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Cleanliness is a necessity when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. In today’s hectic schedule and exhausting work hours, keeping your establishment neat and germ-free is becoming harder than ever. Whether it’s your home or office that needs some dusting or scrubbing, the numerous cleaning services available in Singapore are great options to fix the problem. So, this article aims to fill you in on everything you need to know about these services.



What are the Types of Cleaning Services?

Categorizing cleaning services into specific types is harder than most other businesses as it is a huge industry. While the existing companies are constantly expanding their services, entrepreneurs are coming up with more modern ideas to implement in this business. Considering all these aspects, we have divided them into a few categories for your convenience. Check them out below:

  • Residential Cleaning: This is undoubtedly the most popular type of cleaning service that specializes in housework. This type of cleaning service includes tidying up the rooms, sanitizing the kitchen, taking care of the rubbish, etc. Many people book residential cleaning services during relocation or renovation. It is also known as janitorial service and maid service.
  • Commercial Cleaning: Focusing on offices, business hubs, and shopping centers, commercial cleaning services are becoming more than a necessity nowadays. In order to keep the work environment dust and grime free, many business owners in big cities are opting for commercial cleaning services. This type of service usually takes place at night or during the weekends. Naturally, it is more cost-effective to hire a part-time commercial cleaning service provider. However, the majority of the clients go for full-time service for a clean workstation.
  • Steam Cleaning: Many carpets, curtains, and upholstery furniture cannot be cleaned with liquid cleaning agents. In this case, steam cleaning comes in handy as it can restore the quality without damaging the surface. If you want to book this service, you need to learn about the company’s experience and expertise in this cleaning method first.
  • Curtain or Carpet Cleaning: Curtains and carpets require specific methods to be cleaned. This is why most homeowners choose professional cleaning services for these expensive items. Due to the massive popularity of this service growing over the years, many companies work solely on this specific type of cleaning.



Difference between DIY and Professional Cleaning Service

Keeping the house clean has long been a part of the daily chores. A bit of dusting, mopping or scrubbing during the weekends is still doable for many people. However, hiring professionals seems more convenient for overextended parents and large homeowners. Many office workers and business owners also prefer taking expert service over DIY cleaning methods.

There is another reason why professional cleaning services are becoming more demanding in Singapore. Toilet cleaning, grime removal, cleaning of home appliances, window cleaning, etc. are tasks that require concentrated and specific cleaning methods. Simple DIY cleaning techniques can easily remove the dust and debris from the surface. However, there remains a very good chance that some bacteria or microorganisms will still be stuck to the cleaned area.

Lack of proper disinfectants and cleaning tools can do more harm than good. Such concern is invalid when you take professional help. They are trained and equipped with necessary kits and tools. So, you can easily rely on the cleanliness aspect of the service.

Keeping all these factors in mind, you can go for an experienced cleaning service or try a traditional cleaning method depending on your needs.



Average Cost of Cleaning Services in Singapore

In Singapore, you can either go for a one-time or monthly service. The majority of the cleaning service companies charge by the hours. On average, you may have to spend around $25 to $55 per hour. You can also go for the monthly package instead. In this case, you will be looking at $160 to $1000+ for 4 sessions of cleaning services during the weekends.

Almost all the cleaning companies mention their pricing on their website. If you are getting a cleaning service for the first time, compare a few of them first. It should be noted that the cost may increase prior to festive occasions. So, keep this in mind while booking a cleaning service.

If you are looking for a budget-saving cleaning service, hire them during the weekdays. The charge is relatively lower, especially during the off-peak hours.



Some of the best cleaning services in Singapore

Given a city like Singapore, where people spend at least 40 hours a week at work, who still has the ability to pursue homework? Most of us are too tired of doing household and weekly tasks.

Therefore, hire a part-time maid or using some packaging service is obviously one of the best solutions. When we leave the house in a professional hand, that’s when we can have more time with the family after work. This also means we can recharge our battery for other matters.

Would you like to know which cleaning company is reliable to check?

Check out the list of home cleaning services below. It’s listed based on researching multiple cleaning services companies in Singapore as well as opinions and suggestions from real customers, We have done our level best to provide you with the top trusted names.

Part-time or full-time, regardless of the type, there is always a perfect cleaning company catering to your needs. Currently, a large number of cleaning service providers are operating in Singapore who specializes in different types of cleaning services. Check out some of the most popular cleaning service provider.




They provide great and consistent cleaning service. With years of experience in providing cleaning services to over hundreds of customers, this company is always keen to provide excellent and reliable services. Customers praised them for the professional, effective and emotional work. Their cleaners are required to go through at least 15 hours of training which includes on-the-job training, to accommodate all cleaning tasks.

Scope of work:

  • Bedroom and living room: ironing and disinfecting floors, cleaning mirrors, cleaning furniture, changing sheets
  • Bathroom: wash toilet floors and walls, clean and disinfect garbage, washing, toilet and mirror cleaning
  • Kitchen: filters, floor cleaning, washing machines, cooking utensils or sinks and outdoor electrical appliances and cleaners
  • Other: empty garbage, window and grill cleaning, door and metal cleaning, ironing



Weekly Cleaning

  • Weekday package: S$230/month for 3 hours per visit, 4 times per month or S$280/month for 4 hours per visit, 4 times per month
  • Weekend package: S$260/month for 3 hours per visit, 4 times per month or S$330/month for 4 hours per visit, 4 times per month

One Time Cleaning

  • For houses below 1000 ft2, 3 hour cleaning costs S$126(weekday service) or S$150(weekend service)
  • For houses between 1000 ft2 and 1300 ft2, 4 hour cleaning costs S$168(weekday service) or S$220 (weekend service)
  • There will be a surcharge for engaging service on peak period which is 3 weeks before festive days like Christmas, Chinese New Year, Hari Raya Puasa and Deepavali

NOTE: Cleaner will receive cleaning equipment and materials such as mop, wiper, vacuum, cleaning cloth, brushes and detergent from customer’s side.




For many families, foreigners and organizations, Whissh has become almost the go to choice for their home cleaning option. They are commonly known to focus widely on professional service and quality service.

The company has made steady progress over the years. They continue to provide competitive and valuable services to maintain a clean or comfortable living or working environment for many families, HDB, residential and office units in Singapore.



  • High quality and well-trained staff: With a well-trained staff and a leading service team in the industry, Whissh has always provide high quality service to homes and offices across the island. It has also serves many luxury yachts when it passes through the waters of Singapore.
  • Great value and friendly service: Through the continuous years of service, it has allow Whissh to improve and provide better value for customers. The high customer base in the industry is evidence of Whissh’s dedication to value and friendly service.
  • Integrated home services: As of today, Whissh has even expanded its services to include other services such as laundry, plumbing, air conditioning, electrical maintenance, and many others. Booking can be made through online or phone calls.

CLEANING JOB SCOPE (Weekly Home Cleaning Service):

With each week’s house cleaning (4 hours per session), the service crew will do the job covering the following:

  • Living Room and Bedroom: Wipe all accessible surface and ceiling fans, cabinets and built-in wardrobe exteriors, vacuum cleaner carpet and floor, mop floor, and empty trash can
  • Kitchen: cleaning the exterior of the appliance and refrigerator, cleaning the kitchen stove, wash and scrub wash basins and faucets, wiping counters and cabinets, sweep / vacuum floor, mop floor
  • Bathroom: Clean the mirror and wash and rub the shower area, toilet bowl, sink, faucets, floor, and toilet wall tiles.
  • Laundry and ironing services using a washing machine are included on request.
  • Window cleaning can be arranged quarterly


  • Weekly Cleaning (Once a week): $110 per 4-hour session. Monthly cleaning that comprises of four 4-hour sessions ($440).
  • Weekly Cleaning (Twice a week): $100 per 4-hour session. Monthly cleaning that comprises of eight 4-hour sessions ($800).
  • Weekly Cleaning (Thrice a week): $95 per 4-hour session. Monthly cleaning that comprises of twelve 4-hour sessions ($1,140).
  • One – Time General Cleaning: $120 (weekday) and $130 (weekend).
  • One – Time Thorough Deep Cleaning (Move In/ Out Cleaning, Spring Cleaning and Post Renovation Cleaning)


  1. Whissh service crew conform strictly to regulatory requirements including CPF, health care, and other requirements in Singapore.
  2. All the cleaning staff has undergone a series of training, including customer service training, technical cleaning training and on-the-job training.
  3. Whissh service crew are medically screened and free from criminal records.
  4. Whissh service crew and customers’ houses are insured (up to $250,000) against unfortunate injuries or damages.


  • Regular Cleaning and One – Time General Cleaning Service: to be provided by client.
  • One – Time Through Deep Cleaning Service (Move In/ Out Cleaning, Spring Cleaning and Post Renovation Cleaning): to be provided by Whissh.




If you are looking for an agency that provides good house cleaning services and does not charge agent fees, House Cleaner Singapore is a good option. This company has been providing professional house cleaning services for nearly a decade, since 2005. 

  • No agent fee and no placement fee at any point of time:Unlike other agencies, House Cleaner Singapore does not charge customer these admin fees. If you are not satisfied with any cleaner staff, the company will arrange another one for you free of charge.
  • Ironing and window cleaning tasks are included in regular house cleaning service.
  • A one-stop service provider for all housekeeping needs:Besides offering services for regular house cleaning tasks, this company also provides other related services like carpet cleaning, laundry cleaning, aircon servicing and house painting.


  • Regular House Cleaning: Work scope includes dusting and cleaning all rooms and kitchen, vacuuming and mopping all floors, washing all toilets, cleaning of stove areas, ironing and pressing clothes, cleaning all windows and grilles. Each cleaning session takes minimum 4 hours. There is a surcharge of S$20 per session for services on weekends and public holidays.
  • Spring Cleaning: Service rate starts from S$150 for houses below 650 sq ft to S$580 for houses above 2200 sq ft. Cleaning work will be done by one cleaner for small houses or a team of two to three cleaners for big houses. There will be a surcharge of 20% for peak periods such as Hari Raya, Christmas, and Chinese New Year.


  • Weekly service: S$388 nett per 4 sessions
  • Twice weekly service: S$768 nett per 8 sessions
  • Thrice weekly service: S$1080 nett per 12 sessions
  • Rug cleaning: From S$70 to S$200
  • Sofa cleaning: From S$60 to S$200
  • Curtain cleaning: From S$35 onward
  • Mattress cleaning: From S$80 to S$120

NOTE: Customer is responsible for providing cleaning materials and equipment.




A very professional and competent company. They have been operating since 2008, and the company has already served hundreds of satisfied customers, and its quality service has also been featured on several media and local newspapers.


  • We can say it’s one of the biggest cleaning service companies in Singapore:This company has a team of more than 50 cleaning and laundry staff, which are all trained by experienced housekeepers. The company also provides other home related house services like carpet shampooing, upholstery cleaning and also curtain laundry.
  • Top pick of any urgent job:Given their big team of housekeepers and having a huge fleet of vehicles across Singapore, this allows them to deploy their cleaning services within short notices.
  • Window cleaning and iron task: These types of tasks are also included in regular weekly housekeeping service.


  • Regular Residential Cleaning: You can choose bi-weekly, weekly, twice weekly or thrice weekly house cleaning service to suit your needs. Price starts from S$160 for studio apartments below 800 sq ft to S$250 for houses above 1800 sq ft. Cleaning work is done by a team of two cleaners. Customer is responsible for providing cleaners cleaning equipment and materials.
  • Spring Cleaning: There will be a team of 3-4 housekeepers which will be assigned to clean your house for around 4-5 hours. The scope of work includes cleaning living and dining rooms, all your bed rooms, kitchen, all windows and other glass panes. Service rates start from S$288 for houses below 800 sq ft to S$550 for houses above 1800 sq ft on weekdays, and respectively from S$308 to S$600 on weekends. You can also contact Home Cleanz for a more accurate non-obligation on-site quote.
  • Window Cleaning: Prices are S$150 for HDB 2-3 bedroom / Condominium 2 bedroom, S$200 for HDB 4-5 bedroom / Condominium 3 bedroom, and S$250 for HDB mansionette / Condominium 4 bedroom.
  • Upholstery Cleaning: This service is offered for cleaning mattress and sofa. Prices start from S$70.
  • Carpet Shampooing: Service includes dry vacuuming, spot cleaning, and spraying carpet protector. Rates start from S$90.
  • Steaming and Sanitization: Cleaner uses steaming machine and approved chemicals to kill bacteria and dust mite. This service can be done to sofa, mattress, furniture, and whole house. Prices start from S$70.


NOTE: All prices are subjective to 7% GST.


  • Office: Monday to Friday 09:00 – 18:00
  • Home cleaning & laundry: Monday to Saturday 09:00 – 18:00
    (Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays)




This is another experienced company, they are the go to for spick and span cleaning and awesome customer service. With core values instilled in KMAC name, especially where striving for improvement, upholding excellent quality and being able to maintain good relationships with their customer is what they aim for at all times.


  • Since 2010 (accredited): Having equipped with solid years or experience in this field, they have been accredited by very strong authority bodies, such as NEA and IAF as a certified cleaning provider that are accredited. The Workplace Safety and Health Council has also accredited them for attaining bizSafe LevelS
  • They are very affordable and also flexible: Theirstaff will always do what it takes at their level best to try and fit into your schedule, and this applies even to last minute changing of session. In addition, they also offer super attractive and affordable packages to leave your home sparkling clean without breaking the bank. Really value for money.


  • Officecleaning
  • Commercial cleaning
  • Residential cleaning
  • Churchcleaning
  • Hotelcleaning
  • Pre move in/move out cleaning
  • One time detailed cleaning
  • Pre/post renovation cleaning


One-time cleaning: Price starts from $200.

Regularly cleaning: Price starts from $20/hour.

  • Once a week: 3-hour session for $280 monthly; 4-hoursession for $320 monthly
  • Twice a week: 3-hour session for $520 monthly; 4-hour session for $600 monthly



Just a few more to add on,

  • Tinklean: Looking for an integrated cleaning service for your workplace? Then Tinklean may be the right choice for you. Specializing in corporate cleaning services, Tinklean is an expert when it comes to sofa cleaning, office cleaning, and carpet cleaning. Skilled and experienced, its cleaners come equipped with organic cleaning products. They can also take care of the rubbish and toilets, and keep the office neat and clean.
  • KMAC International: This is a cleaning service provider that is well-known for its eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Whether it is a home or an office, KMAC International has every kind of service you can think of. Licensed by NEA, the company also covers up to $1,000,000 worth of insurance money.
  • Helping: A global online marketplace, Helping provides top-notch quality freelance cleaning services. They have already gained massive popularity due to their affordable residential cleaning services which start from $20. One of the most attractive features of Helping is that you can compare pricing, rates, and reviews of different cleaners before you hire them for cleaning.
  • DomesticONE: Moving to a different location comes with its own challenges of cleaning and organization. DomesticONE understands this and provides both pre-moving and post-moving cleaning services. From dusting, mopping to vacuuming and so on, their service includes both part-time and regular housekeeping. On a very busy day, you can also take advantage of their babysitting services.


To sum up, now that you have some insight into the cleaning services in Singapore, we hope that you will be able to hire the most qualified agency for your home or establishment.