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Top 5 Airpot in Singapore

Time is a valuable part of everyone’s life. That’s why people are always looking for ways to utilize their time as much as possible. If you need to drink several cups of coffee or tea in a day, why waste your time in making a cup every time you have a craving? Make several cups at once and keep them somewhere it will stay warm for a long time. An airpot is a chamber of sorts that can keep hot liquids in its initial temperature for a long time. Also, it comes with a spout so the contents can be poured into a cup easily.

If you need some tips on which airpot to choose, take a look at the list below. You’ll find 5 different airpots from different price ranges. You can select the one that matches your requirements.



1) EuropAce Electric Airpot

1-EuropAce Electric Airpot

Let’s start by looking from the pot. This airpot has a large lid opening so you can easily fill it and clean it when needed. The lid is detachable for convenient access. Just below the lid, you’ll find a control panel with all the functions. There are 3 different keep-warm functions and a cup-touch function. An on/off button is placed by the panel for a one-touch operation. On the top, you’ll also find a child lock for safety in case you have a little one in the house. On the inside, you’ll find a stainless steel interior with 3.5 liters of capacity. 

Price: S$100 range

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2) Tiger Airpot PNM-B300

2-Tiger Airpot PNM-B300

This airpot comes with a capacity of 3 liters. The airpot is elegant to look at with its floral print on the outside. There is a safety lock feature that avoids the risk of any accidental spills. It can also come in handy in case there is a child in the house. The pipe and spout inside are removable for convenient cleaning. The 360-degree swivel base allows the inner to be moved as needed for the spout to be positioned correctly. The wide carrying handle on top makes the airpot easily portable.

Price: S$80 range

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3) Toyomi Electric Pump Airpot

3-Toyomi Electric Pump Airpot

With the micro control panel on top, this airpot is easy to use. It has a soft-touch electronic dispensing system and an air-pressured dispenser. You can see water levels clearly through the transparent window and a gauge. The pot has a capacity of 3.5 liters. The spout is large and allows water to flow smoothly. The multiple safety features make this pot extremely safe. It has an LED indicator that shows you when each function is activated. The contents inside are heated from all sides and stay that way for a long time. The 360-degree swivel base lets the spout to be positioned as needed. The lid is detachable for better cleaning access.

Price: S$70 range

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4) Mistral MAP380 Electric Airpot

4-Mistral MAP380 Electric Airpot

With its 3.8 liters of capacity, enjoy your preferred hot beverage throughout the whole day. It has 3 different dispensing options. You can also choose from 3 different temperature options to keep your beverage in. The airpot can detect the temperature and automatically re-boil the contents if it cools down. The inner pot is made from stainless steel which ensures durability and is easy to clean. The 360-degree swivel base allows the pot to be rotated to be aligned with the spout. The top lid can be removed for convenient access.

Price: S$50 range

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5) GMI Airpot

5-GMI Airpot

The airpot is elegant to look at with its floral design on the outside. It comes with a sturdy carrying handle for easy transportation. The steel body increases durability and has a capacity of 3 liters. The lock can be enabled instantly with a single push of the button. The rotary swivel base lets the pot to be moved so the spout is in perfect position and you can pour the beverage as you want.

Price: S$40 range

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Airpot Maintenance Guide

Take good care of your airpot to enjoy long term services. You should avoid using a dishwasher to clean an airpot. Manually cleaning it might take a little bit of effort but it’s the most effective.

Make sure the pot is shut off before you start with the cleaning procedure. Pour some soapy hot water inside and scrub with a soft brush. If you have a bottle cleaner with a sponge head, you can use that as well. Rinse it with clean water. For more effective cleaning, you can use dishwashing detergent in the airpot and leave it there for several minutes before scrubbing.

To clean the spout, pour some soapy water in the pot. Close the lid and let the soapy water out through the spout. Repeat this a few times and use clean water for the final 2-3 times.

An airpot might contain limescale so you need to descale it. Pour boiling water and vinegar inside the pot. Let it sit for at least an hour before rinsing it out. Rinse the pot several times to make sure no residues can be tasted. Use hot water to pour out of the spout to clean it properly and make sure no vinegar traces can be found there. You need to descale the airpot at least once a month for the best results.

As for the lid, wiping it with a damp cloth should be enough. If you notice any stains there, use a soft sponge with some mild soapy solution to gently scrub and then wipe it with a damp cloth.

You can wipe the lid and rinse out the inner pot, but never submerge the airpot into water directly. If any water gets into the electric compound, your pot might be rendered useless.

After all the rinsing and cleaning, use a dry and clean cloth to wipe on the outer area. Let all the parts completely dry off and put the airpot together.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, the list provided enough information about the airpots to help you choose one. Enjoy your warm beverages for the whole day whether you’re in your house or working in the office.


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