Portable Aircon in Singapore

The 10 best and most popular portable aircon in Singapore. We present you the list which fits the budget of all sizes.

Update: We have included 7 more bonus listings. Check out below!


Portable aircon systems are ideal for regulating temperatures in single rooms, as they are self-contained and compact. They sit on the floor and an installation kit in the packaging allows you to set it up yourself with wheels on some models so you can move them to various rooms. They are a better alternative to the traditional mounted aircon, in fact some of the portable aircon offer features like air purification as well. Nowadays, just so you know, you can also rent a portable aircon in case you require it only for a short period of time. With portable aircon, you can also expect to save money on aircon servicing. You can use portable aircon in garages, computer rooms, dens, and bedrooms among other places.

Air conditioning is a common concept, no matter where you are in the world. In these parts, the summers are quite warm and humid to spend without air conditioners. Not everyone has the capability to buy a conventional air conditioner (including installation charge) or get a central air conditioning system installed. However, a portable aircon is much cheaper, and it can make your room cooler in a similar way a commercial aircon would. A commercial aircon can be quite expensive, so if you don’t want to invest that much money at the moment, you can go for the more affordable choice, which is a portable aircon.

There are many choices when it comes to a quality portable aircon. We have list out some of the best portable aircon in Singapore right below where you can check each one to match them with what you’re looking for. Your search might just be over.



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1) HoneyWell MM-14CCS 14000BTU Portable Aircon


This is another reputable brand in the market and this model has 14,000 BTU. The design of this unit is really sleek especially given the black in color. It also has a reliable built-in humidifier and a 3 speed fan function. One key highlight of this portable aircon is the auto evaporation system which basically allows you to run the aircon for hours without having to trouble you to empty or drain out any water.  

With a clean and modern design, this portable aircon is eco-friendly in its operation. With its auto-evaporation, you won’t have to worry about emptying a water tray. You can adjust the temperature as needed with the integrated heat pump.

You won’t have to worry about the aircon making the air in the room drier since it has a humidifier setting that balances the moisture pretty well. The aircon comes with a remote control that makes it easier to make necessary adjustments.

Product Highlights

  • Dual hose and single hose setup available
  • Automatic on/off timer setting
  • Adjustable temperature from 16° to 32° C
  • 3 different fan speeds
  • Auto evaporation
  • Humidifier built-in
  • LCD panel

Price: $1000 range

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2) EuropAce Portable Aircon

2-EuropAce Portable AirCon

Available in different designs, this portable aircon has a simple look. The aircon can cover any large room. The high-powered motor in the aircon ensures better performance along with a top-notch cooling system.

No matter which one you pick, the aircon is easy to move around. You can carry it in different rooms of the house without putting too much strain on your back. The LCD panel allows users to make adjustments in a few seconds.

Product Highlights

  • Dual motor ensures better cooling
  • 3 fan speed settings
  • Can cover up to 170 sq. feet of area
  • HEPA filter included
  • Compact size

Price: $500 range

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3) TCL Portable Aircon 10000BTU

3-TCL Portable Aircon 10000BTU

This is one of the lower end range from TCL offering a decent 10,000 BTU for such a very low price. If you have an extremely low budget but only require cooling down a small room size, then this is ideal for you. This is another very popular purchase among many due to its price and the fact that it also has a 3-in-1 feature, cooling, fan and a dehumidifier! 

The aircon can be used for fanning, cooling, and dehumidifying the air. It has a remote control included in the pack, which makes it easier for the user to find their preferred settings.

The aircon has a timer setting and double condenser, which ensures enhanced cooling. The aircon is portable. The castor wheels at the bottom allow you to push it from place to place without breaking a sweat. There’s really nothing more to ask for at this amazing price. Due to this, it is often out of stock but it’s worth the wait!

Product Highlights

  • Fogging technology (automated water evaporation)
  • Comes with a remote control
  • Coverage of up to 20 sq. meters
  • Easy transportation (castors wheels included)
  • Dehumidifying available
  • Large air outlet

Price: $400 range

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4) Midea Premium Portable Aircon

4-Midea Premium Portable Aircon

The portable aircon comes with a self-diagnosis function, which prompts the unit to shut down if it detects any fault in the system to avoid unwanted mishaps. You can enable the sleep mode before going to bed, and the aircon would stay at a balanced temperature all night long, making your room cool and comfortable.

The universal wheel design of the aircon makes it easier to move it from one place to another with ease. There is an alert function for the filter that tells you when it needs to be removed. You can wash and reuse the filter for quite some time. 

Product Highlights

  • The filter is washable
  • Up to 24 hours of timer setting
  • Super ionizer function for cleaner air
  • Automatic swing of flaps ensure airflow in every direction
  • Sleep mode included

Price: $350 range

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5) Home101 Multi-Brand Portable Aircon

5-Home101 Multi-Brand Portable Aircon

This portable aircon has a dehumidification feature to adjust the moisture in the air since air conditioning can make the air dry. The HEPA filter and ionizer makes the air in the room much cleaner. With a balanced temperature, controlled humidity, and clean air, this portable aircon is a complete package.

The roller wheels on the bottom of the aircon allow the user easy transportation. The control panel is quite user-friendly, so you can adjust the settings as needed.

Product Highlights

  • HEPA filter included
  • 2 different fan speed settings
  • Automated water evaporation
  • Wifi-enabled system
  • Washable filter
  • Comes with a remote control

Price: $300 range

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6) Complife Portable Aircon

6-Complife Portable air conditioner

This cube-shaped portable air conditioner may not cover a lot of ground, but it’s great for transportation. You can take it out for picnics and trips to enjoy the powerful gust of wind no matter where you go. The durable handle at the top makes it easier to carry the portable air conditioner from one place to another.

The air conditioner is easy to clean. The filter is removable, and then you can just wash it with water. There is also a dedicated sleep mode.

Product Highlights

  • Compact and portable
  • Carrying handle attached
  • Energy-saving design
  • Environmental-friendly wet filter
  • 3-step wind control
  • 2 different colors (black and grey)

Price: $100 range

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7) Xiaomi Microhoo Mini Portable Aircon

7-Xiaomi Microhoo Mini Air Cooler Portable Fan Conditioner

It may look little, but you shouldn’t underestimate the air conditioner and what it has to offer. With its infinite regulation of speed, enjoy fast and cool wind no matter where you go. Yes, you can travel with the air conditioner since it’s so compact.

The cooling system is quite advanced, which refrigerates the water pretty quickly and provides cold wind in a matter of minutes. The touch panel makes the air conditioner easier to operate.

Product Highlights

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Humidification function
  • 1000ml water tank capacity
  • Low noise operation
  • Energy-saving function
  • Simple and fashionable design

Price: $50 range

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8) MICROHOO 6W Mini Portable Aircon

8-MICROHOO 6W Mini Air Conditioner

This mini air conditioner can be your personal clean and cool air supplier. You can carry it around with you no matter where you go. The air conditioner needs a USB type-C connectivity to run. You can even use a power bank to plug in this air conditioner.

The water tank on the side is detachable, and it can last for around 7 hours when full. The louvers can be easily adjusted with a dial on the side. The air conditioner does not just provide cool blasts of wind; it can adjust the humidity as well.

Product Highlights

  • Touch panel display
  • Lightweight and compact
  • 1-99 levels of speed regulation
  • USB Type-C compliant
  • 3 different modes
  • 1000ml detachable water tank

Price: $40 range

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9) Josei Home Portable Aircon

9-Josei Home Portable Air Conditioner

Because of its low power-consumption, you won’t have to worry about excessive electric bills once you get this portable air conditioner from Josei Home. With its humidification, the air conditioner can improve the humidity level in the air, so your skin remains moisturized.

The Nanofiltration ensures cleaner air. The touch panel on top has buttons with indicator lights so you can adjust each setting as you wish. The portable air conditioner is available in two colors. The design is pretty minimalistic, so it can blend well with any kind of décor.

Product Highlights

  • Low energy consumption
  • 9-blades turbine design
  • 3-in-1 settings (cooling, humidifying, and purifying)
  • Touch panel with light indicators
  • Detachable filter
  • Up and down louvers adjustment

Price: $30 range

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10) Tebuy Portable Aircon

10-Tebuy Portable Air Conditioner

You can use this portable air conditioner as your personal wind supplier. The air conditioner uses a natural evaporative cooling effect to bring the temperature down by a few degrees. It’s pretty light, and with the USB connectivity, you can plug it in with an adapter or even a power bank.

7 different colors illuminate the air conditioner, which can help it serve as your bedside lamp. Since it can also act as a humidifier and adjust the moisture in the air, so your skin doesn’t feel too dry even in colder weather. It’s easy to operate. Just pull up the water tank door on top and fill it with water before turning the air conditioner on. You can add some ice cubes if you wish to make the air as cold as you want.

Product Highlights

  • Easy to operate
  • USB cable powered
  • LED color changing light (7 colors)
  • Lightweight and compact
  • 3 fan power settings
  • Removes dust particles from the air

Price: $20 range

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11) EPAC 20S 20,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

EPAC 20S 20,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

This is a very powerful portable aircon which has a 20,000 BTU. With this kind of BTU, it is more than sufficient to cool a very large room. It can cover a room size of up to 400 sqft. Meaning to say, it can easily cool up the entire house of 2-room HDB flat! This unit is also CFC free refrigerant, has an adjustable louver and a large screen display. Aside from air conditioning, it also has a fan and dehumidifier mode which pretty much makes your money worth. If you are looking for the most powerful BTU portable aircon, then this is the one for you.

Price: $1400 range

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12) EuropAce 14000 BTU Portable Aircon with Air-Purifier and Dehumidifier 4-in-1 (EPAC 14T6)

EuropAce 14000 BTU Portable Aircon with Air-Purifier and Dehumidifier (4-in-1)

Now what more can you ask for this unit? This model has a 14,000 BTU but it’s also a 4-in-1! If you are ever interested to have an air purifier and dehumidifier, then this portable aircon is all you need. Given the price and compactness, it’s a very popular purchase among many especially given the brand.

Price: $800 range

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13) EuropAce 12000 Btu 4-in-1 Portable Aircon with Air purifier and Dehumidifer (EPAC 12T6)

EuropAce 12000 Btu 4-in-1 Portable Aircon with Air purifier and Dehumidifer

This is another popular model from Europace in Singapore due to its 4-in-1 feature. Purchase this portable aircon and you would have an air purifier and humidifier instantly. Some people would not prefer to purchase these separately, thus if you are one of those, then this unit is surely for you. This portable aircon comes with a 12,000 BTU which is sufficient to cool most of the room size. Given its reputable brand and price, little wonder it has a 5 star rating among buyers.

Price: $700 range

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14) Honeywell Mn-10Ces 10000BTU Portable Aircon

Honeywell Mn-10Ces 10000BTU Portable Aircon

If you don’t really need to cool a very large room, in fact if it’s only for a small room, then this portable aircon is ideal for you. This model has a 10,000 BTU but yet with a powerful air flow and an auto-evaporative system. If you have a tight budget and all you need is to cool a small room size plus not wanting to pay for high electricity bill, then a unit with this BTU is sufficient for you.

Price: $670 range

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15) EuropAce 12000 btu PORTABLE AIRCON (EPAC 12T8)

EuropAce 12000 btu PORTABLE AIRCON (EPAC 12T8)

This model comes with a 12,000 BTU and it’s well known for its modern and sleek design. The LCD display is unlike the typical unit, it is actually well hidden! It has a 3-in-1 feature namely the cooling, fan and dehumidifier. One thing you should know about this model is that it is equipped with a dual motor for fast cooling and better performance. One of EuropAce latest launch!

Price: $500 range

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16) TCL TAC-12CPA/HNG 12,000BTU Portable Aircon

TCL TAC-12CPA-KNG 12000BTU Portable Aircon

A value for money portable aircon. It still gives you the sufficient BTU of 12,000, 3-in-1 functionality (cooling, fan & dehumidifier) but yet at a very good price. This is in fact also one of the newer models from TCL. You will also be able to cool a lot faster, enjoy a unit with better durability thanks to their patented titanium gold condenser with nano technology.

Price: $460 range

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17) STAR AIR portable aircon 10000Btu

STAR AIR portable aircon 10000Btu

Though the brand is uncommon, it’s getting very popular in Singapore thanks to the very affordable price. If all you need is to cool a small room size, then your objective is already met with just as small budget as this comes with a 10,000 BTU. Even with this amount, you are still getting a 3-in-1 feature with the dehumidifier!

Price: $400 range 

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Guide for Buying the Right Portable Aircon

Courtesy of Ben & Nick from the Guide to Portable AC repair.

Consider a portable AC if one of the following applies to your circumstances:

  • You are supplementing central cooling
  • You are not allowed to use a window unit in your residence
  • You are looking for an alternative to a wall or window AC unit
  • Your home does not have central air conditioning

If you buy the wrong size or type of AC unit, you may not find the convenience and efficiency for which you are looking. A portable AC unit is just what its name suggests: portable. You do not have to place it in a wall. Portable air conditioners are small enough to move from one room to another and are great choices for those who want to save money.

People who live in an area with high humidity can appreciate portable air conditioners for their ability to not only lower temperature, but also lower the humidity levels as well.


Portable Air Conditioners and BTUs

It is important to pay attention to the BTU rating assigned to your portable unit. British Thermal Units (BTUs) are energy units that are used to power, generate steam, and produce air conditioning or heat as the appliance requires. The BTU rating determines the amount of power and cooling used by the portable unit. When the BTU rating is high, the air conditioner is stronger.

The capacity for cooling is usually between 5,000 BTUS and 30,000 BTUs. The size of the room determines the amount of BTUs you need. Cooling efficiency is connected to the BTUs and if you buy the wrong unit, the efficiency will not match with your room size and will not work in the way it should.

A portable air conditioner with a BTU rating that is too high should not be used in a small room because the unit will cycle to off faster and will not take enough humidity out of the air. A portable unit with too low of a BTU rating for the size of the room will not cool the room the way it is meant to do.

To calculate the BTU rating you need, just follow the instructions below:

Measure the room height and width and multiply the two together to get the square footage. Measure the size of the window. Find out requirements for plugs and electric for each room in which you plan to use the portable unit. Use the chart below to find the BTU rating you will need. As an example, if a room’s measurements are 18 by 25 feet, you would calculate the necessary BTU rating like this:

  • Multiply 18 by 25 to get an answer of 450 in square footage.
  • Square footage of 450 needs a portable AC with 10,000 BTUs.
Room Size (square footage)BTU Recommendations


If you do not want to use the chart or your room size does not match the above chart, you can do your own calculation by multiplying the room’s square footage by 35.

Whether you use the chart or your own calculation, the estimate will be based on the average climate. Use the exceptions that follow to obtain more accurate results:

For areas with full sun and multiple levels, add 10 percent of the calculated BTUs to the figure.

For areas that have more shade, subtract 10 percent.

For areas containing more than two people, add 600 BTUs to the estimated BTU requirements.

If you are cooling a kitchen, add 4,000 BTUs to the estimate. When you know the requirements for BTUs, go here to see our portable air conditioners and choose the model you will need. If you need some help to calculate the size of your room, you can call our professionals for advice. We make it a point to help our customers.

Very important tip:

For your portable aircon, ensure you keep the exhaust hose straight and not bent. This is particularly important because you do not want to have your hose end up with moisture as these particles may end up flowing back to the aircon unit. You do not want this to happen because it may damage or shorten the life span of your portable aircon unit.




After looking at the products, you may have questions in your mind regarding portable air conditioners. We tried to answer some of the most common questions about portable air conditioners and their maintenance. See if yours are answered as well.


What BTU Ratings have to do with Portable Air Conditioners?

The cooling capacity of all ACs range from 5,000 – 30,000 BTUs. In this case, a conditioner with 30,000 BTUs would be the strongest air conditioner available. When you buy an AC that does not match the BTU rating for the room in which you are placing it, problems will arise.

When a portable air conditioner has too high of a BTU rating for the space, it will switch off and on too soon. When this happens, it will not be able to pull enough moisture from the air. If the BTU rating is too low, it will run for long periods in the attempt to cool the room, but it will not be enough to keep the room cool, which is uncomfortable and a waste of money.


Does portable aircon use a lot of electricity?

That depends on the size and model of your aircon. But a portable aircon is obviously more energy-saving than a regular conventional one. It’s also considered that a portable aircon needs 1/8 of power compared to a central aircon. You can use a portable aircon to make a single room cool instead of using a central aircon that would use a tremendous amount of energy.


What are the pros and cons of portable air conditioners?


  • Affordable
  • Portable
  • No need for installation
  • Easy to store away


  • Tanks need to be drained manually (almost every day)
  • Noisier than regular aircon
  • Less effective in cooling down large rooms


Are portable air conditioners better than window units?

Portable aircon and window units both are affordable, but for a window one, you need the right kind of window to install it. But a portable aircon can be placed anywhere you want. So when it comes to convenience, portable air conditioners are better.


How much will a portable air conditioner raise my electric bill?

If you calculate the monthly power usage, a portable air conditioner would cost around $30 or $40. That’s just a standard cost to give you an idea. The exact cost won’t be the same since it depends on what model of air conditioner you use and how many hours you use it for.


Can I use a portable air conditioner in a room without a window?

All air conditioning units need a vent to release the heat. A window is the best way for a portable conditioner to vent properly. But if you want to keep the air conditioner in a room where there is no window, then you need to look for alternative ways. You can use an exhaust pipe system or attach a vent directly to the air conditioner that would take the heat outside.


Do portable air conditioners need to be drained?

Portable air conditioners do need to be drained, and you have to do it manually. The frequency at which you have to drain it depends on the usage and the bucket of your particular conditioner model. You may have to drain the air conditioner once a day or once a week, considering how you use it.


Can portable air conditioners be dangerous?

No, there is no imminent danger in using a portable air conditioner. If it’s not vented properly, then the air in the room might feel warmer than natural. But your portable air conditioner won’t catch on fire so, no need to worry about that.


What happens if you don’t drain portable AC?

A lot of portable air conditioners nowadays don’t need to be drained since they come with an evaporation system. But, in humid weather, some water can collect on the internal reservoir of the air conditioner. In that case, you have to drain the air conditioner, or it won’t work properly.


Does a portable AC need a window?

A portable air conditioner doesn’t need to be in a room with a window. But it needs a venting system, with or without a window. So if you put the air conditioner in a room without any window, you have to look for alternate ways to vent.


Does a portable AC save money?

Whether you pick it as a secondary air conditioning option or a primary one, a portable air conditioner is less expensive than a conventional one. If you need to keep a backup air conditioner or if you’re looking for an air conditioner for a single room or studio apartment, you should consider getting a portable air conditioner.


Are there any portable air conditioners that don’t need to be vented?

No, an air conditioner without a vent is not possible since there would be no way for the heat and humidity in the room to go out. If the humidity doesn’t leave the place, then air conditioning cannot serve its purpose and make the place cooler. A portable air conditioner needs a vent.


Can I use a portable AC without an exhaust hose?

The venting in an air conditioner takes place with the help of an exhaust hose. It should be safe to use a portable air conditioner without any exhaust hose, but only when you’re dehumidifying. If you don’t use an exhaust hose, your air conditioner won’t be able to vent, and the room won’t cool. So the simple answer is no. You cannot use your portable air conditioner without the exhaust hose.


Can you run a portable air conditioner 24/7?

You can, but you really shouldn’t. Running a portable air conditioner 24/7 means spending a huge amount of energy, which would only add to your electricity bill. You don’t need to run an air conditioner day and night if you want your room to be cool. The lingering cool air from the air conditioner is enough to last for a while. Running the air conditioner 24/7 would put a tremendous strain on the appliance, which might cut down its life expectancy.


How often should you drain a portable AC?

A portable air conditioner has to be drained manually. How often should that need arise depends on the model of your air conditioner, the usage, and the weather? If the weather is too humid, then you may have to drain the air conditioner more frequently. An air conditioner can require being drained every day or once a month; it all depends on the mentioned factors.


Can a portable air conditioner make you sick?

Not just a portable air conditioner, any similar appliance can make you sick if you don’t maintain it properly. You need to keep the air conditioner clean, so no bacteria can take, or molding can be triggered. They can get released into the air later and cause respiratory problems over time. So keep your air conditioner clean and maintain it regularly to avoid getting sick.


How long do portable air conditioners last?

A portable air conditioner should last around 10 years with proper maintenance. Any appliance can serve their lifespan and more diligently if you keep them in optimum condition.


Is portable AC better than split AC?

A split air conditioner can cover more space than a portable one. But that also means more money and maintenance costs. Not to mention that a split air conditioner won’t provide the mobility you would get with a portable one. Which one you choose depends on what you’re looking for in your air conditioner.


Why is my portable AC filling up with water so fast?

Most portable air conditioners come with a water evaporation system. But if your air conditioner has the tendency to fill up with water faster than normal, the reason for that is the high humidity in the air. When the humidity level is too high, the air conditioner pulls the extra moisture inside but cannot evaporate all the water away fast enough. The excess water remains in the reservoir inside the air conditioner until you drain it.


Can I vent a portable AC into another room?

Yes, you can. When you place a portable air conditioner in a room, it takes the heat out of the air and makes the area cooler. A venting system is necessary as the air conditioner has to release that heat somewhere else. Having a window is beneficial in this case since the air conditioner can just vent the air outside. But you can also direct the exhaust in another room to vent if there is no window.


What happens if you lay a portable air conditioner on its side?

You may want to install your portable air conditioner sideways for convenience, but that can damage the compressor. The air conditioner needs to be vertical, so the oil inside is leveled properly. If you lay the portable air conditioner on its side, the compressor won’t receive the necessary oil, and that can lead to the compressor being damaged.


How can I make my portable air conditioner quieter?

With the advancement in technology each day, products and appliances now are very user-friendly compared to before. You can find easily find portable air conditioners that make very little noise or is almost silent when it runs. If the sound is an issue for you, check the noise level before purchasing the air conditioner. If it still feels noisy, use a blanket to wrap around the air conditioner. That would absorb the noise without affecting the air conditioning.


What is the difference between a portable air conditioner and an air cooler?

An air cooler would take up more space than a portable air conditioner. Also, air conditioners circulate the indoor air and use the humidity in the air to turn down the temperature. As for an air cooler, it uses outside to circulate the indoor air to make the temperature drop by a few degrees.


What is the difference between a portable air conditioner and an evaporative cooler?

An air conditioner uses a refrigerant system to remove the heat and moisture from a confined space. As for an evaporative cooler, it uses water to evaporate into the air, which mixes with the pre-existing air molecules and makes them cool to bring down the temperature. Both appliances are dedicated to bringing the temperature in a place down to make it cooler, but the procedure is different.


Can you put a portable air conditioner on a table?

That depends on the size of your portable air conditioner. When we’re talking about portable air conditioners, they are not all the same size. There are tall ones that have wheels to help them move. Those cannot be placed on a table since they are quite heavy and large in size. But there are also lightweight and compact-sized air conditioners. You can put them anywhere you like, even a tabletop.


Do portable air conditioners give off carbon monoxide?

The answer is no. Carbon monoxide is pretty harmful, but it can only be emitted from fuel-burning machines. Portable air conditioners run on electricity, so there is no way for it to give off carbon monoxide.


Is it worth buying a portable air conditioner?

Whether a portable air conditioner is worth buying or not depends entirely on what you need it for. It can be a secondary air conditioner that you need to complement your pre-existing air conditioning system, or it can be used for a studio apartment. A portable air conditioner is more affordable than a commercial air conditioner. Whether you should invest in this or not depends on how much you need it.


How loud is a portable air conditioner?

Most modern portable air conditioners have a noise level of around 40-60db. It’s a fairly tolerable sound level, not higher than the sound of a normal conversation between people.


Can you put a portable air conditioner on the carpet?

If the air conditioner is a bigger one, it can be difficult to move it around, but most portable air conditioners come with roller wheels to make things easier. However, rolling an air conditioner over a carpet is pretty tough. So unless the air conditioner won’t have to be moved frequently, you can put it on the carpet. If it’s a compact one, you can put it almost anywhere you, please.


Are portable AC units safe?

Yes, they are. Portable air conditioners run on electricity, so there is no worrying about carbon monoxide being released since that can only happen with fuel-driven appliances. Maintain your portable air conditioner unit regularly and make sure the filters are replaced on time. Proper care should ensure top-notch service for a long time, and you won’t have to worry about your safety.


Is portable AC exhaust harmful?

No, the aircon exhaust does not produce any harmful components which can be dangerous for the human body. The exhaust is just a path for warm atmospheric air to be released, that’s all. But the exhaust air can become dirty over time since dust particles would keep collecting there unless you clear it out.


Is portable unit different than one that is made for windows?

Portable air conditioners are moveable and do not have to be set in a window. Because of the sizes of our units, which range from 29 to 34 inches in height and are 65 to 80 pounds, they are perfectly portable. Those who live in rentals or communities that do not allow window air conditioners will be satisfied with our portable air conditioner options.


What is the difference between a portable air conditioner and a portable air cooler?

The portable cooler is like a mini version of a swamp cooler. They take in air and cool it by adding humidity to it. Coolers send out a direct air stream that lowers temps 10 to 15 degrees. The temps around the stream are not as cool. In contrast, the portable air conditioner takes water out of the air, cools the air, and sends out cooler, dryer air that circulates through the room. A portable AC cools with a compressor and with Freon. It lowers humidity levels and cools rooms better than a cooler.


Why do portable conditioners have to be vented and how is this done?

In order to properly cool an area, portable ACs pull hot air in and then vent it outside. We provide a window venting kit with every portable air conditioner we sell and do not charge extra for it. Portable ACs can vent through walls, windows, doors, attics, or drop ceilings. To vent through a window, just measure and cut the Plexiglas to fit the window size, measure and cut a 5 inch circle in it for the venting hose to go through, and install the AC over the open window. This way, the air conditioner can be vented and light can still come through the window. For more information on venting a portable air conditioner, see our instructional guide.


How long are exhaust hoses?

The standard length for exhaust hoses is between 5 and 7 feet. These are well-made, flexible hoses that fit through a 5-inch opening for venting.


How are window kits used?

Our window kits come with foam that is cut to fit the measurements of standard window sizes. These windows include windows that slide or windows that open and close from up to down up to four feet in size. If a window is larger, you can easily find more foam at a local hardware. The window closes against the foam to keep it sealed and the venting hose fits through the 5-inch hole in the foam. You can move this from one window to another in just a few minutes.


Is it possible to make the hose longer?

The included hose is cut to a standard of 5 to 7 feet. If you need a longer hose, these are easily purchased at the hardware store. It is not recommended to extend the hose to more than 12 feet or have more than a 90-degree bend in those. If the hose fits into the dryer’s exhaust hose, you can vent through that as long as the venting flap that goes outside is taken out.


Will my portable air conditioner collect water?

Portable units commonly collect water because of the way in which they cool. The water goes into a reservoir that is part of the air conditioner. Our portable air conditioners help to prevent leaks with a feature that turns it off to keep water from overflowing the reservoir. When this happens, you can empty the water into a drip pan or connect a hose to the reservoir to drain it. Newer portables often come with a special feature that allows the conditioner to evaporate the water and uses it to cool the coil. These portable ACs produce very little water to collect from the reservoir and do not often need emptied unless the air around it is especially humid.


What about energy efficiency?

The EER (energy efficiency ratio) describes efficiency by comparison to other unit costs of operation. A higher EER rating means more energy efficiency. All EER ratings of 10 or more are considered to be excellent ratings. All portable ACs can save money on electricity because they are made to cool just the room you are using rather than the entire home. Our portable air conditioners have the average household standard of 115 volts to 60 hertz. These usually use about 7 to 10 amps and have a 3 pronged plug that fits outlets installed in all houses and apartments.


Will a portable air conditioner cool a computer server room?

Computer server rooms are cooled with portable ACs quite often. Because of the heat that is produced by computers, even small rooms should have a 12,000 BTU air conditioning unit. Portable air conditioners will keep the air cool and dry, which is important for computers.


Why is a portable air conditioner preferable to central air or a swamp cooler?

Portable ACs are recommended when a central air conditioner is:

  • Too expensive
  • Not practical
  • Not possible

Two important advantages of using a portable unit include portability and the ease of installing it. While a portable air conditioner must be vented, it does not have to be permanently installed. The majority of portables have caster wheels to let you move the unit from one room to another. Because they can be used to cool one area at a time, they use less electricity than central air, which cools the whole home even when it is not necessary to do so.


How do portable air conditioners work?

Portable AC units have simple construction and operation. A box contains both the cold and hot areas in one area and the venting hose blows the hot air outside. The unit takes humidity from the air and the extra water is collected in a reservoir or drain hose. Some units contain evaporation technology that evaporates all of the water or leaves very little of it in the case of high humidity. There are many portable ACs that perform more than one function. Various air conditioners function as air purifiers, dehumidifiers, and heaters. This means that portable ACs can be used for more than just cooling and are functional throughout the year.


Portable Aircon Greener than Central Aircon?

Yes, air conditioning can and does affect the environment. During the summer, when ACs are used on a consistent basis, they can run to excess, using more energy and producing gasses that can be bad for the world around us. However, for most of us, the idea of living in discomfort is not a reasonable one. Hot weather calls for air conditioning. You can lessen the production of greenhouse gasses and say cool at the same time. Study the following tips for keeping your air conditioning use as green as possible:

  • Forgo Central Air for a Portable Air Conditioner

Instead of trying to cool the entire house, a room AC unit cools the area in which it is placed. When you are spending time in one room, there is no need to cool the ones that are empty. Portable units can be moved from one room to another. The set-up is easy and you will be doing your part to use as little energy as possible.

  • Learn and Understand the Energy Efficiency Ratio

When the EER is high, your unit is as efficient as possible. In fact, there is a law that states all portable units must have a rating of 10. If the product information does not discuss the EER, figure it out for yourself by dividing the British Thermal Units by the amount of watts that are used.

  • Look for the Energy Star Logo

Energy Star is a program set up and run by the U.S. EPA and the energy department. So for, the program has reduced the cost of energy by more than 800 million dollars. It has saved over 6 billion in kilowatt-hours by putting its stamp on products that are energy efficient. Portable air conditioning units that have been approved by Energy Star use less energy, which reduces the impact on the environment and keeps your energy costs down.

  • Make Sure You Use R-410A as Your Refrigerant

Older refrigerants, such as the R-22 contain chlorine, which actively harms the ozone. This and other refrigerants based in hydro chlorofluorocarbon are the refrigerants that have been in use for decades. R-22 has been banned from AC manufacturing in both the United States and the European Union. R-410A was developed in 1991 and is your best choice for remaining earth-friendly.

  • Make Sure Your Portable Air Conditioner is the Correct Size

A portable unit that is too small works harder and uses more electricity just to keep the room as cool as it can. One that is too large cannot capture humidity and dry the air as well as a conditioner that is the right size. Units that are too large will cycle off and on and this is not energy efficient or satisfactory for comfort. To get the size right, your AC unit should have 35 BTUs per square foot of the room. This can vary according to whether the room is well lit with sunlight or is more shaded; there are few or many people in the room, and how efficiently the room is insulated. You can go here to learn more about choosing the correct size unit for your needs.

  • Be Sure to Install and Vent the Portable Air Conditioner as Directed

When a portable AC pulls warm air in, cools the air, and then pushes the cooler air back into the area, the heat taken from the air has to be vented. Accessories for proper venting are included with many portable air conditioners. These consist of a hose and a kit for windows that will push the warm air outside. To install and vent your AC correctly, read and follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. If it is not venting as it is supposed to do, you will end up using more energy and spending more money to continuously cool the warm air that keeps coming back into the room. Here is our guide for venting your portable unit.

  • Make Sure Your Portable Air Conditioner Stays Clean

When a portable AC collects dust and other particles, it does not operate at its best. Check and clean your AC’s vents and filters to keep your portable conditioner working at top efficiency.

  • Use the Timer

Make a point of buying a portable air conditioner with special features such as a thermostat that comes on when the room hits a particular temperature and turns off when it has done its job. Many also come with timers so you can set the AC to stop running when there are not any people in the room. You can also set these to slow down or use the fan to keep the air circulating without using extra power to cool the room.

  • Keep the Room Nice and Cool

Your portable air conditioner will not have to run and use as much energy if you do your best to cut down on heat in the room in other ways. Some of these methods include shutting doors and windows, and closing curtains to block the sunlight. When certain lights and electronic equipment are not needed, turn them off. These are another source of heat. Plant shade trees around your home to keep it cooler and reduce your air conditioning usage.

  • Make Sure You Are as Cool as Possible

You can stay a little cooler by wearing lighter fabrics that flow loosely around your body, drinking more water to keep yourself hydrated, dining on cold foods and avoiding foods that stimulate heat. Use ice packs on your neck or soak a bandana in water and tie it on your head. You can cool off by placing your wrists under cold, running water for 10 seconds or placing your feet in ice water for a few seconds. This can help keep you cool for up to an hour. Eat cold desserts, such as ice cream and frozen juices or other sweetened drinks. By doing some of these things, you can reduce your dependence on the AC unit and save even more in energy and money.

While many of us do our best to protect the environment, there is no reason to be uncomfortable or even sick from the heat. Your portable air conditioner does not have to be a problem for the environment. 


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