Baby Monitor in Singapore

Top 5 Baby Monitor in Singapore

A child’s safety is the most important aspect of a parent’s life. So it’s not surprising for parents to look for ways to monitor their children’s activities, especially when they’re at a very young age. It’s normal for newborns to sleep for hours throughout the day. Their parents can’t quite possibly stay by the baby’s side all day long to keep watch. The best way to ensure their baby’s safety while also getting done with chores and other works is to install a baby monitor.

A baby monitor can work as a virtual guardian for a baby. You can be anywhere in the house doing your work and the monitor will let you know whenever your baby needs you so you can rush to them at the earliest. There are many baby monitors in the market with different features and these come at different prices. We made a list of 5 baby monitors to provide you enough information so you can take a clear decision when buying a monitor.



1) Arlo All-in-One Baby Monitor

1-Arlo All-in-One Baby Monitor

Arlo baby monitor is designed with numerous amounts of features so you can catch a good night’s sleep without worrying about your baby. You get live monitoring and alerts on your smart devices wherever you are. Alerts include motion-detecting sensors for 50 feet so your baby can be perfectly safe while taking a nap. With its HD monitoring camera, you will feel like you’re actually there with your baby. With its night vision and up to 130° of a field of view, keep an eye on every nook and corner of your baby’s room.

Price: S$300 range

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2) Brand New Wireless Baby Monitor

2-Brand New Wireless Baby Monitor

With this portable monitor and two-way connection, you can talk back with your baby to provide comfort. Built-in lullabies in the monitor help your baby easily fall asleep. Temperature monitoring lets you know the temperature of your baby’s room so you adjust it to the optimum degrees. Up to 8 hours of battery life and night vision, catch a good night’s sleep yourself while ensuring your baby catches one as well. High contrast LCD monitoring allows you to keep a clear eye over your baby. With its secure, long-range digital signal, you won’t have to worry about any interference and monitor your baby without any hassle.

Price: S$150 range

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3) Prolink Baby monitor

3-Prolink Baby monitor

Monitor your baby’s room at all times with this baby monitor from Prolink. Have clear visuals with its full HD resolution and night vision. The monitor has digital zoom and motion detection to relieve you of any worries. A push notification will be sent to your linked device (mobile, tablet, etc.) upon any detection. The pan/tilt option lets you move around the camera to look at every corner of the room and you get a field vision of 130°. With 128GB of MicroSD inside, you can record any activities captured through the camera for later monitoring. The monitor also detects the room temperature so you can know how comfortable your baby is at all times.

Price: S$100 range

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4) 360 IP Camera CCTV Baby Monitor

4-360 IP Camera CCTV Baby Monitor

This monitor will provide you with an ultra HD view of your baby’s room. Get a wide-angle view of 118° along with a horizontal rotation of 360° and a vertical rotation of 162°. Motion and sound detection lets you know even the slightest stir in your baby. Built-in children’s songs can put your baby in a deep slumber even when you can’t be right there beside them. You can also talk to your baby to soothe them with two-way voice communication. Cloud video storage along with a 64GB MicroSD card storage is available for you to record the monitoring activities for later playbacks.

It’s waterproof so you can install the camera outside of your house for security monitoring.

Price: S$50 range

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5) IP Camera CCTV Surveillance baby monitor

5-IP Camera CCTV Surveillance baby monitor

This high definition camera is easy to install and operate. You can download the connected app simply on your phone and control the monitor from there. The two-way communication comes with a noise-cancellation microphone and double speakers so you can clearly hear any commotions in your baby’s room. You can install it both horizontally and vertically and monitor everything within a 20-meter distance.

After installing the camera, download the app on your phone to connect it and control the rotation angle from anywhere in your house. You can also connect the device to your Wi-Fi router and use other devices like laptops or tablets to monitor the activities. Monitor any part of your house at all times at a rather low price.

Price: S$20 range

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Baby Monitor Maintenance Guide

After getting your baby monitor, make sure to thoroughly read the user guide and manuals that come with it. To get the best service out of your product, acquire as much information as you can about it. After installing the monitor in your preferred location, be sure to maintain it over the course of your use.

To keep the monitor clean and well-functioned, use slightly damp and anti-static clothes. Keep the monitor away from direct sunlight and extremely hot or humid areas. Do not use any harsh cleaning chemicals, only soft brush, and damp clothes.

Even though you might come to know everything about how to operate the monitor, if any issues arise, it would be better if you don’t try to repair it yourself. You might cause the monitor to malfunction further without meaning to, so contact a servicing company as soon as possible. Most of these products come with a warranty from their manufacturers or distributors. Be sure to take advantage of these policies if any issue surfaces within the warranty period.

To conclude, there shouldn’t be any compromise when it comes to the safety of a person, especially your children. Having a baby monitor for your child will provide you with the mental peace by allowing you to watch over them at all times.


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