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Top 5 Bed Frame in Singapore

The most important thing in any object is its structure. The outline, or the foundation, as many call it, is what holds something together. The place where you say goodbye to all your stress and relax to get rid of the stress is your bed. You need to sleep off the day’s exhaustion, so your body is recharged to face the next one. It’s impossible to have a bed without the bed frame. The frame comes first, then the mattress, the topper, and finally, the bed sheet to make your bed look complete. Also, don’t forget about the pillows and bolsters. So if you’re thinking of getting a new bed or replacing your old one, look for the bed frame first, and then move onto the mattress and everything that comes after that.

A bed is not something you buy every day. It’s a big and long-term commitment. You need to consider all your options before you lock on one. Below you can find five different bed frames, all of which are quite durable. Feel free to take a look and take your pick.



1) Univonna Storage Bed Frame

1-Univonna Storage Bed Frame

With a structure of solid wood and plywood, the frame is as durable as you can get. All the sizes are available so you can choose according to the room size. Also, there are multiple different colors available. Whether you want a dark chocolate one to bring a classy vibe in your bedroom or if you prefer a bright sunny yellow, all can be arranged. There is a hinge on both sides below the mattress. You can easily slide the mattress up whenever you need and use the space under the bed as a storage compartment. The mattress can be lifted noiselessly.

Price: S$500 range

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2) Beds Specialist Bed Frame with Mattress

2-Beds Specialist Bed Frame with Mattress

If you’re looking for a combo offer, this might be one of the best deals you can get. Beds Specialist is offering you a mattress along with your bed frame. So, the majority of your bed shopping is done with these two primary objects. The frame is sturdy and comes in two different colors- cream and dark brown. The headboard is pretty compact and slick. The bed frame is held up by legs on all sides. You get different and size options to choose for the bed frame legs.

Price: S$230 range

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3) Japanese Folding Bed frame

3-Japanese Folding Bedframe

The mainframe is made from metal with a memory foam mattress on top. In the center, a tubular steel frame helps keep the bed together. It’s highly durable and simplistic in design. It can easily hold up 150 kilograms of weight. Since it’s foldable, the bed can save a lot of space. You don’t get a lot of options since the bed is suitable for one person and the only color it’s available in is black. You can install the bed all by yourself in a few minutes. There are wheels on the bottom, which makes the bed frame easily portable. The bed frame can be reclined as you need, so your spine is in the most ergonomic position possible.

Price: S$180 range

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4) Furniture Living SG Metal Bedframe

4-Furniture Living SG Metal Bedframe

If you think metal is the way to go, then this old school bedframe is just what you need. The base structure is made from solid metal rods with a few poles providing extra support. The mattress is not included with the bed frame but, you can always purchase one from the store that’s selling you the frame. They have some compatible mattresses as well. The headboard is pretty compact, also made from metal. The headboard designs are all pretty simple. The frame itself is available in 2 colors only, black and silver.

Price: S$100 range

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5) LCF Furniture Store Metal Bed Frame

5-LCF Furniture Store Metal Bed Frame

This is a single size bed frame suitable for one person. The structure is made from solid metal. The headboard is quite compact and simple. You get only one color option with the frame, black (which is a standard color that goes with any décor). The mattress is not included, but you can choose one of you like from the same place.

Price: S$60 range

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Bed Frame Maintenance Guide

Since a bed frame is a long-term investment, you need to make sure it’s long-lasting. Whether the frame is wooden or metal, it needs proper care to stay in an optimum condition.

Any piece of furniture in the room is bound to collect dust no matter where you put it. Your bed frame is mostly covered by the mattress, but the exposed parts should be cleaned regularly. First, focus on the headboard. No matter how compact or spacious the headboard is, you need to wipe it with a microfiber cloth every two days, so the dust collection is kept to a minimum.

You can conduct a detailed cleaning session once a month or every two months. Remove everything from the bed until the frame is the only thing in front of you. Use a duster to get rid of any dust mites and dirt that must have collected on the frame. Make sure to check the hinges and the base to ensure nothing is damaged. You wouldn’t want to wake up on a broken bed, would you?

Bedframes are mostly made from either wood or metal. If you have a wooden one, use a lint-free cloth to clean the frame. You can find a suitable cleaner or polish for wooden furniture and use it on the frame. That will give it a nice shine while also make it clean.

As for a metal one, make a solution using soap water. Take a soft sponge or cloth and scrub over the frame gently with the solution. Don’t let the liquid sit, use a dry cloth to wipe off as soon as you’re done scrubbing.

Along with the bed frame, keep the other bed materials clean as well (mattress, sheets, pillows, etc.).

Final Thoughts

We hope the list covered every question you might have about these bed frames. Don’t forget to look for these frames as you prepare for your bed shopping.


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