Baby Carrier in Singapore

Top 5 Baby Carrier in Singapore

When it comes to newborns or infants, you need to always be careful when you hold them and take them in your arms. They’re at a very fragile stage at that time and you need to hold them close to your body. But as they grow up and start to gain weight, it becomes tougher to hold them in your arms for a long time. Your arms might start aching as well as your back from carrying around a baby all day long. But you can make the situation easier on yourself by getting yourself a baby carrier. A baby carrier can help you keep your baby close to your body without straining your back. Also, your hands will be free so you can do all your work while having your baby close.

We made a list of 5 different baby carriers with different features so you can check them out and get an idea about the carriers available in the market.



1) Tula Explore Baby Carrier

1-Tula Explore Baby Carrier

This carrier can be used to carry around your baby when they weigh from 7-45 pounds. Multiple positions are available to set in so that your baby can be as comfortable as possible. Not just your baby, the adjustable positions are ergonomic for the ones who carry the baby as well. No back or neck pains even after carrying your baby for hours at a time. The body panel of the carrier can be adjusted in three width settings so you can change them as your baby grows up. The material used in the carrier is 100% cotton and extremely lightweight.

Price: S$300 range

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2) I-Angel the New Miracle Baby Carrier

2-I-Angel the New Miracle Baby Carrier

With this carrier, keep your baby close to you from 1-month-old to 36 months-old. Bid adieu to any spine or back pains and use this hip seat-style baby carrier. It’s designed with your ergonomic needs in mind. The shoulder straps are extra thick and come with a tidying band. The carrier has a strong buckle and a waist belt with Velcro so you can have a good balance on your waist without straining.

Price: S$250 range

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3) Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix Infant Carrier

3-Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix Infant Carrier

Get this lightweight and flexible carrier for your baby to provide them with extra comfort. It is suitable for newborns up to babies who are 12-months old. Extra padding is provided near the head for optimum comfort and the headrest can be adjusted as well as per your baby’s need. With its side-protection, your baby’s head and neck will be absolutely safe, away from any discomfort. The carrier only weighs 3.6kg and its ergonomic handle allows you to carry it around pretty easily. There is a sun canopy as well so your baby can be protected from the harsh UV lights.

Price: S$200 range

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4) Baby KTAN -Authorized Retailer Baby Carrier

4-Baby KTAN -Authorized Retailer Baby Carrier

This carrier is designed like a wrap and is made from 100% cotton. The soft cotton texture provides your baby with a feature-like touch. You can adjust it in multiple positions and the fabric is very wide so our baby can be comfortable being wrapped into this carrier. The carrier doesn’t have any buckles and straps, just the support band on the back that you can adjust as you like. It’s extremely easy to put on and machine washable.

Price: S$100 range

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5) ai Mama Hip Seat Baby Carrier

5-ai Mama Hip Seat Baby Carrier

Coming with a hip seat, this carrier is suitable for babies who are 3-36 months old. The hood is detachable so you can wash it without any hassle. The 100% cotton material keeps your baby’s skin away from any irritation. Its backpack style shoulder-straps distribute your baby’s weight equally on both shoulders so you can be comfortable. It comes in 3 different colors from where you can choose the one you prefer.

Price: S$20 range

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Baby Carrier Maintenance Guide

Every product related to your baby should be extra taken care of. You will use your baby carrier to hold your baby close to you, so it’s important that the carrier is in its utmost condition.

To clean the carrier, make sure you take a look at the label first to get an idea about the material that was used. The washing or cleaning process depends a lot on the material. The label often contains instructions about what to do and what not to do. Despite that, you should avoid using any bleach or harsh chemical products since even a little residual can prove harmful for your baby. Most of these baby carriers are machine washable which makes the work a lot easier for you. But you shouldn’t use the machine all the time. With frequent machine washing, the color of the carrier might start to fade. In that case, use a soapy solution with lukewarm water to wash the carrier by hand. If there are any stubborn stains visible, apply some extra detergent on the stains and use a fabric brush or a soft sponge to scrub over the area. After a thorough cleaning, rinse the carrier with clean water.

Let it air dry completely before using it. Keep the carrier away from direct sunlight as it can cause discoloration. Throughout the cleaning process, constantly check for any damages in the material, straps, or buckles. A little damaging can worsen in your next usage so make sure you take care of any damage that might befall your carrier. You can apply oil in the buckles to keep them shiny and well-functioned.

Follow this process every two weeks so you can enjoy a long-lasting service from your baby carrier. Since your baby’s health and safety are entangled with the carrier, it needs to be maintained regularly.


When you decide to buy a product that will be used for your baby, you have to be extra careful. You have to take every little detail into account so your baby can have the best of what you can offer. We hope this list helped you in picking out a baby carrier.


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