Air Ionizer in Singapore

Top 5 Air Ionizer in Singapore

Having an air ionizer means enjoying the pure and fresh air at all times. An ionizer purifies the air by charging the air molecules electrically. Ions are used to clear odors and remove particles from the air to make it clearer. People who are suffering from problems like allergies, asthma, bronchitis and other breathing issues should always breathe in healthy and fresh air. Even if you’re not suffering from any of these diseases, there’s no harm in breathing in the fresh air; it’s actually the opposite. An ionizer can keep the air in your room cool and healthy.

Air ionizers are much cheaper than an air conditioner, so you can easily afford them. We handpicked some of the best air ionizers from different price ranges. You can take a look and pick out the one you feel is the best for your family.



1) Mistral MAC1600R 15L Air Ionizer

1-Mistral MAC1600R 15L Air Ionizer

This air ionizer has a 15L capacity and can keep the air fresh in a 25sqm room. It’s easy to manage with the LED control panel. You can choose from 6 different speed modes depending on your room temperature and personal preference. Most people have complaints about air coolers that they make a lot of noise while running. But this one from Mistral comes with two different modes, normal and sleep. In the sleep mode, the ionizer will run silently so your precious slumber won’t be interrupted. You can pre-set the ionizer to keep your room cool before you enter it by setting a timer that can be set for up to 24 hours.

Price: S$250 range

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This ionizer comes with 3 different filters- anti-dust pre-filter, a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter and an active carbon filter. Together, these filters neutralize any negative particles that might be in the air (smoke, dust, fumes, etc.) to generate clean and safe air for you to breathe in. The pre-filter is washable so you can clean it easily. It has 3 different speed settings that you can choose with a user-friendly LED control panel. You can set the timer for the ionizer from 1-3 hours so you can expect your room to be cool right after you come back from a long bath or a shower.

Price: S$150 range

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3) Dr. USB 2.0 Air Purifier Ionizer

3-Dr. USB 2.0 Air Purifier Ionizer

If you’re looking for a more futuristic and modern-looking ionizer to keep your home air fresh, Dr. USB 2.0 might just be what you need. Its small and compact design allows you to carry it easily and set it almost anywhere you want. You can choose from the various color options to match your taste. This ionizer is designed to make the air around you more than clean, to the point where it can heal you. It removes any dust particles, virus and bacteria that can harm the human body.

Price: S$50 range

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4) Compact Portable HEPA Filter Air Purifier Ionizer

4-Compact Portable HEPA Filter Air Purifier Ionizer

This ionizer comes with multi-layered filters that can instantly remove any harmful particles from the air. It’s simple in design and very small so you can easily carry it around. You can set this ionizer not just in your house or office but in your car as well. It can be charged via the solar panels on top and if it’s in the night or a rainy day, you can just plug in the USB charger in the car. It has 3 different speed settings and the battery indicator light lets you know when you need to connect it for more juice.

Price: S$30 range

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5) Koolair Air Ionizer

5-Koolair Air Ionizer

It might be tiny but succeeds in doing its job. This ionizer is very small and compact. You can carry it in your purse so you can have fresh and clean air anywhere you go. It comes in different colors so you can choose your favorite one. It has 1000ml water capacity and comes with a 1.5m cable. This ionizer is energy-saving as well as cost-saving.

Price: S$20 range

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Air Ionizer Maintenance Guide

It’s mandatory for you to keep the appliance clean that continues to provide you with clean and fresh air. To keep your ionizer functional and clean, you should follow these simple but important steps.

Make sure your ionizer is not plugged in before you start to clean it. Most ionizers come with a small cleaning brush. If yours doesn’t have one, take a small brush and slide it through the grill of the ionizer to remove any dust and dirt that might have stored there. You can do this simple step almost every day to keep your ionizer in optimum condition.

For more thorough cleaning, you need to open your ionizer and remove the filters one by one. If the filters are washable, take them in a bathtub or clean them in the sink. Don’t put them back in place unless they’re completely dry. Some ionizers have filters that are simply disposable. In that case, you should just replace them once it’s done serving its purpose. These disposable filters are fairly cheap and are the best way to keep your ionizer clean. Many ionizers have indicators that tell you when you need to replace the filters. The user manual also tells the lifespan of these filters so you can know the perfect time to get new ones. Follow the manuals to replace the filters and once you’re done, put everything back together. If your ionizer starts to act funny, take it for servicing as soon as possible and pinpoint the issue.


An air ionizer can turn the air of any room into a clean one. It’s better to be safe than sorry. You might not have any breathing problems or likewise diseases, but the constant exposure to polluted air can change that over time. Get an air ionizer soon by selecting one from above and breathe in air that is healthy for you and your family.


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