Blood Glucose Monitor in Singapore

Top 5 Blood Glucose Monitor in Singapore

The key to leading a healthy lifestyle is to regularly monitor how the body functions. High sugar level in blood is pretty common nowadays. People who have blood sugar problems need to check the sugar level on a regular basis. Not just them, many at-risk people are on the verge of going into the group with their blood sugar level just below the red line. They need to monitor their sugar level regularly as well. Getting the blood sugar checked at a doctor’s office or a pharmacy can be pretty tiring, especially when you have to check it regularly. So it’s better to get a blood glucose monitor for yourself and do the checking at home.

Using such machines is very easy; anyone can learn it on after their first try. Your finger needs to be pricked to draw a small drop of blood, then take it onto the testing strip provided with the blood glucose monitor and insert the strip in it. You’ll have the results in seconds. You can ask your doctor pharmacist how to do it. You’ll also find tons of videos online on how to use a blood glucose monitor, check those out. As for where to buy one, take a look at the list below. We have prepared a list of 5 of the best blood glucose monitors in the market.



1) KETO-MOJO Blood Ketone and Glucose Testing

1-KETO-MOJO Blood Ketone and Glucose Testing

It’s a portable and handy blood glucose monitor kit that you can easily travel anywhere with.  This kit is easy to use with the one-touch power button and strip ejector button. The machine can record your blood glucose in real-time since you can set your time zone no matter where you are. With its huge memory, the machine can record up to 1,000 results with time and date so you can keep track as needed. The screen displays your blood glucose results in large letters so you can read them easily and there is also a backlight that automatically comes to life once you turn the machine on.

Price: S$120 range

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2) OMRON HGM-114 Home Blood Glucose Meter

2-OMRON HGM-114 Home Blood Glucose Meter

This is an extremely light and portable blood glucose monitor that easily fits into any hand. You can hold it in one hand and the anti-skid design on both sides will keep it in place. The user interface is also too easy, there are no buttons! You just insert the strip, and the machine automatically reads it and then shows the results on the display. The testing strips are packaged separately in siphon paper. The test strips instantly draw the blood so you can insert it in the machine easily. It takes no more than 5 seconds for the machine to read the blood.

Price: S$70 range

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3) Xiaomi Andon AG-607 Blood Glucose Meter

3-Xiaomi Andon AG-607 Blood Glucose Meter

With its LCD backlight, using this blood glucose meter is easier than ever. It comes with 100 testing strips. You can insert and detach the strip with a single push of the button. The ergonomically designed needle can draw out blood without inducing any pain. The machine can detect the glucose in your blood in only 5 seconds and then display it on the little monitor. The test strip port has a digital indicator so you can quickly insert the strip. The machine can record your data for up to 500 times and you can check it by pushing a single button.

Price: S$50 range

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4) Caresens N Blood Glucose Monitor
4-Caresens N Blood Glucose Monitor

This portable blood glucose monitor comes with a large display that shows the results seconds after inserting the strip. The machine is compact and fits into the hand easily. The shape is pretty user-friendly and has rubber pads on the back that prevents the machine from slipping. You can also set alarms on the machine to alert you 2 hours after a meal, so you won’t forget about checking the post-meal blood glucose level. The machine can also provide an average result of 14 days so you can see whether you’ve made any improvements or not.

Price: S$40 range

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5) ACCU-CHEK Instant Blood Glucose Monitoring Meter

5-ACCU-CHEK Instant Blood Glucose Monitoring Meter

This small but practical machine comes in a little pouch that also contains the needle and testing strips. The machine is simple and easy to use. There are no buttons, just insert the strip and it will show results in a matter of seconds. There are colored dots on the side of the machine that indicates how dangerous your blood glucose level is.

Price: S$30 range

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Blood Glucose Monitor Maintenance Guide

Maintaining your blood glucose monitor is just as important as keeping the sugar level in check. The machine needs to be in the topnotch condition to keep providing accurate results.

Before you use the machine, make sure your hands are absolutely clean. Follow each instruction to the dot, from pricking your finger to inserting the testing the strip. The machines often come in their own protective pouch, try not to lose it and keep the machine in there along with the testing strips. They need to be kept in a cool, clean and dry place at all times.

Before checking your blood sugar, check the testing strips to see if they’ve expired. You need to clean your finger before pricking it and collecting blood samples with the strip.

Wrong storage of the test strips is a crucial reason behind a meter not reading accurately. Expired strips and strips that are not kept safe from humidity also can report incorrect results.

After using the blood glucose meter, wipe it with a dry cloth before storing it away. To make sure the meter is away from any dust or dirt all the time, take a damp cloth that was wrung as much as possible. Wipe the meter with the cloth thoroughly. You can also use a mild cleaning solution but make sure no water gets into the machine. After you’re done cleaning it, wipe it with a dry cloth as soon as possible.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, the list gave you an idea about how the blood glucose monitors in the market look like and how much they can cost. Now pick out your preferred one and start monitoring the glucose level to stay healthy.


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