Badminton Racket in Singapore

Top 5 Badminton Racket in Singapore

Apart from professional players, badminton is a pretty popular sport practiced among people of all age groups. Many consider it a fun sport activity as well as a form of exercise to burn off some calories. Those who play badminton need a racket of their own. Just like a magic wand for a wizard, a badminton racket should have a connection with the player. You need to pick out your own racket rather than asking someone else for help. As soon as you will hold the grip in your hand and swing it in the air, you’ll know if the racket is for you.

We picked out 5 different kinds of rackets so you can get an idea about the products available in the market. Your racket might be on this list, how will you know unless you take a look?



1) Karakal Badminton Racket

1-Karakal Badminton Racket

Enhance your game performance with the world’s lightest badminton weighing at only 70grams. Superlight Nano graphite technology has been used in this racket to improve the overall feel and playability. It ensures a great balance for the player to make their shots as desired. Also, the racket has a Muscle Tec string system which allows the strings to give out a high tension feel despite having been strung at a lower tension. You can also expect better durability with its double grommet joint and hi-flex precision shaft.

Price: S$100 range

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2) LiNing Badminton Racket

2-LiNing Badminton Racket

This racket from LiNing comes with an innovative flip joint design that provides players with extra swing function. They get better hitting power and increased flexibility which in turn, increases the shuttlecock’s speed as well. The unique geometric cross-sectional frame design also reduces wind-resistance around 10%. The racket has a quality mechanics-optimized frame and multi-point carbon fiber reinforced system. The three-dimensional wind blade frame structure of the racket provides greater swinging inertia and sharper striking power.

Price: S$70 range

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3) Yonex Badminton Racket All-carbon DUORA 6/7/VTZF2

3-Yonex Badminton Racket All-carbon DUORA 6-7-VTZF2

Constructed with the compact Nanocarbon system with a high-elastic carbon, this badminton racket is durable but pretty light. It weighs around 80 grams and is available in different color variations to choose from. For a better hitting power, the racket has aluminum wire-hole protection that extends the dwell time. Because of the triangle power system of this racket, the head is heavy but the handling performance is not lost. The frame structure is compact than most which reduce air resistance. With an innovative audio filter, the redundant sound waves during hitting the shuttlecock are reduced to make it clearer, that effectively hinders the opponent’s rhythm.

Price: S$50 range

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4) LI-NING Original Racquet G-Tek

4-LI-NING Original Racquet G-Tek

The main advantage here is the huge number of options you get to choose a racket. The G-Tek line is offering several quality rackets at a moderate price. Different color and design options are available for you to choose from. These rackets are pretty standard quality, suitable for almost all kinds of players. They might not be of professional tournament standard, but perfect for any friendly or family match you decide to have. The rackets have a slim titanium frame which ensures increased durability.

Price: S$30 range

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5) Yonex Training Badminton Racket B4000

5-Yonex Training Badminton Racket B4000

Available in different sizes and color options, this racket from Yonex comes with a cover to protect it against dust. The frame is made of aluminum with a quality shaft supporting it. The string is strung on rounded archways that effectively reduce stress-load and lessens contact friction so the player feels lighter and gets a better balance on the racket.

Price: S$20 range

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Badminton Racket Maintenance Guide

After finding a racket of your choice, your priority is to keep it in its optimum condition. With proper care and maintenance, your favorite racket can last for quite a while.

The most important part of a badminton racket is the strings. You need to make sure the tension on the strings is just perfect and in topnotch condition. You need to restring the strings on your racket regularly. The frequency at which the restrung is needed depends on how often you play and on your playing style. Along with the strings, another important part of a racket is the grip. The first thing you need to focus on is the fit of the grip. Make sure it’s comfortable and feels right when you hold it, never compromise with the grip. Also, grips need to be changed every two weeks or so, depending on the place you live or play in.

If your environment is more humid, your palms will sweat a lot more and you’d have to change the grips more often. Sweaty grips can trigger bacteria and also damage the wooden handle of a racket over time. So always try to keep your racket grip cool and dry.

Another important thing to focus on is the grommets on your racket. Grommets are the holes in the frame that keeps the string maintained. If the grommets are damaged, then it can cause the entire frame of your racket to weaken. Then there is a high risk of your racket breaking off the next time you hit a shuttlecock. Maintain the tension at which you restring the racket since too much pressure can damage the frame as well. If you notice the grommets or the bumper guards wearing out, replace them as soon as possible. To ensure maximum performance from your racket, you need to take care of the littlest things.

With a racket, there isn’t really much cleaning involved. All you need to do is protect it from damage and make sure everything is in working order. Since the handle is often made of wood, keep it away from water. Always store it in a dry and cool place.

Bottom Line

Hopefully, now you know more about these badminton rackets than you did before. Maybe one of these will feel perfectly fit into your grip and help you take down your opponent.


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