Air Conditioner in Singapore

Top 5 Air Conditioner in Singapore

It is easy to get flustered when you’re on a hunt to find the best air conditioner for your home. There are just so many options in the market, that too in several varieties in terms of quality, features price and more; it can all get very confusing. But not to worry, because we have got you covered with a list of the best air conditioners in Singapore.

Before we get started, it is important to consider a few factors before you land on the product you’re going to buy. Some people prioritize value over price while some have to adhere to a budget. Whatever your priority is, it is important to check the durability, energy efficiency and the size of an air conditioner when you’re choosing yours.

With that end in view, let’s take a look at the top 5 air conditioners in Singapore.



1) Panasonic System 1 Air Conditioner – CU-PS24UKZ

Panasonic System 1 Air Conditioner - CU-PS24UKZ

Panasonic is known for selling some of the best air conditioners in the market, and among the top ones is this System 1 Air conditioner. With the ability to produce about 9000 BTUs of cooling in one unit, this air conditioner is perfect for medium sized bedrooms. It has a sleek and slim design that fits right into your room and provides a comfortable cooling through ample airflow. It comes with a unique air purification system called “nanoe”, that ensures a clean and healthy living by eliminating all kinds of harmful air particles. Besides that, this product is quite energy efficient owing to its smart compressor functioning. Overall, this is a must-buy if you have the budget for it.

Price: S$5000 range

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2) Daikin System 3 Multi Split Air Conditioner – 3MKS71FSG

Daikin System 3 Multi Split Air Conditioner - 3MKS71FSG

Users cannot get enough of this Daikin Air Conditioner due to its excellent features, the prominent ones being its low power consumption and heavy airflow. In terms of its design, this air conditioner is stylish and compact, matching your interior flexibly. It comes with convenient controllers that allow you to regulate the cooling in 3 separate rooms so that nobody in the house misses out on the comfort. Apart from that, the product is extremely quiet; you can practically hear your own whispers even when it is on. 

Price: S$2000 range

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3) Mitsubishi System 3 Multi Split Air Conditioner – SCM60ZJS

Mitsubishi System 3 Multi Split Air Conditioner - SCM60ZJS

Mitsubishi is another brand that have been putting out highly reliable products since its inception. Its System 3 Multi Split Air conditioner is renowned for its ability to create the ideal environment for your comfort. It is designed with layers of air purification filters that cleans the air in your room itself. It takes pride in delivering a Jet Air experience, imparting a gentle cooling without consuming a lot of energy. Overall, it is quite user-friendly and well-designed.

Price: S$2000 range

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4) Panasonic Aero series System 2 Multi Split Air Conditioner – CU2S18PKZ

Panasonic Aero series System 2 Multi Split Air Conditioner - CU2S18PKZ

This is yet another air conditioner from Panasonic that users cannot get enough of. Its Aero Series line is distinguished by its luxurious design, which comes with “Aero Wings” that ensure fast and widespread cooling in any room. Whether you’re looking for an air conditioner that greets you with a blast of cool air or one that disperses a gentle cooling, this product can give you the best of both. Besides having a cooling capacity of 17000 BTUs, it also comes with Panasonic’s unique air purification system, that is “nanoe”, to enable the production of clean and cool air even in large living rooms.  

Price: S$1000 range

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5) MideaALL EASY System 1 aircon Series Air Conditioner

MideaALL EASY System 1 aircon Series Air Conditioner

This affordable MideaALL air conditioner caught the public eye when users first became acquainted with its impressive cooling performance. It has a cooling capacity of 10000 BTU, which makes its cooling suitable for smaller spaces. It comes with a variety of cooling modes to ensure faster cooling, controlled temperature and strong flow of air for your comfort. It even comes with a three-dimensional airflow system that imparts the airflow directly to every part of the room. It produces very little noise when it is running and its dual filtration system ensure completely dust-free airflow. Overall, it provides a good value for money.

Price: S$700 range

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How to Maintain Your Air Conditioner

Since an air conditioner is such a huge investment, it is important to take some measures in order to ensure that it remains operational for a long time. So, here is what you can do:

1.     Changing Air Filter: You need to change its air filter on a regular basis in order to ensure that none of the dirt or dust particles that it captures puts a strain on the functioning of the air conditioner or infiltrates your house. It can seem like a lot of effort but it is actually quite easy and quick to do.

2.     Cleaning Coils: The coils of an air conditioner is responsible for absorbing heat from your room and cooling it. But overtime, the coils can capture dirt, which impedes its ability to absorb heat and reduces the cooling function. So, it is important to clear the condenser unit once in a while to keep the coils clean.

3.     Maintain Fins: Every air conditioner comes with an evaporator and a condenser, both of which contain fins. These fins can bend overtime and obstruct airflow from the air conditioner. To sole this issue, keep an eye on the fin to make note of any bending. And if you do notice it getting bent, use a fin comb to straighten it out.

4.     Monitor Condensate Drain: The condensate drain of an air conditioner carries any condensation inside the air conditioners compartment outside through draining. But this drain can become clogged with the passage of time, impeding the necessary drainage. So, you need to unclog the drain whenever you notice any obstruction in the drainage.

5.     Hire Professionals: Last but not the least, if you feel like making an effort to maintain the air conditioner is a hassle for you, you can simply hire professionals that can provide quality aircon servicing to keep your air conditioner in good running order.

To conclude, this article should help you to figure out which air conditioner is right for you while also guiding you in maintaining it properly.


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