Air Cooler in Singapore

Top 5 Air Cooler in Singapore

Among the many ways to have a cool atmosphere, air coolers are considered to be more efficient in certain ways. They are less expensive than air conditioners and consume much less energy. An air cooler uses water to evaporate and lower the temperature of the room. They are also easy to install and maintain.

If you have a tight budget and are looking for a way to keep your room comfortable during hot weather, an air cooler is just what you need. There are different types of air coolers in the market with different features and prices. Here are five for you so you can have a better idea of how they work and ultimately make a decision of purchasing one.



1) EuropAce ECO 4751V 4-in-1 Evaporative Air Cooler

1-EuropAce ECO 4751V 4-in-1 Evaporative Air Cooler

This highly efficient cooler was awarded for its design. It has 4 functions- cooler, fan, humidifier, and air purifier. The thick honeycomb filter in it increases cooling efficiency. It also has a 120°  4-directional auto swing.

The water tank has a capacity of 20L so you can enjoy the cooling effects for a long time. The two-way filters remove any dust particles that may be present to generate clean and fresh air. With the fan mode, there are 4 different speed settings and 3 wind settings. Despite having an easy-to-use LED display touchpad, the cooler comes with a remote control so you can control it from a distance. This air cooler is ideal for any household with its multiple settings and advanced technology.

Price: S$350 range

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2) Sona Evaporative Air Cooler

2-Sona Evaporative Air Cooler

This cooler comes with a double turbine blower that produces stronger wind. The ionizer confirms you have fresh and clean air in your room. The 3 different fan modes and 3 wind modes give you the flexibility to adjust the air settings according to your preferences.

A 30L large water bag that is detachable makes it easier for you to refill it. The cooler also comes with a set of universal wheels so you can move it anywhere in your house. The infrared remote control gives you the chance of controlling the settings without getting up from your seat.

Price: S$300 range

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3) Honeywell CL151 15L Remote Evaporative Portable Air Cooler

3-Honeywell CL151 15L Remote Evaporative Portable Air Cooler

This portable air cooler is energy efficient as it does not require compressors that are master at power consumption. Instead, it consumes 126 watts of power which is much lower than an air conditioner and many other coolers as well. There is also an automatic shutoff timer to ensure more energy saving.  The air generating from this cooler can cover up to 15 square meters of area. The cooler can also function as a fan and it comes with 5 different fan speed settings. It has a carbon-dust filter that provides clean air and a tank capacity of 15L. The top-loading ice compartment lets you use ice to generate much cooler air. 

An LED control panel is present that has 3 adjustable settings, adjustable humidification levels. A remote control is also provided along with four caster wheels that increase mobility. If you want an air cooler that won’t skyrocket your electricity bills, consider this as your purchase.

Price: S$200 range

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4) Mistral 6L Air Cooler

4-Mistral 6L Air Cooler

This little cooler has a tank capacity of 6L. It has 3-speed selections to choose from and a wide-angle internal oscillation that ensures better air circulation. The honeycomb cooling pad keeps the air cool enough to keep your atmosphere comfortable.

The cooler also comes with both a touchpad and a remote control. It has a 24-hour timer control that you can adjust as you please. It is a well-functioned and practical air cooler that comes at a moderate price. So check it out if it matches your preferences.

Price: S$150 range

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5) iFan -PowerPac Evaporative Air Cooler

5-iFan -PowerPac Evaporative Air Cooler

This little cooler is as efficient as they come. With very low energy consumption and a copper motor, it is both durable and eco-friendly. The built-in ionizer and anti-static dust filter provides you with clean gusts of air along with an automatic oscillation control. The filter is washable so the cooler is easy for you to clean.

It has three different settings of normal, natural and sleep from which you can choose the one you prefer. The portable caster wheels make it more mobile, so you can place it in any room of your house. So if you’re looking for a cooler to have a room filled with fresh and cool air at a lower price, this might be the one for you.

Price: S$100 range

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Maintenance Guide for Air Cooler

To enjoy a continuous flow of fresh air from your cooler, consider maintaining it regularly and keeping it well-functional. Here are some tips on how to maintain your air coolers:

  • Probably the most important part of a cooler is the filter. It generates clean air that does not contain dust particles. If the filter is clogged, the main purpose of your cooler fails. So clean the filters after every two weeks
  • Evaporator coils keep the room temperature down so an unclean coil can disrupt the room cooling process. Regular servicing and cleaning of the evaporator coil is necessary to continue having a properly functional cooler
  • In cold seasons like winter, when your cooler is not in use, keep it covered up to avoid any dust from getting into the units
  • Check the rear drain every now and then as a clogged drain can cause the water inside to drip from the cooler rather than evaporating it
  • Before the summer, always get your cooler checked by a professional to see if any servicing is required. Doing so will keep the cooler from malfunctioning during the season

With regular servicing and proper maintenance, a cooler can last a lifetime.

Lastly, if you cannot afford an air conditioner but would still like the luxury of enjoying a cool atmosphere during the fierce summer seasons, consider buying an air cooler. Hopefully, this article provided you with the information required for you to come to a decision. If you require more information or air cooler, check out below where we explain the difference between air cooler and air conditioner.



The Difference Between Air Cooler and Air Conditioner

Should you buy an air cooler or air conditioner? The difference between the air cooler and the air conditioner is very significant, and many are wrong about this. Their only similarity is that both the air cooler and the air conditioner both reduce the temperature of the room. The most fundamental difference is the amount of temperature that can be reduced by these two devices.


Air Cooler keeps you cool while Air Conditioner keeps you “cooler”

It’s no secret if you use the name of the air conditioner, you can set the temperature to even 16 ° Celsius using the remote control provided. Unlike the air cooler, with the air cooler you cannot adjust the room temperature you want. But you can be sure that the air cooler is sure to lower the room temperature, at most by 5 ° Celsius. So, the usage is definitely different. When you want your room to cool down, you can use an air conditioner. Whereas when you are just warm, you can use an air cooler.


Air Cooler Saves Electricity More than Air Conditioner

This is one of the most significant advantages of the air cooler. When you don’t need cold air, but just want it cool, you can use the air cooler. Why? This is because the water cooler saves electricity. Based on research, the air cooler can save 80-90% of electricity usage at home. The electricity used by the cooler water is from 7.4 Watts to a maximum of 250 Watts. While the AC is at least 400 Watts, up to 1100 Watts. The difference is quite large? If you use AC continuously, of course the electricity you pay per month will swell.  Thus, the water cooler is a good alternative when you want to save electricity significantly.


Air Conditioner Lowers Air Humidity, Air Cooler Increases Air Humidity.

The air cooler cools the air through the water evaporation process. So that the cool air produced by the air cooler is more humid air. Conversely, because the air conditioner (AC) uses refrigerants and compressors to cool the air, AC actually absorbs and removes air humidity from a room. If you usually sleep with air conditioning, then you may have felt your skin dry, or your esophagus feels itchy and wants to cough when you wake up. This is because you use air conditioner overnight, which incidentally does create a cold room and removes air humidity. This of course can be mitigated if you have an air purifier or humidifier in your room.


Air Conditioner Vs Air Cooler Portability

Unless you are using a portable aircon, then moving around your fixed air conditioner is not possible as compared to air cooler as most of than not, the air cooler is a portable device where you can at least move it around your house. The air cooler shape is compact, has wheels and is light, thus you can move it to any corner of the house you want. You can even easily carry the water cooler in the car for use elsewhere.


Price of Air Conditioner Is More Expensive Than Air Cooler

The cheapest air conditioner costs at least around SGD $900 and it can go up to $4000 per unit. With a budget of around $900, you can only have an air conditioner with the lowest specifications, for very small room coverage. At times this is only the cost of the unit itself exclude installation charges etc. Of course, you may enjoy better deals during promotion but you get the idea. For air cooler, for a much lower budget, you may be able to get yourself an air cooler with exceptionally good specifications and high performance. If you want an inexpensive air cooler, the price starts at SGD $250. This is very affordable, especially when this unit is a “plug & play” system. There’s no need at all for you to pay any installation fee. Simply top up the water, plug it into your electricity socket and you can already start enjoying the coolness. In fact, there’s also additional running cost involved with air conditioner as it needs aircon servicing at least once every six months.


Natural and Artificial Cooling

One of the reasons why the air cooler is very popular is because the cooler water is environmentally friendly. The air cooler cools the air by using a water evaporation process, which also occurs naturally around us too. This evaporation process also occurs in our body when we sweat. This is why the water cooler is indeed very environmentally friendly.

The air conditioner uses a compressor and refrigerant (CFC, HFC, FC, Etc.) to reduce the temperature of the room and produce cold air. However, the refrigerant used by this air conditioner may damage the Ozone layer in the air. In fact, Ozone is useful to protect humans from the sun’s ultraviolet radiation, which is the cause of skin cancer in humans.


Air conditioner does not need ventilation but the air cooler does

Air cooler requires ventilation in a room, why? You need to remember that the water cooler increases the humidity in a room. So without proper ventilation and when the humidity reaches 80% in the room, the air cooler will be ineffective in producing cool air. It may not help much even if you have an air humidifier in your room. Thus if you are using an air cooler, be sure to keep you room well ventilated. In contrast, the air conditioner (AC) works well in a non-ventilated room. This is because air conditioner tends to reduce the humidity of the air, so that the air becomes dry and cold. In fact, the air conditioner will work better in a non-ventilated room. To simply put, when you’re using an air cooler, open up all your windows as much as you could. This is the direct opposite when using air conditioner.


You can’t set the Temperature for your Air Cooler

Air cooler is different from air conditioner as you can set the temperature of the latter to the temperature you are comfortable with. For air cooler, it’s more similar to a fan, where you can only adjust the fan speed released by the air cooler.

Even though the temperature cannot be adjusted for air cooler, the air cooler is sure to lower the room temperature. To optimize the temperature that can be lowered by the water cooler, of course the condition of the room must be ideal. For example, the room must have ventilation, the room is not exposed to sunlight for too long, the size of the room must be proportional to the amount of water flow, the amount of water in the water cooler is always sufficient, and so on.



Air Cooler as an Alternative and Supporting the Air Conditioner

For some reasons, some homes prefer to have either an air conditioner or air cooler. It may actually be a good idea to have both. There are tons of articles to explain the difference between these appliances. However, we shall not spend time trying to write the same again in explaining to you the differences. We shall assume that you already understood the difference between an air conditioner and air cooler. The air cooler is not only a good alternative to air conditioner but it also work very well with each other. To know what we meant, read on below.


Stable and Ideal Air Humidity

Air conditioner lowers air humidity, and the air cooler actually increases air humidity. So when both of them work together, this gives us very good benefits. This is where the humidity level in a room will be more stable, not too dry and not too humid. With this, we will also be able to minimize the risk of esophagus, itching, dry skin, and chapped lips.


Power Consumption is far more economical

Whenever you feel hot and you don’t feel like turning on the aircon, chances are you may turn to your next saviour, your fan. However, unlike the aircon, your fan does not produce any cool air but it only circulates the air. In order to enjoy cooler air, air cooler would be a wise choice as the power consumption is far more economical. Try checking the current requirement on each of these 2 appliances, and there’s how much power you can actually save. By using a water or air cooler, you can get cool air. The water cooler is more efficient in terms of electricity consumption compared to air conditioner (AC). Imagine, turning on the AC means you are using 700 Watts of power but with your air cooler only using 100-250 Watts.


Cheaper and not so heavy on your pocket

Buying air conditioner is indeed quite expensive, and not everyone can buy more than 1 air conditioner, not to mention paying for the electricity. Yes, you may choose to opt for a used aircon but here the air cooler acts as an alternative with a very affordable purchase price and much cheaper electricity costs. Plus if you want to cool different places in your home, the air cooler is easier to move than the air conditioner. So you don’t have to bother moving your air conditioner to another room. Not unless if you have a portable air conditioner at home.

In conclusion, the air cooler and air conditioner are indeed two types of air conditioning products that are very different from their respective weaknesses and strengths. But on the other hand, air conditioner and air cooler are two types of tools that can support each other. So it’s worth it if you have both. So, rather than you buy 2 pieces of air conditioner, you are better off buying an air conditioner and air cooler. This is only our recommendation but choice is ultimately yours.


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