electricity to heat the air for drying. If you hate the clothes dryer machines that take hours to dry your clothes, this is perfect for you since it can dry cotton clothes in only 80 minutes! Besides that, it comes with an innovative technology along with an app that provides ‘laundry recipes’, suggesting what kind of clothes to dry. It also has a moisture sensor, temperature sensor and heat exchange cleaner sensor for optimum performance at very little noise.

Price: S$1400 range

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2) Electrolux EDP2074PDW – Clothes Condenser Dryer Machine

Electrolux EDP2074PDW - Clothes Condenser Dryer Machine

This clothes dryer comes with a 2-year warranty from Electrolux. It has a 3XL Door and comes with a child lock as well. You don’t only get full electronic control but also a time display for keeping track. The LCD display comes with an advanced smart sensor drying system along with a Wifi connection in addition to an “Auto Off” option that automatically switches off the machine after it is done drying. Besides that, it can dry clothes up to 7 KGs of clothes at one go. 

Price: S$800 range

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3) GEITHAINER MiniSpin Washing Machine XPB30-120R

GEITHAINER MiniSpin Washing Machine XPB30-120R

This product comes at a low price but also remains very much small in size. The washing machine can wash & dry up to 3 kg of clothes. It takes 15 minutes to wash the lot. Hence, it saves water & electricity. There is also a neat cord storage and a plastic door, along with a hand grip for convenience. It also comes with a stable anti-sliding facility. Apart from that, it requires 220V 60Hz, meaning that it is quite energy efficient.

Price: S$200 range

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4) Xiaomi Clothes Dryer  

Xiaomi Clothes Dryer

This clothes dryer remains a top-notch clothes dryer with the most efficient technology at the most reasonable price. . It comes in a futuristic look with a plastic & metal body. The dryer can quickly and effectively dry clothes owing to its 360 degree spin of hot air It can not only dry up to 7.6 kg clothes at once but also ensure that the clothes are truly clean through its triple sterilization method. All in all, users recommend this product for its user-friendly and optimal design.

Price: S$200 range

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5) JYMOL European Style Circular Double-Layer Household Clothes Dryer  

JYMOL European Style Circular Double-Layer Household Clothes Dryer

This Clothes dryer sports a European style along with an iconic wine red design that gives a Chinese New Year vibe. With a total of 6 arms and 2 curves to grab the clothes, this dryer releases warm air with a temperature of up to 60 C to warm up the clothes to aid in the drying process. It also has a lock up design that enables you to keep the warm air sealed in for faster drying. A special feature of this dryer is that it has a rails inside for hanging up to 12 pieces of clothing for drying, which can save space and electricity costs since you can dry most of your clothes at one go.

Price: S$100 range

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Clothes Dryers Maintenance Guide

To keep it functional and clean, frequently empty and clean up the clothes dryer. Once your clothing is dried, lint builds up within the lint trap and dryers, reducing the effectiveness and raising the fire risk. You must make basic repairs, such as cleaning the lint filter and cleaning the waste, in order to maintain the dryer.

Clean up the dryer winds annually. This is a bit of a process, but everyone can learn how to clean up their own blowers to protect their homes. Whilst you clean the lint every load, you sometimes need to conduct a thorough cleaning procedure. You can insert the lint filter on top of the dishwasher, or wash it with soap or laundry detergent in your sink.

The lint film must be washed every 3 months. Wash the dryer duct with either a brush or a vacuum hose. Remove the vent hose connecting the dryer to the wall. You may need to remove it with a screwdriver based on the shape of the duct. Clean the inside by a vacuum shaft, an extendable wall brush, or a vacuum pad. Note that not all vacuum cleaner can be used to perform this task. Remove all remaining lint from a damp rag. In this way, you can maintain the dryer so that it can remain in a running order for a long time.

In conclusion, you can get a complete idea about the best clothes dryers available in the market in Singapore from this article. Dryers are significant for drying clothes in a busy country like Singapore where most people do not really get that much of time to hand wash clothes & put them to dry. They have become an essential part of life and, for some people, it gives them a small measure of luxury to be able to get their washing done after a long day of work. So, at the end, a clothes dryer really does make life simpler and easier.


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