Air Purifier in Singapore


There are over hundred types of air purifier available in Singapore but which should you exactly choose? Good news, we have made the task very easy for you.

Air purifiers essentially purify the air by trapping contaminants such as toxins, odours, chemicals, dust mites, mould spores, and dust. Some air purifiers are safer and more proficient at trapping these air contaminants depending on the technology they use. Exposure to poor-quality indoor air increases our risk for ailments such as respiratory problems, asthma, and allergies. Air purifiers can help to generate healthier and cleaner air in your workspace or your home. Moreover unlike aircon where you require professional aircon servicing, for air purifier it only needs very simple maintenance at your end. When shopping for an air purifier, there are specifications to look out for such as the Clean Air Delivery Rate, the Noise Level, CFM, ozone emission, lifespan of the filters, and energy consumption.

Here are the best air purifier in Singapore!


1) XIAOMI Air Purifier Gen 3

This Xiaomi generation 3 air purifier is very popular among many for its remote app control and voice assistant, a feature which is not available in just any air purifier. You don’t really have to worry on the device brightness as it can be adjusted automatically thus you can be sure it won’t even affect your night sleep. Given the rate of CADR at 310m3 per hour, you can expect your room to be purified in just 10 minutes! At such a low price, you will surely blown away by its aerodynamic design and laser particle sensor. 

Price: $200 range

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2) GRUNENLUFT Air Purifier

Simply regarded as Korean best air purifier with tons of good reviews from customers around the world. The class of the HEPA filter is second to none. This 3 level high functional complex air filtration system is indeed very compact but the performance is very powerful. In fact, it’s designed for a studio flat in mind. Thus if you are living in one, then look no further, this is the exact air purifier we would recommend especially at this economical price. Of course, it is even well suited in kids room, study room and small office. You can also expect a lower utility bill as the air purifier utilizes very low kilowatt per month. Truly a rare German designed air purifier, value for money.

Price: $100 range

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3) The Blueair Sense HEPA Silent Air Purifier


The Blueair Sense air purifier is not only environmentally friendly, but it also has a sophisticated design to boot. You can control it remotely by switching it off and on or regulating the fan speed from the Blueair Friend App, as it is WiFi enabled and interacts with the device via the air quality monitor. This award winning design (Blueair sense) includes HEPASilent technology that allows the air purifier to produce more clean air in less time and using less energy not to mention it produces less noise than other purifiers do. The 3-speed motion sensor setting control allows easy regulation of airspeed with a single swipe. It comes in colours such as Warm Grey, Ruby Red, Polar White, Midnight Blue, Leaf Green, and Graphite Black. Buying the Blueair Sense HEPA Silent Air Purifier today means that you get a highly intelligent system allowing you to regulate your indoor air quality by removing bacteria, viruses, cooking odours, smoke, exhaust, pollen, pet dander, and dust etc.

Price: $800 range

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4) Honeywell HAP18450 Air Purifier


The Honeywell Air Purifier system gives you all the advantages of high quality, efficient HEPA air filtration. The best part is that you do not need to think about the cost of replacement filters and the Honeywell HEPA air purifier is one of the best air purifying models for eliminating airborne allergens. The True HEPA filter of the Honeywell Air Purifier eliminates up 99.97% of even the smallest common household airborne particles and this is on the lesser end. For this reason, most doctors recommend the installation of Honeywell Air Purifiers to their patients as opposed to other brands. In addition to removing mould spores, tobacco smoke, pollen, and dust, it also helps to eliminate bacteria and viruses, which is why you need to buy the Honeywell Air Purifier today.

Price: $800 range

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5) Dyson Pure Cool Link Purifier Fans


This air purifier product from Dyson comprises of 2 in 1 purifier fans in silver and white and it works by capturing gases automatically in addition to 99.95% of pollutants, allergens and other fine particles. What makes this system unique is that it comprises of three times the amount of graphite to provide for the increased capture of ultra-fine particles such as bacteria, pet dander, and pollen. The Dyson Link App allows users to monitor the reported air quality by the system following automatic purification by the Dyson Link Purifier Fans. It is perfect for warm season weather because it provides a stream of purified air that cools the atmosphere. The Dyson Link makes use of silent settings in the automatic night-time mode.

Price: $800 range

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6) Novita PuriClean Air Purifier NAP866


When you purchase the Novita Air Purifier, you will get more than what you bargained for. The air purification system offers efficient performance in terms of the motor efficiency, noise level, energy consumption, and the motor lifespan. The Novita PuriClean filtration system eliminates more than 99.99% of fine suspended particles or allergens as well as airborne mould, yeast, and bacteria. The in-built semi-permanent ionizer produces negative ions that help in improving air quality by eliminating airborne germs and allergens. The activated granular carbon filter has microscopic pores that adsorb airborne chemicals, unpleasant odours, and volatile organic compounds while the cool catalyst filter oxidizes and removes airborne germs and volatile organic compounds.

Price: $1000 range

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7) Novita PuriClean Air Purifier NAP606

Novita PuriClean Air Purifier NAP606

Among the cheapest within the Novita range, This model is another testament as to how much the Novita PuriClean Air Purifier has to offer. The Novita PuriClean NAP101i has a 4-step purification process provides for an efficient and all-encompassing air freshening and cleansing. The model has a 3 speed setting with one simple control allowing you to easily regulate the system for your desired settings. The in-built ionizer includes the production of negative ions that look for unwanted air particles and airborne bacteria to eliminate providing you with pure and fresh air. The HEPA-type filters are also easy to clean.

Price: $300 range

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8) The Sharp Air Purifier with in-built Mosquito Catcher


This air purifier is one of the first models in the world to have a mosquito catcher that captures mosquitoes and protects you from them using an efficient and harmless 5-step process. The process includes UV light and Black colour to attract and capture the mosquitoes from the atmosphere. The combination of powerful suction and airflow, as well as Haze Mode, provides for clean and fresh air by collecting Haze Particles and dust from the air in the room. With these features, the Sharp Air Purifier just may be the right purchase for you especially if mosquitoes are a big problem in your home.

Price: $350 range

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9) Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifier with a Humidifying Function (KCF30EW)


With Plasmacluster technology, this Sharp Air Purifier is significantly more effective in reducing harmful odours and germs. Haze mode and the ability of this Sharp Air Purifier to restart automatically enable it to remove dust rapidly and provide clean and fresh air for users in the room. The air humidifying function of this air purifier keeps the user’s throat and skin healthy and moisturized while the Temperature and Humidity display on the system allows you to monitor the humidity and temperature levels in the room. The product also functions as an air humidifier, which helps to boost the effectiveness of the Plasmacluster ions in the elimination of air contaminants. The HEPA filtration feature of the system allows it to capture more up to 99.97% of allergens in the air making it a worthy purchase.

Price: $300 range

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10) Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifier (FP-F30E-A)


High-Density Plasmacluster Ions help to remove any lingering odours while reducing static electricity, which prevents dust and airborne particles from clinging to surfaces. This feature also removes airborne dust mite allergens and mould while repressing airborne virus activity. The Haze Mode feature on this Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifier picks up Haze particles from the air in the room and cleanses the air. Another hallmark feature of this air conditioning system includes a 3-step dust collection process comprising of the removal, collection, and capture of any static electricity and airborne particles. Turning on sleep mode on the Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifier switches the fan automatically to low speed and enables quiet fan operation. The Plasmacluster illuminating logo also switches off so that users can sleep soundly.

Price: $250 range

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Bonus (Additional):

Though we have covered the top 10, here are the bonus we would like to share with you.


11) Xiaomi Air Purifier 2


For a comfortable office, learning, or living environment, the Xiaomi air purifier makes for an excellent purchase. This air purifier offers highly efficient purification in terms of performance. The double-fan circulation system allows the purifier to clean air effectively I a larger area and the combination of four air ducts and a dual fan allows the system to provide significant indoor circulation. You can easily control the system from the smartphone app and monitor the air quality in real-time thanks to smartphone alerts. The Xiaomi air purifier effectively absorbs airborne particles and odours using the triple-filter protection feature that enables the air purifier to clean the air in any room in just 12 minutes. It operates using three primary modes namely Auto mode, Night Mode, and High-speed mode. Its compact size and effectiveness make the Xiaomi Air Purifier a smart purchase for any user.

Price: $200 range

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12) Philips AC4014 Air Purifier

Philips-AC4014-Air Purifier

This air purification system is primarily available in white and offers a 3-step fan speed and light indicators. The timer allows you to set the time easily between 1 hour, 4 hours, and 8 hours depending on your preference. It has a low noise level and a portable size. The advanced filtration system, the Healthy air protect alert, and the smart sensor are just some of the advanced features you get to enjoy once you purchase the Philips AC4014 air purifier for your home, or workspace.

Price: $500 range

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Guide for Buying the Right Air Purifier

While air purifier can be a very popular product, almost a must have in every home, there’s a few factors we need to know before purchasing one. Of course, aside from just the price and looks, what else should we look out for?

Below are the areas you should look out for.


High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter

This is almost the crux of the entire air purifier and without a good functioning one, then sadly the air purifier may be as good as useless. This is because the filter itself helps remove more than 99.97% of particles which really helps purify the air.

HEPA Filter
HEPA filter illustration. Image source: Wikipedia.


As you can see from the diagram below, a human hair has a diameter of 40 microns. However, particles can be measured from 2.5 to 10 microns diameter using PM10 and from 2.5 microns and below using PM2.5, as such the particles are too small for you to see it without any special device.


Human hair
Image source: US Environmental Protection Agency.


These very tiny particles can be trapped easily by your nose or even throat, however if you are unfortunate enough, those even smaller particles like PM2.5 can also slip through and enter your lungs. When this happen, you can expect all sorts of health issue.

In essence, without this filter, the air purifier is as good as useless and just for show. Most of the cheaper ones out there are not true HEPA filters as they may even labelled it as HEPA-like or HEPA-type.


Air purifier = (match) room size

Now what do we mean by this? You need to ensure the air purifier is suitable for your room size. Some air purifiers are designed to be used in smaller rooms as such it may not work well on bigger rooms, vice versa.




So how can you tell? Easy, refer to the air purifier specification sheet and look out for CARD (Clean Air Delivery Rate). This rate matters as the higher the number, the more air the device is able to filter per minute. The measurement may shows as either meters per minute or even expressed in cubic. Also, just in case you would also like to know the size of the particles it’s able to filter and how effective it can get, for this you may need to refer to the HEPA specification instead.

The general rule of thumb is you would want a CADR of at least 2/3 of your room area. So for instance if your room size is 90 sqft, you may need a CADR rating of at least 60.




Another point to take note is avoid air purifiers which uses ozone. Reason being, when it cleans the air using ozone, it might somehow impact the lungs causing cough or even breathing issue. This is especially important to note if someone is already having an existing lungs medical condition or suffering from asthma. If you have children or elderly in your home, then we highly recommend not to use one as they are more sensitive to ozone.

 You may find some air purifier that uses ion generators instead to clear the air, this may still be acceptable as the levels of ozone emitted is very low.


Fan Noise

One of the so called more premium air filter is those type which uses mechanical filtration. It works but making use of the fan to force the air through the filter in order to trap the particles then letting the air flow out. This kind of filtration is cost effective and proven.

Do note when purchasing such air purifier, you may want to take note of the fan noise. If the fan noise is a little too loud, while it may actually purify the air, it may also actually affect your sleep.

If you are buying it in a crowded mall, then listening to it directly may not be a good idea. While it may sound alright to you in the mall, it may not be the case once you’re back in home in your quiet room. As such, you may want to refer to the air purifier’s rated noise level.


Reputable Brand

Now how does this even matter? Well, the filter may clog over time and you may need to replace it periodically.

This is one of the maintenance cost required for using an air purifier. However, if you purchase an unknown brand, it may ceased to exist by the time you are looking for the compatible air filter to replace for the exact model which you purchased. Try purchasing from those known brands, some of which are listed above, so you may not end up with this problem in future.


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